changeI think it’s fair to say that lots of us, as people who are seeking enlightenment and are striving to stay awake, are committed to being agents of change.

We have this notion intellectualized just fine, but it’s another thing altogether when big changes threaten to happen.

I mean, whatever differences in opinion we may have on who or what represents what good or what evil, most of us may agree that the foundations of many of our worldly institutions are rotten to the core. They don’t serve the people, they don’t serve the purposes they pretend they do at all.

What do we think the dissolution and dissolving of these structures may look like while the necessity of these changes unfold?

Did we think changes would feel safe and comfortable? I would suggest that we haven’t been safe and comfortable anyway, but the devil we know somehow feels better than the devil we don’t.

If I stop the fearful lamenting long enough to take a broader view, what looks and feels like crazy instability starts to show itself as something quite different. Instead of looking and feeling to me like a big bad threat to my well-being and survival, without the fear factor, it looks like a sign of the process of change, dissolving what it must in order to upend the static and status quo.

We want change, don’t we?

We’ve been demanding change to happen so long, as we can tick a box with an x and then go right back to sleep. So long as it doesn’t get uncomfortable or change what we’ve become used to. So long as we aren’t being challenged to understand that we’ve been supporting that which isn’t functioning in support of our wishes, our well-being, and certainly not in support of the greater good.

We can’t choose change and still keep to the perceived comfort of what is familiar! What is static, stale and doesn’t function in its stated purpose must fail and fall.

Howling in fear over the signs of change happening doesn’t seem to me to be all that productive. In my experience, fear is mostly about negative fantasizing anyway. But, it ain’t over ’til it’s over, and I also honor the grieving process that needs to unfold in the releasing of the illusions we’ve been carrying and recreating as a collective.

Let’s grieve and give these feelings the attention they deserve. I’m all for placing them on the holy pyre to burn their tender and aching sentiments up to the gates of Heaven. What I don’t agree with is tacking all sorts of doom scenarios to anything that’s unfolding. I’m happy to wait for said doom to actually appear before I set my hair on fire or smear ashes on my face.

We’ve been warned for years by many sources that we would be challenged to the core of our attachments and affiliations. Warned that we’d be challenged to reevaluate and look a whole lot deeper at those structures than their tagline or slogans. From what I see, people are not only in grief about such challenges right now, but so many are also off the hook of being able to be rational about it. Those who use social media platforms know exactly what I’m talking about.

As a person who is and always has been apolitical, I’m not having a fit over what my politically minded friends are. I don’t have any grief over cherished affiliations, nor have I been watching the propaganda machine in the US pour it’s influence out (to the tune of millions of dollars) in a master plan play to curry my favor or to stir up my fear and loathing.

And, this propaganda has been off the hook! The nastiness of the truth and the pathological lying has taken on a brand new and epic level of intensity here.

It’s been interesting to watch, as someone who isn’t at all ‘invested’ in any political party. I basically don’t believe any of the official storylines anyway. Looking for facts seems far more appropriate to me. I don’t see a whole lot of this occurring in certain quarters and it makes me wonder what the true agenda is for anyone in taking in such manufactured drivel to begin with. That agenda can’t be truth if one isn’t willing to dig that out in favor of just swallowing whole any bit of junk that agrees with their chosen party line.

What I do know is, from where I sit, it all seems to me to be yet another ploy to divide us and invite us to find and blame a scapegoat. Who to blame depends on what or whom we might view the disaster is all about, but regardless, the rage and grief is also off the hook and people are looking for someone to tie to the stake in the town square. The shadow of the victim stance is here in spades.

But then, some of us knew this was coming, didn’t we? So, who then is the victim? Perhaps we just didn’t know how deeply we’ve been entangled with (and therefore creating for) the very institutions that are crumbling under the weight of their inability to serve the public good.

So, here we are in the challenge of these times zone. We talk the talk about unconditional love. But love of any type doesn’t align with the fear and grief some people are feeling right now. Nothing could be further from this catastrophic mindset of doom than love.

I personally don’t perceive any doom coming round the bend, except perhaps doom to any kind of structure that doesn’t found itself in Divine Principles aligning with the greater good for humanity AND this planet, including all Her kingdoms; plant, animal, or mineral.

I see every player involved as a potential vessel for Divine Will, no matter what I might perceive from my personal point of perspective anyway. That’s right. All players, by default, no matter what they may intend or for what reasons, serve the unfoldment of Divine Will.

I intend not to wed myself to any other personality or social institution. To do this is to compromise my integrity, my sovereignty and my power of creation. I’ve been watching for a long time now from neutrality. What I’ve seen is people buying into taking political sides, when it looks to me like all sides are the same scoundrels doing the same self-serving deeds they have been at for decades. Perhaps this will change too, we can only hope some people with true integrity enter the arena and make themselves productive.

And, truly, who is served by taking sides anyway? All this creates is division and hatred. Right now, this is the last thing that the good people in my country need. Particularly when we all essentially want the same things; safe homes and happy, healthy families.

Yet, here we are with yet another round of how we may be divided artificially. Yeah, and agreeing to it too. Sigh.

I vote no to every single one of these invitations. No, I won’t be taken in by any of them. I never wanted them in the first place, but then, no one asked me for my permission. I don’t intend to give my permission by playing into being divided. Not from my countrymen and women, not from my siblings on this planet in ethnic, cultural or national diversities, not from my siblings in Gaia’s other kingdoms either.

I don’t know how we get through this madness, but I know that we do. How long it takes to work out the rage and grief and all of our artificial attachments to what is crumbling is whatever that turns out to be.

If being in a neutral emotional state and being grounded in gratitude for each moment is seen as insanity at this time, so be it. Let me be the first to raise my hand.

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