Yes, that’s what I wrote, four letter words. I know what you are thinking and I am NOT swearing, Love, Like, Hope, Life are all four letter words.

Love, I love chocolate cake with the bits of chocolate melting in my mouth. I love the sound of the sea as it washes the rocks clean. I love a clear blue sky. I love to watch the power build above me as a big black Thunderhead prepares to rain on my roof. I love hot buttered toast with thick slices of grainy bread.

My question is, is love the right word to use in all these examples? No, I don’t think so, Like is a better term, because my vision of love is a special state of being. Genuine Love is from the Heart and is non-judgmental, whereas like is, perhaps, emotive and comes from the head, or the taste buds.

Hope is another of the much used expressions. I hope I can get a good seat, I hope he’s cooked dinner, I hope I win the lottery and so on. These are personal hopes. Usually a community hopes for peace, lower council rates, a makeover on the community structures.

Serious hope is usually built around the Soul’s development, and like growing, nurturing love, it can be darned hard work. In your heart of hearts, what do you truly hope for? Do you hope that all the bumps in the highway will be smoothed to make a trouble free passage for you? No storms on this sea! What will we learn without stimulus?

Life is for living, not cowering in fear of someone else’s idea of what is good for us, climbing to what they think is POWER. They spend their lives worried that someone will do to them an ultimate revenge,

Life is an accumulation and end product of the other four letter words listed here. It can be as small as a babie’s smile in a shopping centre. It can be as stupendous as a refusal to practice war.

I live in hope, that my ears are open, my eyes can see and my heart pumps love all over Gaia, and I’ve just started.

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