In the US, we set aside the second Sunday in May to honor mothers. It may be a different day in other countries, but most societies do have some day set aside for such celebrations of the mother principle.

This honoring of the mother principle is important to do, I think. We may have many sorts of relations to our own mothers, not all of them without challenges, but ultimately the mother principle and the act of mothering is the most important mission on this planet.

A mother will set the tone for life experience, for self esteem, and for survival too on fundamental levels. This is our first interface with living life here on planet Earth and a very important one.

But let’s talk about this planet Herself and how She is the mother of all things upon Her. She is the Great Mother that provides the sustenance for all life here. She does this without preference or prejudice to all beings.

In a real sense, in this unconditional way, She provides Her love, Her body, Her abundance, Her sacred Self to all beings, all the time.

In honor of Gaia, our actual physical Mother, I invite all to remember Her and Her bountiful love for all of us this weekend. I like to remember that without Her unconditional love and it’s consistency, life on this little blue ball wouldn’t be able to exist at all.

Thank you, Great Mother Gaia. I love you too.

Written for Gaia Scenics’ View

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