empaths and boundaries

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All humans are empaths, it’s part of the human survival kit to feel what others feel. Some people are more aware of and sensitive to their empathic nature and others less.

It’s only when there is a disease like Asperger’s Syndrome, Autism or dis-social personality disorder that we don’t constantly read people, according to our own vasanas or filters, interpreting and reacting to what they project out.

Protection Strategies and Heart-centered Boundaries

During the recent weeks, I’ve heard of many empaths feeling overwhelmed by collective fear-based energies. The many tools to shield ourselves from external input suddenly don’t work anymore.

Strong empaths have a lifelong history of developing strategies to protect themselves from other people’s feelings. As children, we’re often overwhelmed by the flood of thoughts and emotions we perceive from our surrounding, not knowing ‘Who am I?’ and ‘Who is the other?’.

We don’t know that most of what we feel isn’t ours. The egoic boundaries of an empath are weak, child-like, and encased like a shell; constantly flushed by the waters of the ocean, not yet able to close its conch.

While growing up and becoming more conscious of ourselves, we empaths usually create defense and protection mechanisms to manage this input from the outside world.

We learn to set artificial boundaries. We have shields and colors, build walls around us, call on the angels or a light bubble, or use purchasable products like crystals, Aura Soma or Bachflowers. There are hundreds of ways to set up boundaries, in order to close our energy field from the constant background noise of the collective and the people close to us.

We’ve learned how to close our conch and keep the ocean out.

Now those boundaries don’t work anymore. Suddenly we’re again flooded by emotions out of nowhere and bombarded by thoughts we haven’t processed in a long time (or even never before, like the horrific pictures of torture and murder that come on my mind at times, arghh).

There is so much fear out there, so much imbalance, pain, grudge and sorrow; we’ve worked so hard to learn to keep them out of our personal field, but heck, our tools have become useless…

I sense this, being an aspect of the paradigm change. While I’m not a friend of the label ‘new paradigm’ (even a new paradigm is a paradigm, and as such a fixed mindset; and something we are growing beyond), still, I’ve realized that the strategies of the old paradigm have become non-functional.

The boundaries we’ve set up to distinguish ourselves from others are based on fear. They belong to the constructed self’s survival kit of defense and protection mechanisms from a hostile world, by the way of separating ‘us’ from ‘them’.  They have been set up from the outside, from the ego, and I’m not surprised that they don’t work anymore.

What we now need to develop are love-based boundaries.

Some people might object, saying all boundaries are illusion and have to drop altogether, in order for divine consciousness to emerge.  In the dimensions beyond form, this is probably true.  But as long as we have bodies, even higher dimensional lightbodies, there will always be an ‘inner’ and an ‘outer’, an identity as an individual Being-ness which differentiates us from the beings around us.

I Am Here Now

We haven’t come here to get back home again.

We’ve come to bring home here, to bring Heaven to Earth; and to expand God by being conscious god-aspects, incarnated-in-form on this planet.

And this is what we have to do now; Be Here, Be Now, fill our energy fields with the Divine Presence, our AM-ness; become embodied masters; living, breathing, walking I AM presence in unique physical bodies.

Wherever our fields vibrate in our true Being-ness, the fields of other beings are perceived and can be communicated with, but without our specific attention, their energies stay in the background.

It’s only where we have ‘holes’, where old wounds and their survival strategies prevent us from being fully conscious and present in this area, that the energies of other beings hook into us and keep us occupied.

filling holes

What we don’t fill from the inside is being filled from the outside.

The universe is all abundant, life rushes to fill up all empty spaces with the Divine Mother’s creations. Where we don’t occupy our individual energy field with ourselves, it is being occupied by energies from (what appears to be) outside of ourselves.

In essence, we are all One, and as individual aspects of One we cannot not constantly commune with all the world around us. We pick up from others and process the input, according to our own issues, resonance and soul plan.

Filling our Holes from the Inside

In the area of our holes, where we don’t vibrate with a consciousness of unconditional love, the input from our surrounding becomes chaotic. These holes call to be filled. They call out loud, and in this way, draw huge amounts of energy towards them.

The layers of protection around our encapsulated ‘issues’ prevent us from receiving the appropriate nourishment, instead we get overwhelmed by the flood we’ve attracted. Thoughts and emotions collect on the protection layer and wildly circle around it, in order to penetrate the shell and fill the hole. Pure Chaos!

These energies keep us busy until we perform a method to lock them out of our perception, usually either by consciously protecting our field, or by turning our attention somewhere else and allowing the unresolved ‘business’ to settle back in the subconscious again.

Energetically, I perceive this as dusty thoughts and watery emotions falling down onto the protection layers, and while drying up from our attention withdrawal, building a new layer of crust, which in the body shows as tissue tension.

And another opportunity for healing has passed…

(Continued in Part 2.)

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