anchorSo many on the spiritual path speak about forgiveness.  The concept has been embedded religiously for eons, in the idea of turning the other cheek.  When asked how many times we should forgive offenses, Jesus alludes to a rather large number of times, which indicates that we should always forgive.

The Lord’s Prayer also nails this, with us forgiving those who trespass against us, or our debtors, depending on the version.

Society and Forgiveness

So, we have been groomed to forgive religiously for a very long time, and society itself benefits from this construct. In effect, it allows any number of unsupportive things against humanity, who are simply told to forgive, if they wish to be good souls.  Looks like a set up to me, one that will inhibit beings from standing up for what is right.

When a society is constructed with this fail safe that allows it to continually break its covenant consciously, with no real effort to actually keep it, forgiveness is not appropriate, because what is being done is not a mistake. It is a calculated decision and thus, it must be addressed in a different way.

This is where beings must take a stand and choose, by their sovereign free will, to create differently.  We are seeing this unfolding within our collective world, and it is a breath of fresh air to say the least.

Forgiveness On a Personal Level

That said, forgiveness is a valuable personal tool. When a being steps into the healing space of the heart, and begins the work of clearing, cleansing and healing, much will come up that no longer serves, and self love and forgiveness are key tools to assist.

Many come into contact with a remembered wrong or experience that they feel was pivotal in their path. They hold resentment against another or against themselves, and evaluating this experience causes them great emotional and physical pain.  The memories bring them right back to the event and reliving it creates more angst.

Some may find forgiving easy and some may not, holding grudges against themselves and others, and never wanting to drop the hurt or the memory so as not to forget the lesson of being hurt, and to vigilantly defend against future hurt.

Some may desire an admission of guilt from the offending party. Some may require other parameters, such as hashing it out, before forgiveness is bestowed. Others will forgive, but place conditional requirements on the offending being in an effort to create a protective energy and prevent the being from hurting them again.

Some may even choose to continually forgive, from a position of humbleness, claiming all wrongs perpetrated and offering apology for all that is.

From a human standpoint, there doesn’t seem to be any clear guidebook for this tool called forgiveness, and it seems to confuse a lot of beings. As always, when we break down hacked constructs, we need to look first at who benefits from the hack, and second at how we can reclaim it from a space of self-responsibility for our benefit.

The Energetics of Forgiveness

Looking at the energetics of experience will help to illustrate how forgiveness truly works and how it can only be beneficial to self.

When an experience occurs that is painful and feelings of being wronged are manufactured, anger, rage and fear strongly mark the energy field of the being. These emotions hold a large amount of energy, and instead of allowing them to flow through the field and be released for recycling, they are nailed into the energetic space of the experience like an anchor on a boat.

As we walk our path unconsciously, we continue to drop these energetic anchors, every single time we have a difficult experience. In order to live life, consciousness does everything it can to hide the most traumatic experiences from our perception.

The energy and emotions are stuffed down even further, burying the anchors even deeper into the muddy bottom of perception.  Often there is also a protective psychic shielding around these painful energy wounds to prevent them from being jerked up and reeled in for exposure to the light of day.

So, we all move forth like a ship with many anchors trailing behind it. Imagine how much energy it would take to move such a ship?  The ship, if it could move at all, would certainly need to run its engines at full speed, in order to gain any momentum.

Basically, the ship would be stuck in space and time, unless the crew remembered all the anchors and either chose to reel them all up, or cut the lines. In order to get the ship moving, there really is only one choice. The ship must get rid of the anchors that are holding it back.

These anchors, or energy wounds, hold us in place. They tie us to timelines and denser vibrations and they bleed our energy away from us. Energy flows where focus goes, and we consistently give away our power to timelines and dimensions that we no longer truly exist on.

Soul Path Experience and Parallel Realities

They also tie us to vibrational versions of other beings who no longer exist.  This is why it is often difficult or impossible to have a discussion and require apology from a being that has wronged us.

We may be used to calling this denial, but I resonate strongly with the idea that difficult soul choice points are delivered from a lower vibrational version of beings in a parallel reality.  From the present moment reality, they do not remember the experience because they literally did not experience it, while a parallel expression of them did.

The only reason we remember it is because it was a pivotal soul experience, and thus it was nailed into our consciousness and not theirs.

This also works in reverse, if we are the delivery vehicle for dense soul experiences for others. We may be a part of an experience, and when reviewing it, cannot understand how we acted so far out of character, or our actions felt beyond our control. The details may be fuzzy at best, or completely absent, as this was not our lesson and we delivered it through a parallel version of ourselves.

If this is indeed the case, then forgiveness only and ever serves the self, because without it, we are stuck in place energetically and our soul evolution is impeded.

Forgiveness As a Tool of Energetic Freedom

At this time on planet, there is an amazing amount of energy available for healing and transmuting. There is also a lot of light shining into very dark places, and nothing that is not aligned with love may move forward into the new.

This applies to all fractals of existence, from the very quanta that this universe is built of, through the cellular, human, relationship, family, community, country and global levels and out into the galactic and celestial realms. Everything is changing and has the ability to focus more consciously and choose the path of evolution.

Cut the Anchors Loose

If the conscious choice is made to evolve on a spiritual level, then the work of cutting the anchors to experiences that hold us back, begins in earnest.

From a place within the heart, nurtured by self-love and the acceptance that everything happens perfectly, we can each align with a conscious focus to bring into our awareness all that must be released. The cords that connect to these anchors will come into our awareness, and we can choose to review them, or simply ask that the chords be cut with love and released back to source.

Practicing with self-love and self-responsibility will bring more ease and grace into the process. When we fully align with the idea that every single experience, both outside ourselves and within, has occurred for a reason and contributed to the perfect creation of our soul paths, we can apply the tender balm of love and forgive ourselves.

When we finally forgive ourselves and begin to operate from a position of self-love, we see that forgiving others is the ultimate act of self-love. We no longer wish to torture ourselves, or hold our energy out of alignment with love. We see that forgiving others releases these anchors and frees up a tremendous amount of energy for our evolution.

As beloved children of the universe, we are given the opportunity to experience anything we desire related to our soul path and evolution. The universe loves us so much that it even delivers experiences and individuals onto our path that we may carry heavily for a while, but we were never meant to carry these burdens eternally.

We get to choose just how long we carry them, and we get to choose the miraculous moment when we release them, but rest assured, they must be released in order to move forward. It is becoming much more difficult to ignore these cords that must be released and it requires much more energy now to keep them hidden from view.

The blessing is, of course, that tools are available to us all to release the ties that binds us to the past which prevent us from focusing in a balanced way in our now moment and actively creating the future we desire.

Through forgiveness, and conscious releasing of the cords that have energetically imprisoned us, we move forward, unfettered and free into the new.

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