moneyOccasionally, we have a conversation in Gaia Scene forum that is so juicy we want to share it outside of our private forum space. This one is all about the nature of money and how this plays into our consciousness concerning value and abundance.

Minor editing has been done for clarity and readability. Many thanks to everyone who offers their thoughts and experiences, and for the permission to publish them here.- Andrea

Hi, dear ones. I have been encouraged to share again my thoughts at this moment of Gaia’s Ascension on the Elemental called money.

Back in May of 2015, I wrote the following on this forum.

I have been asked to repeat a little of my experience on reuniting my heart mind with the Elemental called Money in 3D.

I have known for many years that money is a neutral energy gifted to us, via the Divine Plan for humanity, which includes permission by our Mother Gaia. She (money) is a tool construct for living on Gaia in 3D.

I was taught way back that the love of money was the root of all evil. I journeyed through that to realize that was another amazing lie of the fear paradigm.

I had a wise witch, years ago, share with me that perhaps I forgot that somewhere in my past there was unfinished resolution to a vow of poverty I had taken for whatever reason. It matters not. I did my work on this, and started seeing results in 2 weeks (this is years ago). I thanked myself for that experience, and declared that no longer to be a part of who I am NOW.

Along with this experience was another huge awakening for me. With all of the programming of 3D (enslavement mentality) etc., I realized that money was a neutral energy waiting to be LOVED and used for LOVE.

I realized that money loved me and all others, and will allow us either to use her for love or fear.  Remember Sananda saying, ‘Everyday the Rain rains on the just & the unjust’? Like that, dear ones.

I actually told money I was sorry for blaming her for all of the ills on Gaia. I told her I would, henceforth, embrace her fully, using her to fulfill my contract/mission here on Gaia, sharing with others wherever I could and felt led to.

She told me it was not about giving 1%, 10%, 20%, before I love myself with her. She told me that she agreed with self love first, self compassion first, self forgiveness first, feeling my fears totally and then choosing to detach from them first, then out to all others the same way, including sharing her with others.

I can tell you that she loves me and I love her. We have a mission as long as 3D is still in motion, yet fast changing. She tells me she hopes more of those awakening can reunite with her the true heart way, for soon she will evolve like the rest of us and transcend into a new Being.

Dear ones. EVERY bit of programming from religion, to politics, to cultural constructs that disunites you from this beautiful Deva Money must be faced, in order to, once and for all, rid oneself of this confusion.

I am in great gratitude for her blessings and friendship we have together. She is endlessly abundant for she resides in and from the Divine. Remember She is like the rain. What would we be like if all we ever dwelt on was how she allows Herself at this time to be also used by the fear paradigm? See it, know it, CHOOSE HER FOR LOVE, and move on.

Problems with your close friends on this subject. Love yourself first, have compassion on yourself first, have forgiveness for your self first and move forward accordingly, in love, as you have loved yourself first, etc.

Also in March of this year, I wrote the following on the Reval (revaluation of currencies), etc. For me, I have no question that there will be a short interval where the Elemental money will bless all of us before she retires completely from the surface of Gaia.

And now, today’s further update?

I feel the same as what I have shared above.  I will share a few additional thoughts as of tonight.

Money, as an Elemental (being) has to do with the perspective of that which is the source, or foundation of, the medium of exchange, which has, from the beginning of this saga, been viewed as gold and silver.  We are in a big flux of change right now, world-wide, in the re-acknowledging of this way.

It does not matter who, when or why humans have created substitutes (out of fear or love) like paper money, or making money out of nothing without gold or silver backing. We are talking about the foundation.

That being said, many folks do not consider soul contracts in relation to their issues with money, for one reason or another. All I can say to you is that as awakened BEings, anyone who chooses to go to work on this long-standing huge disinformation chain for themselves can return to a healthy loving relationship with the Elemental Money, love her, bless her and use your abundance for love.  Dwell on that and not the other side.

This is a beautifully written post, Barry – thank you! I have been interested in learning your views and experience with the money elemental since the ladies mentioned you having a healthy relationship, and here that wish is answered.

I’m going to follow your guidance and work with these aspects that you have suggested. I love how you clearly see money as a beautiful Deva goddess, and if you have more to say on connecting with her this way, I’d love to hear it. After years in finance, I could use a little more connection to the gorgeous energy you describe.

I have written below about my experience with ‘money’. I hope it is not too far off track from this discussion – but it was fun to write if anyone is interested in hearing about an experience in a niche of the financial markets that was called ‘money trading’.

Actually, the reason that I stopped doing trading and switched into research and analysis, early on, was because of how I viewed ‘the money’. In trading, basically, you take money, and then figure out mechanisms to make a dollar bill into more than a dollar bill – a dollar bill and change – or in a ‘big win’, many dollars.

There are many ‘instruments’ (and that is what they are actually called in trading) like foreign currency, interest rates, deposits, and on and on (of course, stocks and bonds, but I was actually in the ‘money’ area – where we traded all kinds of money based on its interest rates and fluctuations in value). See – I’ve always been into the esoteric – ha ha!

What I perceived was basically this cloud of moving energy all over our heads – and it was constantly moving, and parts of it would be zooming back and forth (the velocity of money, lol) – those were the really big scores, or the really big and focused intentions.

It was like reading energy, really, and I perceived that the best traders of currencies (I stuck with dollars and ‘eurodollars’ – dollars outside the country) – the best traders were riding completely on intuition. Yes, they had their training and they did their technical analysis, which is joke science in my view, because we were all plotting data points and ‘getting a feel’ for the market. Using humanity’s psychic skills in service of the banking system making money – that is what we were really doing.

Anyway, that cloud of money energy was zooming around over our heads, and we were furiously writing tickets everyday. Back then – it was all done by hand. I took 172 phone calls every day (one day I tracked the number) – all quoting the various prices of money and small increments of movements in interest rates. Then, we did trades and wrote tickets to memorialize the transaction – and everything spoken by voice was recorded.

Here is what I loved about trading – it was non-discriminatory. But, the people I was with in the building physically were totally discriminating, lol. I was working at a Japanese bank, at the time I was not allowed to trade Yen currency because I was female, (wouldn’t want to get any estrogen on that! lol), and the phone directory listed men by last name and women by first name, and a nice lady in a trim dress walked around and made the men tea and cookies and bowed to them every afternoon.

I created an arbitrage that took advantage of the slight movements in interest rates between countries and that played on the psychology of the markets. It was hilarious to me, because I was at the US location of one of the top banks in Asia at that time.

The rest of the asian markets followed my actions because that’s what the culture is like. I was laughing all the time, because if they only knew that I was a tiny little 23 year old white girl in a Los Angeles office building, they would have busted their gut. HA HA HA HA HA. It still tickles me silly today.

I would have meetings with my boss and try to explain that I wasn’t like women in their culture. But they could only stretch so far. The in-person discrimination was incredibly annoying and at odds with what I experienced doing my job in making actual trades with all of the other people by phone.

Basically, we were on the clean-up end of fractional banking. Any deposits that the bank had not used by the end of the day, to make loans, well, we took these deposits and loaned them out – that was the ‘trade’. It was one-to-one trading. The loan was not leveraged or multiplied in any way. Back then, the interest rates were very high, relative to today, so you could make a ton of money just lending overnight to another bank in the system. That is how it was done back then.

Most of my job, involved making trades with men and women, by voice, on the phone. The AWESOME thing about this aspect of money trading, which is most of what I did all day, was that, as indicated in that story, no one cared if I was a girl or a green Martian, no one cared if I was tall, or short, or had three noses on my face, if I had a quote and the price worked for them – the deal was done.

As Barry indicated, money itself is non-discriminatory. Another thing about trading was that sticking by your word was key. If you said you were doing a trade, you had to do it at the price you said, or you could be locked out of the market – you would risk that no one would trade with you again. So Honor was actually a part of it. That was my feeling.

I also loved that the money market (and all markets) moved all over the place every day, based on international circumstances. Something would happen in a country, and we’d all speculate as to all of the different outcomes (read, timelines lol!!), and then the market would create that result as indicated by the movement of interest rates and currency prices.

It was cool to see the world change everyday, as expressed through the mechanism of money and its perceived price and value as the indicator of future timelines. I couldn’t have written that sentence back then, but that is what was exciting to me.

However, eventually I got bored. All of this was occurring in the non-physical, essentially, and I wanted to create value in the physical world. The fun things were what I described above, but the core concept of making a little bit more money every day with the ‘dollars’ listed on the tickets handed to me by the secretaries for the bankers, was…. boring. I guess that is why they have the AI (Artificial Intelligence) do it now! Lol. (I’m assuming that because that is what I feel – I don’t have any evidence to back it up – but it’s well known that computer systems run everything now.)

Now that I’m thinking of it, this is interesting. Because we thousands and thousands of human traders were adding the human ability to co-create to ‘money changing’ for lack of a better term – ha ha! (Throw them out of the temple!) Now that an AI – or at least computer systems – mechanically make trades, this has added, what I feel, is a ‘flatness’ to the money cloud flying around up above. It wasn’t made to serve computers, I think not. I think, in hindsight, maybe it had fun with us, too. And just being manipulated by an AI doesn’t sound as tantalizing, to me, if I were the lovely ‘Money’.

Anyway – thank you Barry. I hope I haven’t gone too far off track here, because all of this is not the main point. But – it has opened my thinking into what you are saying, Barry, to look at my feelings and experiences about money. I would dearly love to shift towards what you have described, because it is a beautiful way.

A flowing feeling of prosperity and abundance is in your words, Barry. And I wish this for myself, and for all of us, also.

And, wow that was fun to remember.

So interesting Susan. Thanks for sharing those experiences.

You said,
“Because we thousands and thousands of human traders were adding the human ability to co-create to ‘money changing’ for lack of a better term – ha ha! (Throw them out of the temple!) Now that an AI – or at least computer systems – mechanically make trades, this has added, what I feel, is a ‘flatness’ to the money cloud flying around up above. It wasn’t made to serve computers, I think not. I think, in hindsight, maybe it had fun with us, too. And just being manipulated by an AI doesn’t sound as tantalizing, to me, if I were the lovely ‘Money’.”

I find that so apropos to the truth versus the disinformation out there. From the Elemental’s point of view, she is very non-discriminate, which you so aptly describe.

Yet, when it comes to us as humans, here in 3D, we still have duality to deal with. Call Her forth for Divine Love’s sake while She is still involves Herself in this way.

Blessings on your journey with the Elemental Goddess of Money. Come to Her with respect and shed all manipulation tentacles. They that work with Her via the fear paradigm, always at the end of the day, get the short end of the stick spiritually and emotionally.

I want to thank Barry for starting this thread (of conversation). I see this subject as so very important right now. I think that without the primary shift in consciousness about the true nature of abundance, no matter what else is done to remedy the craziness on this planet, it will fail to remedy anything at all.

I like the idea of referring to money as an Elemental. This points out that there is a consciousness that flows through, not only the concepts connected with money and currency, but also the actual physical manifestations of whatever these instruments and icons represent to us.

The only thing I would add here is that this consciousness comes from us. That’s right. It is our consciousness, as a collective, that is the foundation of this.

Money is a physical representation of energy. Period. This representation (concept) has been heavily manipulated all along. It is consciousness that does this. Paper or coin is incapable of doing anything other than following the flow of this consciousness wherever it may go.

The most important factor in this interplay, on a personal level, is, as Barry has so gorgeously pointed out, whether or not we play with these icons representing energy and abundance with love or with fear.

Let’s break this down a bit, into smaller pieces, and take a really good look at what happens when awareness, intention, and responsible attitude moderation is added to the relationship we have with the money elemental. This is an exercise which is conscious, and as grown-ups, as mature human masters, it’s about time it happens.

The first thing that comes to my mind is the concept of value. The essence of currency is to reflect the value of energy. This energy doesn’t become actually created until some being of life-source spends time and energy creating. Whether these creations can be seen as valuable or not depends on the usefulness and also on the attitude of the creator in question.

This is where it becomes so important to manipulate the consciousness of the people to undervalue themselves and their creativity.

Secondly, I perceive that there’s also the push to take ownership of what is inherently free, such as water, such as clean air, such as other commodities that rightly belong to Gaia and are given to all freely by Her. If we may be fooled into thinking this sort of ownership is real, then we may perceive there’s a price to be paid for living on the surface of Gaia to begin with.

These social hacks are very subtle, and yet once one sees them, one can see how the social institutions of religion, government, and so forth have been positioning for this sort of strange-hold on humanity for eons.

Regardless of the agendas, directly perceivable when one bothers to look, there’s always the opportunity to take back our ability to assign value. As Susan has pointed out in her share, the value of money is extremely fluid. So is the value of energy for that matter. It is consciousness that does this, folks. The exchanges we do are based on choices we make about the value of our energy.

My personal experience about such matters have changed dramatically in my lifetime. Coming out of middle-class, baby boomer US background, I was given a certain mix of work hard to live and entitlement mentality. It wasn’t until I shed most of this that I came to understand that none of this has diddly to do with the true nature of abundance and how it flows.

The truth, that I’ve been blessed to experience first-hand, is that the Universe is a highly benevolent place. It’s a place that loves and supports me in miraculous and seemingly impossible ways, but only if I allow this by being in alignment with this truth.

In order to be in alignment with this truth, this Divine Principle of Abundance (which is a form of love in manifestation), I’ve found that the only way to consistently do this is through appreciation and gratitude. For, no matter what I have right in front of me in any given moment, without the ability to appreciate it, I have nothing at all. And right here is where the attitude feature is so crucially important.

The money elemental, the Divine Abundance, which we all have as our birthright, is present all the time. The question is, what do we do, which either puts us into this flow, this fluidity, or what blocks us from being in this flow?

Hence, the choice between love and fear in our personal interactions (regarding money).

My answer to this, from deeply personal experiences, ranging over the 60 years of my magical and blessed lifespan, is what puts me into the flow is gratitude and love, accepting the truth of how the Universe is benevolent in the extreme. All I need to be here is given. I only need to get out of the way and be ready to receive it.

What gets in the way, or blocks this reality from me at any time is my attitude, which is essentially fussing about how this isn’t so. Behind all the worry and fuss about this are the erroneous beliefs I have that the Universe won’t support me, that I’m unworthy of being supported just for being, and so on.

My abilities to exchange my energy for the energy represented by the money elemental are so diverse as to defy the entire idea of needing anyone to sign a paycheck for me. I get that this is how most people do it, nothing wrong here if this is serving the lifestyle one has chosen either. It’s just never worked that way for me personally. I’ve chosen to assign value to my energy and get others to swap with me along the way.

I get to do this, as I own my ability to my share of the consciousness that goes into the money elemental game we play.

Thanks so much, Andrea. You certainly speak my heart on this and delved in deeply.

Your thoughts are paramount to returning to a Love relationship with this Elemental.

“Hence, the choice between love and fear in our personal interactions.”

Barring any soul contract issues (BTW, it can be changed with you doing the work), one can actually sit at the feet of the Elemental Money, and just like with a Tree or Plant, ask Her how to go about returning to an abundant relationship with Her. By the way, the Trees and Plants actually taught me how to do this and I then apply it to the Elemental called money.

The idea of money being an elemental has changed things for me. Now I have a being I can directly address, and that s so much more juicy than a concept.

I started my work life in a company with my father. Within one year, all business was on my name, and within 3 years, I carried 250k DM debts. That was so much that I had no chance to get out of it, thus I dropped legal business for good.

Mind you, if it had been 50,000 only, I would have spent my life working my ass off to get rid of the shit. But this was too much and I gave up, moved into the underground (making black money), and eventually, moved far away (from Germany) to India.

It took me some years to realize that this had been a pre-incarnational contract with my father. He had vowed to prevent me from getting lost in the corporate world, making a career was not on my plate for this lifetime, enlightenment is the main focus.

Nevertheless, over the past 20 years, I’ve learned to honor money. I worked my way through all kinds of conditionings – money’ s dirty, money corrupts, money and spirit don t go together, etc. – and reverted a few vows that I had taken concerning money and prosperity in other lifetimes.

Long ago, I started greeting each bill that comes into my hands with ‘thank you for coming to me’, and each bill that leaves my hands with ‘thank you for having been with me’. Recently, I’ve expanded this ritual with ‘come back soon and bring your friends’.

While writing this here, I feel called to take a dive in Scrooge McDuck’s money bin and juice it up with love-consciousness. It’s a symbol for hoarded money that has gone stuck and lost all fluidity; for money that rots on bank accounts and doesn t move anymore, but sucks in interest, like a vampire. The money elemental isn t happy here, as it can t flow and play anymore.

Money Bin » Brick Forest

Hoarding money, what a rotten concept! I’m reminded of some time during the Middle Ages, when, in the German countries, a sovereign had the right to mint and issue coins. They also had the right to devaluate their money once in three years, up to 50%..

The consequence of this practice was that money got invested, not hoarded. It moved into production and real estate, because in case it layed idle, it could loose half of its worth.

Such a practice would change the entire economy. Instead of sucking interest (with compounded interest being the greatest crime against money) for hoarding, we should have people pay interest for money that lies idle at the end of the fiscal year, and leave all money invested in real business free of tax and other burdens.

Money is a flowing energy, it wants to play, and it wants us to play with it. I’m by no means a master of this play, lol, I still have issues calling in the abundance that I need and desire in my life. It’s gotten better over time, by now I trust that life takes care of me. Even when my purse is empty at the moment, life has proven, again and again, that it always fills me up in a way that secures my survival.

‘More than enough’ slowly starts becoming part of my life, sharing money fills me with more joy than surving does, thus, I’m in good spirits that more money s going to come to me.

And for the next few weeks, I’m going to take occasional baths in Scrooge Duck’s money bin, bless all the stored money of the world, and inspire the money elemental to crack the walls of the vaults and expand out into the world.

What a beautiful conversation. Barry, thank you for sharing with us yet again. I remember years ago reading your message about the Money Elemental, and it shifted my consciousness significantly. It always imbues my interactions with money now, and for that I thank you.

You see, I have always been abundant. I never even knew the feeling of not enough. My father came here (to the USA, as an immigrant) with nothing but his skill, and built a very abundant life for his family. We never knew we were rich, it didn’t even cross our minds, because the interaction of my parent’s beliefs created an odd mix of ourpourings.

My dad had a blessed skill and he valued it. He also grew up during war and revolution and knew at any minute that all could change, so didn’t base things on storage so much as on skill. He could convert his skill into support in any number of ways.

My mother also had skill to convert, but chose to make a home, and since she grew up in war and rationing, her tendency was to store. I bless them both for creating for me a representation of abundance and frugalness, in other words, it was always available but not frittered. Two of their children took on this behavior and two did not. So, we obviously observe modeling and then do our own thing. LOL.

Coming into union with my husband, who grew up poor but never knew it, his experience with money was very different, and what has unfolded in our life over the past 35 years of union has been quite interesting. It’s proved beyond doubt that there is no security when it comes to money, no amount deposited in the bank can create happiness, or support, or a sense of peace.

It has been a long journey, and part of that journey was my understanding that I am still, and always will be, abundant, and breaking away from this idea that the creations on the path were my doing, or our co-creation shifts to knowing that soul contract level events occurred and were perfect.

We learned that we are deeply blessed with love and support from a benevolent universe. We learned that there is still the ability to be generous, even in the absence of money–because this was a key focus when we were flush–bestowing and sharing and tipping and getting giddy with this beautiful aspect of having cash.

We can still be in that space of flowing the love, and energy, and time, and skill, and sharing all the things that are valuable within ourselves, even in the absence of money. It proves that our value is not monetary, but divine and always available, that we can value ourselves highly, bless ourselves abundantly and share this value with others deeply. In other words, the party don’t start till I walk in~~~~!

Susan, you bring up something interesting with the AI. It is indeed true that most institutional trading is done via programs, and also interesting  that the Bit-Coin, virtual currency arena, is also doing mining for value, via a pre-determined and agreed upon computer program structure. Those who are making use of these processes receive value–but those who continue to interact with intuition in the currency market and in hedge fund markets are able to create even more. So, I agree with the summation that the elemental enjoys playing the market, just as much as those who still find zest in the interaction.

A reflection on the hoarding of money. Having shifted through the very real and evolutionary shift of knowing, point blank, that there is no level of security in a bank account, and that the money elemental is enslaved when placed in these types of bondage situations, it was interesting to observe those with money, and especially generational money, in storage, instead of out interacting with the world.

It was indeed a direct contradiction to the belief that money brings security, happiness and personal worth, as few were indeed happy, and many are on the path to self-destruction. This is the dichotomy, folks–with more than half of the world engaged in struggling for money for happiness and the other struggling with money not bringing happiness–thus a confirmation of Barry’s sharing that money is indeed a neutral energy and can be many things to many people.

I bless all money that flows through my hands. I thank the abundant energy of the beautiful Deva Goddess Money Elemental as she flows through my life, as one of MANY beautiful and abundant energies and devas that flow through my life on a daily basis, to remind me that I am supported in every moment by an abundant universe. May the money elemental be free to unfold perfectly for the highest good of all beings in divine timing, and so it is!

You’re welcome, Alex. Happy to feel into your share. You said, “You see, I have always been abundant. I never even knew the feeling of not enough.”  I, too, have had the same experience.

Yet, when that beautiful goddess witch helped me remember about a past life poverty vow, I was determined to rid myself of any inkling of such contracts that did not serve me anymore.

The Elemental Money, for me, gives me the freedom to do more of what I choose, in order to fulfill my contract. Each of us has different levels of this, for sure. For me, as long as we are in 3D, scraping along, just barely, is not my journey at all. Thanks.

Selected and shared with permission from Gaia Scene community forum

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