Let’s be truthful here and see how many folks got on the spiritual path to get out of discomfort?

First Steps to the Spiritual Path

I’ll be completely honest. I did. I had Lyme Disease and that process of healing, led me to alternative healing and eventually spiritual information and healing. I got to where I am today because of a deer tick, and I can bless that tick now and still hate it at the same time.

If we are honest, many will look to their path and see that they didn’t like where they were, how they were feeling, or what they were becoming, and decided to apply the spiritual salve to the situation in an effort to feel better.

It isn’t an odd assumption that spiritual practices would make us feel better, and take us out of discomfort and into bliss.

Society and Discomfort

That’s what the marketing says, isn’t it? Eternal Bliss can be yours if you just do this! I am not saying that stepping onto the spiritual path isn’t a good thing, but many suffer ‘buyers remorse’, and it is based solely on their expectations of what the path will bring them.

We are so primed for the easy fix option, aren’t we? Our entire lives have been based on moving out of discomfort. As infants, we learned early to cry when our needs weren’t met, and if we had parents who disliked their own personal discomfort that our crying created for them, they would address our needs more or less directly.

It’s interesting to note that babies born into indigenous cultures that carry their babies constantly on their bodies and sleep with them rarely cry, while a pediatrician in western civilization told our loving mothers that it was not necessary to pick us up if we were fed, changed and burped on a strict schedule, and that crying strengthened the lungs and gave us fortitude.

What it really gave us all was fear of discomfort and a hyper-sensitivity to survival issues. It set us all up to struggle with getting out of life phases that might feel uncomfortable at any cost, and left us with a sneaking suspicion that our needs won’t be met because we aren’t worthy.

While having a sensitivity to life-threatening situation and pain are basic survival tools that benefit the body and preserve the incarnated soul, being trigger happy related to discomfort can definitely hold a being back on their soul path and hobble their evolution.

I must take the time to note that I am in absolute support of any being who needs to move out of extremely uncomfortable life situations for their self-preservation. What I am addressing here is related to the inner world of the spiritual path. From a position of unconditional self-love, moving away from situations that threaten our existence are always paramount.

Many beings deny sources of discomfort in their inner world and build up huge walls to keep them at bay, compartmentalizing life to such a degree that they can move forth in relative numbness, but at least they aren’t uncomfortable. When the discomfort finally breaks through, and it will, they do everything they can to blot it out and get back to a position where they don’t have to feel it or address it.

This, of course, serves society, which, in turn, reinforces these tendencies by providing quick fix solutions. Take a pill, watch a movie, receive distraction 24/7. All these things feed the money machine and do nothing to get us to a place where we can flow with discomfort, discovering its true source and loving ourselves through it.

False Promises Most Spiritual Practices Imply

Many enter the spiritual path, or some practical version of it, in an effort to feel better and eradicate the discomfort that has built up in their lives, because most formal paths set forth a series of rules that devotees must follow in order to receive a certain end game, be it peace, forgiveness from sin or eternal bliss. They devoutly follow rules and regulations on a spiritual path, preparing for initiations and chasing a place of bliss. Anything that distracts them from this goal is a threat.

When discomfort raises its head, they feel they have failed because it is not bliss. They reject themselves instead of the path, and interestingly, this piles on even more discomfort that must be addressed. They generally recommit and double down on their efforts on one path, or find another path to save them from discomfort.

I have found the issue really is this. The spiritual path does not guarantee bliss, no matter what a teacher, practitioner or devotee tells you. If doesn’t promise anything. It invites a soul to evolution and expansion. It invites a soul to grow and each soul grows differently.

A specific spiritual path may have worked to attain bliss for one person, but that is really their own perception and experience. Trying to apply that path to others is where things get tricky.

It would be far better to simply share their journey, owning it as their own, with no guarantees that it would work for others. Their journey then becomes not a teaching or practical plan for others, but a role modeling and example of what is possible. The path then becomes an example of empowerment, and not a way to give away power, or another way to feel uncomfortable when the path inevitably fails to deliver bliss.

Some remain on a certain spiritual path for a long while, beating their heads against the wall, and others rotate through a vast number of paths, dropping them when they fail to produce the desired results.

Self-determining Our True Spiritual Path

The key ingredient may remain elusive, but it is, and has always been, self-responsibility and perception. When we truly take the time to look within, how ever uncomfortable that is, we will find that we each know the path that is right for us, because it is our path.

We each have our own soul contract and evolutionary desire, and are much more equipped than we believe to follow the unique path that leads us in the right direction.

When we finally let go and decide to follow our own path forward, there is absolutely nothing wrong with being eclectic and piecing together a hand-made path with snippets of beliefs and teachings that deeply resonate with our hearts.

That is how it was meant to be all along. When we drop the rigidity of following a specific set of predefined rules, or trying to apply those rules to others on similar paths, a broad vista of possibilities unfold before us.

We can see this path more fully through the heart, as we drop the expectations of specific initiations and levels. We can see where we want to go, and we can more clearly see the obstacles in the way of getting to where that is. At this point, we take our first steps forward and our old nemesis Discomfort rears its head again.

Sitting With Discomfort

Moving into alignment with our true soul path starts a progression, like getting into a tiny boat and moving out to sea. To get to where you want to go, the passage may be uncomfortable and scary, and this is the point where many turn around, unable to move through the discomfort in order to continue along their true soul path.

I bless all beings and their choices, because forcing the situation, or pushing a being to do anything they are adverse to, inhibits their free will sovereign path. It isn’t up to us to decide the appropriate soul choices and path of others. Our soul path is our only business.

Clearing old energy, healing old wounds, letting go of old beliefs, allowing in new information, dropping self-defeating behaviors and perceptions, or any other unique aspect of the evolutionary process, none of it is a picnic, folks, but it is all necessary to allow in true self-love and evolution.

For me personally, sitting in the void space of integration was the most difficult aspect of the path. As a polymath, who is in her deepest joy learning new things and becoming proficient with new skills, sitting in the boredom was excruciating. The first few times I consciously came to that point, I did everything I could to get out of that space, but nothing satisfied.

Eventually, I got bored with trying to get out of boredom, and I simply sat with the space and did not try to force myself through it. I simply observed and loved myself. What I learned from numerous experiences in this space along the path is that it always precluded a big energetic upgrade. I was then able to be more comfortable in this uncomfortable space and allow it to flow as it should, taking me from one energetic state into another.

This gave me a tremendous amount of faith in my ability to discern where I was on my path related to how I was feeling, and dropping the need to withdraw completely from uncomfortable spaces allowed me to get comfortable with owning it all.

Moving Through Discomfort as Our Paths Unfold

Instead of pushing away discomfort, I welcomed it with love and sat with it, asking it whether it had anything to teach me or was simply passing through in need of witness and release. I have also dropped any preconceived notions on how my path works. There are no sign posts and way stations that must be found or rituals that must be performed. There is only, and always, a following of the heart’s prompting.

I have also learned from experience that I may meet up with more subtle and deeper levels of energy that I thought I had said good-bye to long ago on my path. It is not that I haven’t cleared or addressed them properly, but that it was not the perfect time back then for the clearing and evaluation of this level of energy. When we drop our need to avoid discomfort, we pick up and become comfortable with the concept that all unfolds at the perfect timing.

As beloved children of the Universe, we are completely supported at all times on our evolutionary path. We tend to think that all things supportive feel good, and we may reject the things that feel uncomfortable, but not all things that contribute to the evolution of our souls are sunshine and roses. As eternal souls we may have chosen to experience many aspects of life on planet that, from a human perspective, do not feel comfortable, but choose them we did, as no soul incarnates without a celestial grasp on their soul’s choices.

When we get comfortable with discomfort and allow all things to flow in perfect timing, giving ourselves heaps of love and holding the space for our highest good, even discomfort feels more comfortable and our spiritual path flows strong and true through the territory we desired to explore when we incarnated.

There are no right or wrong reasons to step onto the soul path. We each choose it from a deeply personal space, and I bless every choice that brings each of us closer to our true nature. The path becomes much more clear though, when we understand what it is truly delivering to us, and drop any preconceived notions about being able to use it as a tool simply to feel better.

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