I’m glad my shoes fit me, I would be shaking in them if they were too big. I don’t like fear, every time I shoot under my bed I bang my head on the slats. I don’t like pain either.

I am not totally an idiot, I know Faux News is to blame for trying to scare me half to death. A great and powerful man showed me how to recognise Faux News and for what it is worth, here’s a tip, if you don’t agree with it, chances are it is Faux News!

If the tales of roving asteroids about to hit our Gaia fill you with mind numbing fears, clean out the wardrobe and hopefully exhaustion fills the hole where fear used to live. It also gives one somewhere to hide.

Sensational and misspelled headlines are linked to outrageous terminology in an attempt to generate sales of the (teehee) news, examples:

An 8 year old girl tries to wreck a new road. Daddy took her training wheels off and she fell off her bike. The bike pedals scratched the road surface.

The Police are investigating a possible willful damage charge for which the penalty may be $10.000 fine and 2 years jail.

Fear pops up in dreams. You dream that you just have to go to the toilet and you cannot find one, searching and searching, then you find one and it is not working. At this point you wake up and race for the bathroom, isn’t it hard to run with your legs crossed?


Faux fear is an illusion, therefore you may merely treat it with the contempt it deserves. Do not take it on board, remember you are invincible (sort of).

I almost forgot, politicians love tales of terror and deprivation so to solve the problem, Vote 1 for them.

I know not fear and the bump on my head is shrinking a little, too much dust under the bed. Oops, shudden have said that…

Fear from Faux News, so what. We know the truth. Wave your sword, grin and share it!

Have a great day, and read the Comic strips or Maxine Comments. Laughter is an antidote. Trust me, I’m a Scenic.

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