I had synchronicity happen today and it was awesome – it came in a way that was perfect confirmation of the exact thing I had been feeling, and then the situation showed up in the physical at the exact moment I was feeling it, as confirmation.  I love it!!

I say ‘more, please’, because to me this is a sign of how the universe is supposed to work.  We are supposed to receive the abundance the universe has to offer.  We just haven’t been taught this way.

In other words – for me synchronicity moves beyond confirmation or fun or awe-filled moments into flow – I am the flow of the universe, moving through me, and I am one with this flow.

Moving into Trust

This way of being involves Trust, and ironically, trust is the opposite of control – or rather to trust, we have to let go control, and in addition, trust means allowing the flow to flow.

To allow the possibility of flow requires opening up a little, and then, opening up a lot.

This means, opening up to what is already ours – into alignment with our intentions, the intentions of our heart’s desire, poured forth from the universe for us.

Trained in Control

Sometimes this is a scary thing because we haven’t been in the ‘trusting the universe’ mode.  Instead, we have been taught to take control, to impose control.  We have been trained to develop lists, and five-year plans.  And sometimes, things don’t happen this way.

Probably, most of the time.

In fact, I would imagine that if we were actually able to gather the five-year plans of any set of individuals who had made them, we would see that their lives are totally different than what they intended them to be.

Or, that they had their intended result, in a general way, but that the specifics were much different than they could have imagined from their initial starting place.

Switching to Flow

I’m in the middle right now of switching to flow, and it is scary as heck, and it is marvelous because I absolutely know, this is the path for me.

Another way of thinking of flow, is aligning with divine timing, or, aligning my will with divine will.

If you are following your Soul path, giving up comes before receiving – giving up control, giving up predestined outcomes, giving up firmly ensconced techniques, giving up how to’s and shoulds.

Allowing and Receiving

Allowing the flow, following the higher guidance set before us, going in our heart’s direction, receiving what is ours – these are attitudes and behaviors that require a shift.  A shift in thinking, and a shift in being.

And the outcome will be unexpected, most likely.  In general, will it match exactly what our heart desires?  I believe it will.  In the specifics, and the actual events around the outcomes we experience, will it be predictable?

I don’t think so.

I could tell you stories.  And, do I have plans?  Most certainly.  I have plans, and spreadsheets, and notes, and research, and analysis I have done.

In the end, I put this aside, if I am to receive the outcome my heart desires.  Because if I insist on receiving only what my mind has contrived, well, this limits my receiving.

But when I trust in the flow of my life, in following the path on which my heart guides me, miracles happen.

And, the outcomes are beyond what I had imagined.

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