So, here we are in a free will universe.

Free will is sometimes seen as the problem and is widely talked about as the reason for delay after delay for this and that, as well as taking the rap as the primary cause of a lot of chaos too.

It’s given out as if it’s some kind of excuse as to whether or not vital situations can get better, the reason being the bad stuff that ‘others’ choose.

It’s not the fact that we choose not to own our choices in each moment, choosing instead to give our power to do this away. Oh, no.

So goes this line of thought.

I’d like to turn these thoughts and arguments on their heads and take a look at free will and what it means to me.

When I look at free will, what I see is that there’s an opportunity for me to choose in each magic moment. If I deem that I mess up somehow in this moment, then guess what? There’s a brand new magic moment right now to choose again.

In my estimation, this is the proof that this is inherently a highly benevolent universe. What could possibly be better than this? It’s like a pop quiz that can be re-answered again and again and again, without ever getting a failing grade.

If I grade myself as a failure, it’s a measure of how I forget I’m in the movement; in the process of the Divine unfoldment of every moment and not the end-all of everything.

The trouble comes (as I see it) when we don’t own this in magic in our awareness often enough. Imagine what happens when we do. What a waste of life energy all blaming and shaming then becomes. Choose again and in the next moment choose again, and all that finger-pointing  business dissolves into dust.

Concepts like karma start to dissolve under this shift in perception too. If every moment is brand new and a new beginning, then trying to drag along the baggage of the past (all those misunderstood, mistaken or mismanaged choices) starts to look really obviously inappropriate and even foolish.

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