soulI had a dream of four ancient warriors, and they were superimposed over a past life memory, so that I was seeing four timelines come together.

The timelines were of the four ancient warriors, of children playing on a sports field, of me awake while dreaming, and a shamanic and celestial view of the timeless cosmos.

What happened next, touched me deeply, because it was a communication from my soul to me.

A Dream of Four Timelines and Many Me

I could see who I was and what was happening in each timeline.

This is also called multidimensionality – seeing our incarnations in multiple realities at the same time. I was centered in my heart, and feeling the essence of my soul, while seeing multiple vantage points.

This is possible through being in my soul connecting place. I’ve practiced for years to be awake in the dreamtime – to be in my heart rather than my mind, so as not to disturb the action while dreaming.

Four of Me, Dreaming

I could see through the eyes of an American Indian shaman, attending the game.

I was the mother of one of the boys who was playing.

I was a celestial spirit, in the heavenly cosmos, attending the souls in the human beings.

And I was me, dreaming, seeing all characters and activity (the shaman, the celestial spirit, the mother, the boy, and the warriors). I could feel the feelings, know the thinking, of all of these characters.

The Story Begins

As my dream began, in a scene from America in the 1600s, the children arranged their positions on a sporting field, and all was being readied for play.

At the same time, in an ancient timeline super-imposed on the 1600s, four warriors readied, each in position to run at the rest.

When I saw the warriors, a nagging feeling gripped me.

Four Ancient Warriors on the Field of Play

The warriors were positioned at points corresponding to each corner of the children’s playing field. Each one crouched and lifted its body up slightly, and readied to sprint.

The four warriors were not human, they were ancient beings, fully covered in steel grey armor, each curled into a kneeling position, their arms raised and curled in front of their helmets, their heads bent forward, crouched and waiting.

No-one from the 1600s could see, or were aware of, the ancient warriors or their actions. But I could feel that the ancient warriors were deeply involved in the destinies of all of the human beings present.

In the warriors’ timeline, each one readied to run at the others, at a point corresponding to the center of the field of play.

The Children Ready to Begin the Game

In the children’s timeline, they were getting ready to run at each other playing rugby.

The children were young boys, maybe ages 10 to 12, and they were exuberant and excited to begin playing.

Their teams gathered on the field and aligned in rows, arms around each other’s backs, each team facing the other.

The whole community was on the sidelines of the field, watching. People had blankets out and were joyfully chatting with each other. There was a feeling of parents enjoying the activities and each other. A feeling of appreciation in watching their sons.

The boys focused and faced the leather ball; the teams would meet each other in the center of the field of play.

The call when out to start play, a whistle, shouting.

The Children Surge Forth

At the starting call, the children heaved forth in a scrum, tightly grouped together and going for the ball, yelling and aiming towards the center of the field.

Each scrum of children surged as fast and as forcefully as they could towards the other in one huge motion.

They were going to collide together, in the center of the field.

The Warriors Charge to Battle

There was another group that began movement at the starting call. At that moment, the warriors leapt into action and started running.

They were massive and they were running at breakneck speed, barreling towards each other.

Each warrior from each corner of the field made a forceful beeline towards the middle.

They were going to collide together, in the center of the field.

I felt a sickening feeling of alarm and of foreboding.

Timelines Collide

The children surged towards the ball, leaping to grab it and crashing into and on top of each other.

The children in the scrum piled onto each other as the players leapt onto the boy with the ball in play.

At that same moment, the ancient warriors crashed into each other in a thunderous bash, at the same location of the pile of children.

A splintering crack was heard.

The Death of a Child – Four Realities as One

I could see the boy’s spine was broken, as if I could see through the pile of children into the place where the wounded boy lay. I was me, dreaming.

I somehow knew my boy was injured. He was dying. I was his mother.

I could see a soul re-entering the cosmos. I was the celestial spirit.

I could see I was here to sing the boy to his next life. I was the shaman.

The Experience of the Soul – All Timelines & Dimensions Operate Simultaneously

The children poured off of the huddle, leaving one child lying at the center of the field, on his back. He was barely conscious, but with a broken back, and his life was fading quickly.

I was the shaman. I approached the child. I held the child and showed him the path to the stars, as I softly spoke prayers in an ancient language, woven into a song, a melody for him to follow, as he exited the earth plane. I wished for the peaceful journey of his soul, I saw the incredible beauty, above, as the heavens opened. Looking up at the stars awed me.

I was his mother. I lurched over my boy, and I was screaming. My pain and sorrow and shock was unending. I was screaming No NO NO, screaming at his broken form. Screaming as if my world was ending.

I was the celestial spirit. I sparkled with the glory of God’s creations. I reached for the boy’s spirit to assist his journey. I showed the stars to him and joyously awaited his presence. I was full of love at the honor of greeting him before the peaceful heavens, at receiving his returning soul.

What is Our Choice in our Now Moment?

Suddenly the boy was shouting. He was shouting at me.

I was the shaman and I was confused. Was I not singing the song correctly?

I was me dreaming. I saw the boy’s spirit gather all his strength to shout at his mother. Shouting for her to stop. Her wailing, her emotional despair, her screaming and distress, was preventing his spirit from properly exiting the earth realm.

I was the mother and I was completely engulfed with my grief and despair. My boy was motionless and unresponsive. Nothing could console me.

I was the celestial spirit, waiting.

The Boy

The boy wanted to go. It was his time. His life was done, he felt no pain, and he longed to continue on his path towards the stars. He was ready.

The warriors activated his soul contract – his time was completed. And he and his mother had showed them human hurt and human sorrow. It had been beyond the warriors’ understanding.

His spirit looked up and saw the cosmos. He felt the angels waiting. His excitement was growing. The singing shaman eased his transition to this pathway.

The Mother

The wailing mother knew nothing of this. Her existence was too heavy to see into the spirit realms. All she knew was that her child was dying.

She could only feel her own pain and despair, for she could do nothing for her boy, and she desperately wished for him to stay.

All of My Soul Experienced This Moment

I Am the Shaman

The shaman is also my Twin Ray; that is our soul connection and why I perceived myself in him equally. As I spoke my shamanic prayer song to the boy’s soul, I could not even perceive his mother. The boy’s emotions were so strong, that I momentarily blamed myself for his outburst.

I could only perceive the command of the boy, saying stop yelling, stop interfering, wanting his path to be cleared, so that he could leave properly.

I was between worlds. I could see the human colonists. I lived on earth but in a more spiritual existence. I could feel and communicate with my soul and I could see into the heavens.

I had momentarily been shook off center, and I blamed myself for his outburst. When I awoke from the dream, in the present day, I felt aware that this guilt and self-blame was still in my being.

I Am Me, Dreaming

As my human self dreaming, I was able to see the boy’s spirit wish to leave its earth body. I could feel the incredible peace of the boy’s coming journey. I felt his high expectation and the excitement for his journey.
The memory helped me to understand fears and feelings I’ve had that previously, made no sense to me.

I Am my Celestial Self

As my celestial Self, I was full of awe and peace and love and God’s glory. I could experience the shaman speaking to the soul presence in ancient language, and the boy’s spirit seeing the cosmos in all its glory.

For my celestial Self, this was a beautiful scene, a sacred moment of transition, a precious time. I awoke thinking about how my celestial self did not focus on human pain and suffering. The celestial spirit was there for the boy, and he had no pain or suffering.

I Am the Boy’s Mother

From my lifetime as the boy’s mother, I felt that my life was at a complete standstill and was ending. I was filled with negative emotions that overwhelmed me.

As me dreaming, and waking, I felt angry and ashamed at the mother’s limited understanding, and I felt frustrated with her pain.

This was me on my own journey – the mother experiencing deep pain and loss, despair and anger. How I long to comfort her when she pushes me away. Her emotional life stopped at that moment of her child dying. And she in my memory deserves the greatest care and compassion from me.

What heals her is knowing she has ‘grown up’ and become me – what heals her is my greater understanding of myself through this dream.

I Am Speaking for the Warriors

We were meant to cause the death of the boy. To free his soul and spirit.
And, we did not understand human pain or suffering.
We did not understand how our actions would create the future.
We did not understand, harmony.

I Came to Understand the Meaning of Connecting with my Soul

The soul has the greater picture.

This understanding is something that would have greatly benefitted me as the boy’s mother.

At that time, in the 1600s as a colonial settler in America, I did not have the knowledge or capability.

The American Indian shaman knew. But, at the time, he could not tell me. As me dreaming, I have deep gratitude and appreciation of him.

But, the shaman’s understanding was limited because he could not perceive the mother. He could not understand this pain and density. For him, the world worked in harmony.

The Soul Experiences Life as Connected, and Deeply Loved

In that life from long ago, as the mother, having no soul connection caused me the greatest despair.
I could not see the life continuum.

It would have given me some hope and some joy beyond measure, to know my boy was happy and continuing his lifetime. Even if it was in spirit!

As me, dreaming, I know that child, in this Now. Life has gone on, and is in a new experience.

The love that is shared, the songs that are sung in our honor as we live our lives, are beyond our knowing.
From the standpoint of the higher frequencies of soul, as my celestial Self, these experiences which to us as humans are poignant, are disasters…. these hold infinite possibility and beauty.

The shaman could see this, he knew this outcome.

What I learned from this experience of four timelines coming together, is that my soul does not see negative and positive.

My soul’s perspective is so much broader than my own. My spirit – my soul presence inhabiting this human form – is ever ready to expand the possibilities of my everyday life.

If I only allow it.

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