The singularity of a bird’s eye view allows us to perceive multi-dimensional existence…

But what does it really mean to be and to live that existence?

I experienced a gradual expansion in my capacity to transcend barriers of time and place, beginning with a series of spontaneous lucid dreams that introduced me to my spirit guides.

First, I came to understand that these dream experiences were real, and secondly, I realized that I had no control over how or when these events occurred.

It seemed they were randomly dropped into my awareness.

But it was not random.

There was a wisdom to it.

In retrospect I feel there was a specific curriculum to the process.

I was being readied for an inner revelation. Slowly being shown the expansive nature of existence and slowly being introduced to the fullness of love, magic and power.

About midway through my awakening process, I saw the All-Seeing-Eye for the first time.

I had come to spend great swaths of time in a state of meditation. Not just the cross-legged kind, but also living through my day in a state of constant expectation and receptivity.

I did not always maintain constant awareness, but constancy was the focus of my striving and my will. Consequently, I became more buoyant. Rising from each challenge, psychic pain, painful memory or life drama, back into the service of my intent and focus.

That focus opened an actual inner dialog.

The tete-a-tete, back and forth exchange with the presence of an ever-expanding family of souls, grew to include more spirit guides, energetic forces and the personas of my other lives. Angels and Ancestors came to converse with me and to teach me the way of knowing.

After a time, I came to feel their subtle energies and could visualize our shared realities. I began to hear a hint of their gentle voices in the room, rather than just inside my being.

One night the veil slipped and I saw beyond my usual limitations.

A beautiful being casually leaned over to kiss my cheek.

I said “Oh, hello!.”

He drew back in surprise and apologized. Apparently it wasn’t expected that I would be completely lucid in their spiritual realm.

The curtain pulled back into darkness. But I was still awake. And it was then that the eye appeared. Looking directly into my consciousness. One huge eye, blinking and staring into my depths as I stared into it.

I commented, “Wow!, that’s kind of scary because it’s only one eye… only I’m not scared.”

After this, my expression and capacities deepened. It seemed that I only had to open my mouth, or pick up a pen to become a portal, through which my soul poured forth. My awareness became activated in new ways, as I realized the fruits of my long initiation to become what I had always been, an expression of divine origin.

As I look back, I realize that what really stands out for me is that I had no control over my process. At least not in a way that would allow me to initiate any of these experiences. All I could really do was accept and try to understand. I took time to contemplate these events, to write and draw about them.

This engagement through surrender allowed each parcel to expand and connect one to another. They became integrated into the fullness of me in a way that I do not yet quite understand.

Now, these events are most of what I remember about myself and of my life. The drama I have experienced in my relationships, most of the suffering that I was once so attached to, has faded to a pale pastel watercolor that floats on the surface of my mind.

I know myself to be something so much more than any of my experiences, either in spirit or in physical form.

I just am who I AM.

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