Eclipse, Integration, Susan V Lacerra, AlignmentThe Solar Eclipse as a Framework for Energetic Integration of Our Whole Selves

The great solar eclipse, across the United States of America, has made great healing energies available to those human beings who wish to expand their consciousness, and, fuel their projects of the heart.

As the Moon passes before the Sun, and then, for a time, completely covers the Sun, the Sun accepts it’s darkness; the darkness appears to integrate within it’s huge form.  The sun, for moments, appears to lovingly hold this shadow energy within it’s center.

Integrating Our Inner Darkness, or Our Shadow

This is a model and an incredible opportunity for the Soul, our inner light within (represented by the Sun), to accept back it’s dark or shadow energies (represented by the Moon).

The dark or shadow energies of each person, of the Self, are that which we have repressed or judged, withheld from ourselves or pushed away.

If we are female, we can integrate our dark or shadow feminine energies.  If we are male, we can integrate our dark or shadow masculine energies.

Integrating Our Inner Masculine or Feminine  

Having set the framework for this healing, deep emotional integration can take place also. This is also a time for the inner and outer male and female energies of the Self to reconcile.

If we are female, we can integrate our inner masculine energies, and allow them equal presence within us.  If we are male, we can integrate our inner feminine energies, and allow them equal presence within us.

Integrating Our Emotional Body

Integrating our emotional body is part of restoring our sense of Self and it is key to becoming centered in daily living.  Integrating our emotional body restores our sense of inner harmony and balance.

Anger is the over-aggression of the male energies.  Fear is the over-contraction of the female energies.  Healing is achieved when both come in to balance, within.

Restoration of the Authentic Self

All of these integrations lead to restoration of our authentic self.

Once we have emotional integration in our energy field, we have harmony, within.  Once we have integrated our masculine and our feminine energies, we have balance, within.

Eclipse, Integration, Alignment, Balance, HarmonyAlignment Within Means Alignment with Our Authentic Self

What does alignment mean in this context?  It means, first, having that harmony and balance, within, to the fullest extent we are able to embody our integrated Self.

Alignment within, to me, also means that in that integrated state of being I have achieved within (whoo hoo!), I can now receive clear guidance from within myself, connected with my inner divinity, in whatever way you perceive this divinity.

Aligned within means aligned with any of these:

  • We are aligned with our intuition that comes from our true Self
  • We are aligned with our sense of our Higher Self
  • We are aligned with our “gut” sense, our body response
  • We are aligned with what we know to be our highest feeling truth
  • We are aligned with our heart frequencies
  • We are aligned with our Soul path

Setting the Intention to Align Within, Allows Us to Step up to a New Level of Consciousness 

Getting in touch with the essence of who we are is much easier, and we can have the clarity that our choices are in alignment with our highest outcomes for ourselves.

What is within us that we align with – this is the divinity embodied in your physical form:

  • Our authentic Self
  • Our personal truth
  • Our inner divinity
  • Our Soul’s energies
  • God’s plan for you
  • the portal of our heart
  • the Godspark within your heart

Stepping Up to New Consciousness – Through Our Actions and Conscious Choices

Following that inner guidance, we may not always see why the choices we are guided to make and act on fit the bigger picture.  Many times, I’ve had guidance point me one way, so that I would come into connection with a person, or a place, that was exactly perfect for me at the time.

Witnessing these outcomes creates awe, ecstasy, unconditional love, forgiveness, compassion and gratitude, within my heart and my being.

I came into connection because I followed that inner guidance from a state of inner alignment.  Making the choice to act shows our trust, and is an act of faith.

When we make choices in the physical world, when we act on our inner knowings in the physical world, outcomes occur that are beyond what we have imagined.

~ Susan V Lacerra

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