perception and focusIn a recent forum conversation about current events, I made some observations on focus and perception that I’d like to share here. First a bit of background to set the context.

It’s become clear as day to many of us just how pervasive the mainstream media is at delivering consistent content that invites a fear and/or loathing response from us.

While this is nothing new, the awareness of it has risen dramatically in the past 5 or 6 years. What used to be a suspicious ?? is now common knowledge type of thing, at least within our community and I see this as a good thing.

There’s also been a significant infiltration of alternative sources too (if you ask me), but it isn’t like there isn’t plenty of stuff to be aware of that’s just horrific and true.

Still, to focus only on the rot seems to me to be not in alignment with the greatest good, and I have to wonder if this is only a feature of trying to get the news out there and wake people up, or if it’s simply trying to get some attention (ie., energy out of people) with a grab at the sensational.

Be that as it may, from whatever sources, this forum conversation invited me to share how it is for me on a personal level to manage my focus and perceptions on the current events in the world at this time.

The lead-in for these comments were from another forum member sharing on his work with clients who come for counseling. His observations were about the level of energy vibration of the individual and how this will determine whether or not the shift needed to come to mental/emotional health and healing is difficult, or perhaps even impossible without the presence of ‘higher’ vibrations. The lower the vibrations (more negative the focus of the individual), the more difficulty is experienced in the healing process. This is the essence of what he was referring to, as I understood him.

So, here are my comments that followed in our discussion. Basically, my comments are on how I deal with whatever it is I’m perceiving about what is happening in the world and manage my focus. For me, it’s been very important to achieve a greater integration of self and shadow, and my comments reflect this.

“Again, love is the key.

“If I can observe only with fear and/or loathing, perhaps this is the time to take a time out.

“I don’t hold to the thought that says this life is an endless dig-fest for stuff that is ailing. There needs to be some of that, but the squirrel-wheel of running after boo-boos to rip out can also be a big fat trap of distraction from the endless everyday wonders that are always present for me if I get my head outta my distractions. Just saying…

“Truly, this is where understanding that it’s on me to adjust my focus in order to have the experience I want to have is vital!

“Experiences of all varieties are always present, I may choose among them. OMG, this was so difficult for me to integrate, but until I did, not only did mayhem rule my world, I was also an agent of mayhem in the world.

“But back to love.

“This love has to be REAL. There’s no faking this. The Universe knows better than I when I’m not sincere. I can lie my way out of my own consciousness, but the Universe knows the truth and is quick to reflect back to me the level of my insincerity.

“Better to express the less-than-love and get it out there to be seen for what it is. What it is is pain and loathing or grief that hasn’t been given a voice. It doesn’t feel loving at all, and yet it has a right to exist or it wouldn’t be here.

“I let these feelings have a spot at my (inner) table. They get the same service as the rest of the inner hosts of me. All get equal treatment at my table, none are abandoned, exiled or despised.

“We get to know one another with respect and with acceptance. The good, the bad, and the ugly are all present, and in this gathering is the totality of me in harmony, finally.

“There was never really a shade of any hope for balance until this happened, and without this balance my love was never quite sincere either.”

Written for Gaia Scenic’s View

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