witnessIt’s no new news to most of us that there is a lot of evil in this world. How do we face evil and how do we endure it? We don’t have to like it or agree with it, but denying it is impossible to do. 

The last few years have been truly epic in the amount of deep exposes into some of the most diabolical evils no sane person could imagine could even exist. Corruption so systemic and entrenched in every area of human interaction that it boggles the mind. Greed so intense that it defies the thought of what it means to be human.

There are many people concerned with digging out, exposing and spreading this information about what we all wish we never knew about. While I support their efforts to wake us all up to the dirty details of what some of us have known about for a very long time now, I’m not one of them.

My focus in on how we may endure what is so evil and corrupt that it’s actually a threat to one’s sanity to be exposed to it at all. 

It’s one thing to realize that evil deeds and corruptions of every kind are real and not just a nightmare to dissipate away when awakening from sleep. These metaphors we use in these times about woke and awakening are poignant and true. 

It’s another thing to know the truth of it (whatever particular evils and whatever the victim base is) and to hold this awareness without some clear solution, without some clear way to make it stop, without some way to work through the shock, the rage, the loathing and the fear that is sure to accompany such knowing.

I see all of these responses and more, much more, when surfing the current internet environs and it also touches me in my face to face interactions too. Not so much as some, and more than others, like anything else that might be happening.

As an empathic and compassionate person, I wish I could ease the pain, not only of the actual victims of evil deeds, but of those of us who bear witness. There is the measure of harm we endure in order to support the exposure of evils have been committed right under our noses. 

Literally none of what is being exposed right now is anything new, it’s been going on for generations in various forms. We are called to witness this and to hold it in our awareness in order to recognize what these evils are and how we unwittingly support them by ignoring the ample evidences of them. We find the courage to face evil and to know about it at a level of intimacy we’ve not been willing to consider before as a collective.

We are all victims of evil, in the sense of the wounding that happens to even know what evils are being perpetrated. It’s that bad, literally inhuman and unconscionable. For the majority of us, we are asked to bear witness to what these evils are. This is what is happening in these times on a mass scale in our human collective consciousness. It’s a necessity for these truths to be witnessed, for these distortions to Natural and Divine principles to be exposed for all to see. 

If this witnessing is all some of us can do, then let’s acknowledge the price this extracts from the many of us who are doing this. I personally know the cost more intimately than most, simply because the current exposes are no new news to me. I’ve been observing the evil doings and holding this knowledge for much of my life. It’s not easy and it’s been a burden in many ways, both subtle and not so subtle at all.

What I know from experience is facing evil is what is required, if we wish to ever co-create a world without it. How we face it is as diverse as we ourselves are. 

How we deal with the harm that is done to us is important. Do we create more hate? More war? More division? Are these the measures which are effectively going to create solutions to what evil intentions are creating in this world? Or do they only add fuel to the proverbial flames?

These are important questions in these times. There are diverse answers to them, as in our diversity as individuals, we are called by our Soul or our true Essence, to express our choices to act or not to act, and how. How any such actions may affect outcomes is still to be determined, but it’s clear creating even more hatred and divisions of various forms has never worked to create anything good and serves only to create more conflict and evil.

As hideous as it is to endure the exposes into evil that are happening full force at this time, I see it as serving the greater good for all of us. For the victims, for the witnesses, for those some of the perpetrators so caught up in the distortions as to make it possible to promote them, I pray we find the courage to make it through this passage. May we find the ways to harness our creative powers for good. May we keep our sanity and find access to our Divine intelligence.

It is said there is a time for everything, for every purpose under heaven. This is the time for the world to bear witness to the intentions and actions that are tagged as the most evil and corrupted. 

Witnesses, take heart in the knowledge that being a witness is a sacred task in and of itself. Take heart and endure it, as without our awareness to bring light to what has been hiding out and thriving under the level of our awareness, none of these evils are ever going to stop.

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