empaths and boundaries(Continued from Part 1.)

Emotions entering our Boundaries

So what can we do as empaths when a flood of emotion enters our boundaries? When weird thoughts occupy the mind, or uncomfortable emotions suddenly change our state of consciousness and cause us to drop in frequency?

What I do is to go into solitude and cut-off from all outside input. I command all fear-based energies and entities from all places, times and dimensions to be removed from my energy field, NOW, and by this interrupt the incoming influx.

This method won’t detach me for long, as it’s a separating tool, and as such illusionary, but for the moments it’s helpful, in order to be able to distinguish between ‘this is from others’ and ‘this belongs to me’.

Owning our Feelings

The feelings that then stay with me are my own, and they point to my inner holes, to the vasanas (1) calling for my awareness.

The flood I perceive from the outside mirrors the unresolved issues on the inside, they fully match my distorted frequency.

It’s like the Divine knocking on my door, saying, ‘If you close up to my light, I come to you as darkness. Never mind, I come to fill you up, in whatever way you’re open to receive me’.

It’s an invitation to correct my course, open up my heart and crown, and surrender to be flooded from above (which, in fact, is within).

When I breathe LoveLight down into myself, when I consciously flow with it and dive into these holes, into those empty painful spaces, they finally receive the nourishment and healing they’ve constantly been calling for.

The more I do that, the more I flood myself with unconditional love and unity consciousness (which equal light), the more I’m being filled up with God. This Divine AM-ness couples with my human I-ness, they merge into I AM.


Wherever I AM present, I AM mastering my energy field.

Wherever I AM present, no hole is left for others to fill it up.

Wherever I Am present, I AM standing straight in my field and consciously choose what I call inside of myself.

This is when I may choose to tune into a specific issue or archetype contained in the background ‘noise’ (in order to do the work I’ve come for), or may choose to detach from it and just stay alone (all-One) within myself.

What had been the biggest curse of most of my life (this being an empath) has turned into the greatest gift. When I now feel overwhelmed by something, I thank the opportunity to find the wound that shows up and calls to be transformed.

My guidance always makes me painstakingly aware that all work I do on myself is work done also on the collective. I AM my I AM presence, and I AM One with the I AM presence of All That Is.

What I call in for myself, I call in for all humans, in perfect alignment with their Divine plan and greatest good.

In fact, this awareness gives me the stamina to move through these mostly cold and dark swamps of sorrow, guilt, hatred, and fear. Just for myself, I would’ve long given up. This swamp of pain just seems endless, one issue comes up after the other. There’s no end to it in sight.

But I’d say this is the job of a strong empath. Empaths aren’t solely huge receivers of energies, they are also strong projectors.

When the volume is up, it works in both directions.

Surfing the Waves

suring the waves

When a flood of, let’s say, fear energy, enters my field (often this happens after a horrific event with worldwide attention), it contains the thought-forms of millions, sometimes billions of people. When I’ve already worked on my resonating hole, having brought love-consciousness to this wound which is not yet completely healed, I can dis-identify from this energy input while staying connected with it.

So, now this collective energy doesn’t overwhelm me anymore, instead it serves as a tremendous push to get to the core of the pain.

I breathe it in, embrace it in love, breathe it with light and follow it into those tight, empty, dark spaces within my body, those places where I don’t feel at home.

It’s here I allow this love-consciousness to do its work, which is transforming, healing and setting-free, while I watch it, celebrate it and stay detached.

This shift in myself expands, and reflects back to all those people whose energies are part of the flood.  It washes clean the swamp, it clears the collective fog, and calls in the sunlight to dry the drowned lands.

The work we do within ourselves makes the path easier for everyone else who’s connected to that stream of energy.

We’re able to perceive the flood because we’re capable of transforming it.

Why would life curse us with such a talent, if it didn’t serve the awakening of all of humanity?

This is why, in my understanding, our tools of energy protection don’t work anymore. They’ve provided a safe cocoon, for the caterpillar to grow into a butterfly.

And well, a butterfly can’t hide in the cocoon anymore!

It needs to fly, play, be joyful and ride the storms, in order to rise up and dance with the stars!


(1) Vāsanā (Sanskrit; Devanagari: वासना) is a behavioural tendency or karmic imprint which influences the present behaviour of a person. It is a technical term in Indian religions, particularly Buddhist philosophy and Advaita Vedanta. Taken from Wikipedia.

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