taleWe were standing at the Bus Stop Very early one morning, like 1:30 am, and IT WAS COLD. So cold my breath felt as though it froze inside me.

The bus was late and our neighbour had gone home after dropping us off to wait for the nonexistent bus.

My family and I were going some 7 hours by bus to Grandma’s house to celebrate Christmas with her. Grandpa Bob had gone ahead and now Gran was alone. She had no one to drive her.

Still no bus, although I could hear an odd sound in the distance. There is a faint glow coming closer the noise was getting louder, and I was getting nervous. We huddled together, peering at whatever it was we could not see.

Bells, yes bells, the sort the cat wears, not the church or the school yard. Suddenly a fellow in what looked like a story book sleigh whooshed up and came to a stop right in front of us.

I fell backwards into the snowdrift, and one of his Reindeer (yes Reindeer) stuck it’s nose on my chest. Then I knew I had died in the cold and was living a dream.

I don’t need to tell you what he (the fellow, not the Reindeer) looked like, he’s in every Child’s Christmas book and shopping mall.

He had a deep rumbley voice that laughed through the words, ‘Get in, the bus won’t be here, it’s stuck in a snow drift, you can come with me while I make these last deliveries. if you want to.’ Want to, what a ridiculous question!

What an adventure, there was a space just behind his seat that the family fitted in to and room for one next to him. He patted the seat and grinned at me, how I knew he grinned through that massive chest warmer of a beard he wore, I don’t know, but I do know that there was no roof on that sleigh and the air-con was just right. It was warmly comfortable, I did not dare ask how or why, or which end of the Reindeer did the heat come from.

We made a delivery to a huge house and by the time the gifts were offloaded the Sleigh was half empty. ‘ Two good children here, they have a good life and lots of love in the home.’

We flew on and hovered over a tiny cottage, Santa reached behind into a special pocket in the sleigh. The gift was wrapped and tiny, the smallest ever.

This is for a little boy whose parents love him dearly, but they are scratching to feed and clothe the little family.”So, they are giving him what he asked for this Christmas”, Santa said.

Delivery was made and I asked “What was in that tiny parcel ?” Santa cocked his head on one side and replied, “A fresh fruit pie is all he asked for, they couldn’t afford more.”

Santa got back into the sleigh, picked up the reins, all set to deliver us, just as I reached out to stop him.

“Santa, do you ever make two deliveries to the same place?”, I asked, He shook his head. “Would you go back down that chimney because you forgot half of the cargo!”

This time he nodded. We hastily dug through our bags building a small pile of toys & goodies, Mum dug out the massive chicken, (cooked, of course) and burdened with a heavenly stuffing. Fresh home-cooked bread, and Santa was on his way.

I knew as I snuggled down in my own bed at home, this is the BEST Christmas EVER!

And to all of you from all of me, I wish you a glorious Peaceful and contented Christmas.

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