easy is right… and Right is Easy

Don’t believe it? No surprise here, I didn’t believe it either when I first stumbled upon the idea.

From early on, I’d learned the opposite: easy is wrong, difficult is right. One needs to work hard to reach. The more difficult, the more struggles, the higher the reward when the goal is achieved.

Haven’t most of us grown up with this be-lie-f? And isn’t it exhausting to live by it?

But then, everybody seems to do the difficult and so I did, too, kept striving and failing, struggling and achieving, striving and failing again. My benchmark was high, consequently I more failed than I achieved. Ego wasn’t happy with the failures, but very happy with the struggles as they prove how hard I’d worked at least.

Then I stumbled upon this poem by Chuang Tzu.

Easy is right. Begin right and you are easy.
Continue easy, and you are right.
The right way to go easy is to forget the right way
and forget that the going is easy.”

The Indian Mystic Osho introduced me to this mind-boggling concept.  When I first heard it, I instantly felt it’s truth in my Being, and the relaxation that came with it. But my ego-mind resisted; there’s no reward for it in the easy, it doesn’t win gold medals without fighting through difficulties.

The difficult attracts. The more difficult it is, the more it attracts you. It becomes more valuable because through it, if you conquer it, you will achieve a greater ego.. “ Osho (1)

No clue how often I heard Osho say, “Easy is right” (2), and over time it sunk in. I slowly started getting the gist of it, and my body’s always been the best teacher and guard in this matter.

I began noticing how I lost energy when I moved into a direction that was not serving my good, and how I gained energy when I was in alignment with my Self, even if I worked like a horse.

The Difficult

When following a plan to manifest an idea, it’s natural that challenges cross our way which appear as hindrances.

Sometimes we grow with our challenges; they help us sort out our inner chaos, clear ballast, focus our intent, simplify our strategy.

Additionally, as we rub ourselves against the hindrances, heat is being created; this fire either adds more energy to our movement in this direction, or it burns us out and sucks off all juice.

This is how I feel it in my body: when I move the wrong way, not in alignment with my well-being, every single step is difficult, it feels like walking with glue underneath my soles, and working around rocks on my path drains me and leaves me exhausted.

In case I don’t listen to the signals of my body because I’m too busy running after my idea, I usually run into a brick wall. Boom! Done and flat. Get it? Yes, thank you, I got it.

The Easy

The Easy feels completely different. When I’m in alignment, as I walk, more energy flows in. Almost magically things fall into place, simply by the right people or information showing up at the perfect time.

Mostly I feel like being carried through the whole scenario, staying relaxed even when things seem to go wrong, and usually they get sorted out quickly then.

When hindrances come up, it costs some energy to clear them, but afterwards even more energy’s available.

The one thing I need to beware of is to not push the river; Divine Timing (=frequency) is always right.

easy girl I’d been accused of laziness because I choose the easy and don’t even bother moving into a direction that’s difficult, this brings no joy and exhausts me. Sorry, that sucks. Won’t go there anymore. Period.

Without the flow of easiness, I only do the urgent minimum of what’s really required to keep certain set-ups running, and leave the rest – maybe for a time when I’m more aligned with it and the flow easily carries me through it, maybe for good.

Easiness is just the opposite of laziness – diametrically opposite. Easiness has a grace and an overflowing aura of energy. Laziness makes you almost appear like a corpse.” (3)

Being easy doesn’t mean to never work anymore. It shows in the lightness and joy of doing the work, it shows in how each step naturally forms in front of me as I move, it shows in how right everything just feels, and it shows in how the surrounding plays into my creation, in ways I often couldn’t have even dreamed off.

Easy is Natural

When I started on the ‘Easy is Right’ path, every bit of easiness was like a huge achievement. Not for the ego-mind, that is, it doesn’t get any gratification from outcomes that easily fall into place; but for my Being, as each time anchored more in my consciousness awareness, or I in it..

By now, easiness is my standard; what used to be an occasional glimpse has become the new normal, same as my highs from 20 years ago are my today’s lows.

I don’t realize the easy anymore, but I almost instantly notice the difficult. Now I take one, at the most two steps in the ‘wrong’ direction (out of alignment with Self), and I’m drained. Ok, message received, got it.

The difficult is just not ‘on’ anymore. Let other folks play this game as long as they be-lie-ve that struggling and suffering is required for life to work out, may they be blessed. Been there, done that.

I’ve learned something different in the meantime, and that’s much more fun and works out much better: easy is natural, easy is right, and right is easy.


(1) Osho: When the shoe fits, Chapter 1

(2) A search on the exact wording “easy is right” at Osho Library brings the following result: “Your Search Term(s) easy is right Appears 47 Time(s) on 36 Page(s)”. This is in 14 books. (Go figure^^).

(3) Osho: The Razor’s Edge, Chapter 27

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