As magnificent creators, we often believe that we always want our highest good, but this is often not the case. I just lived through an experience that showed me this specifically, and it brought into focus an often over-looked key ingredient to the creation recipe.

I went on a trip that involved air flight, and I hadn’t been on a plane since 2009. I also hadn’t left my divine space of love for longer than a few days since about that time as well.

Setting Intentions

I wrote this message about this on the Gaia Scene Forum before my journey:

It has been an interesting week preparing for this journey. I haven’t gone away by myself since 2009–but before that, for many years, every 3 months I would NEEEEEED to get away. When my life changed, …I wasn’t able to do road trips, but life flowed to fill the space… for me, with life. I reflect back on that time now and see I was not in any way sad for the shift, as it opened up a larger space for all of you [Scenics] to come into my life.

Spirit and life works perfectly.

Now I journey forth, not as a “freedom-seeking being” which was how I Identified myself at that time, but as a Divinely Empowered FREE, SOVEREIGN, ETERNAL CREATOR GODDESS BEING WALKING IN MASTERY!

So much awesome change and so much to celebrate–the good and the tough. So much to be grateful for as I go forth with my rock and roll goddess self, fully owning all of me and sprinkling my loving faerie dust along the way!

Leaving on a jet plane tomorrow–back on Monday night and then Tuesday is my birthday, so this is a fully owned celebration of all things ME and my life, and DAYUM, I am psyched! Join me in holding the space for ease, grace and the highest good, if you resonate with it.

Big hugs and see you on the flip side!

Preparing the Energy of the Future in the Now Moment

Many of you know that I work extensively with intentions and declarations to the Universe of how I wish the energy to flow. As I prepared for my journey, I also chose to actively take the energy of my divine space of love with me, so that where ever I went, emissaries of my blessed home base would be with me as guardians of my journey.

The day before I left, I noticed a number of comments on social media about how aggressive the airport security measures had become. I spent some time energetically aligning with sending love to those beings who have to work within this dense construct, for their highest good. I also intended for ease and grace in the process, as well as flexibility related to my path.

Ready for Take Off!

When I departed on my trip, all I felt was a peaceful heart and a strong knowing that I could face any obstacle that was placed in my path, because I had prepared the way energetically.

I took the train to the Jamaica station to transfer to the Air Train to JFK airport with plenty of time to check in. When I got to the transfer point, I was informed that there had been a fire an hour before on the elevated tracks and we would all have to take buses to the airport. The line for the buses wrapped around the terminal building and most folks were freaking out and trying to call Uber or hailing cabs to drive them through grid lock traffic to the airport.

While the energy swirling was stressful, I centered myself in alignment with my highest good and knew that everything would unfold as necessary to deliver my highest good to me. Certainly the experience didn’t jibe with what I wanted or expected, but I was willing to flow in faith to deliver me to the space where my highest good existed.

Two packed bus trips later, where I got a seat both times, I was delivered to the terminal only an hour before boarding instead of the recommended two. I was also dropped off in a spot that was not the main security location, and I was able to breeze through quickly, even though a very sweet and gentle security guard was required to pat me down as I showed a ‘bottom anomaly’.

The journey from east- to west-coast was a bumpy one, with 125 MPH head winds that required flying at a alternate altitude and concluded with a low visibility landing, but I chose to focus on knowing all was well, enjoying a good book and yummy snacks during the time spent en-route.

When we landed, I learned that my dear friend who was meeting me had also been delayed due to weather, and we were able to hook up at baggage claim instead of waiting on each other.

Off we went on a marvelous journey of connection, fun, dear friends, food, drink and rock and roll, where our spirits soared with joy. Though the week was rainy, twice I looked out the window of our hotel and was greeted with the sky parting to reveal huge rainbows. The Kingdoms were smiling at me!

Adjusting to Align With the Highest Good

My plan was to return home on Monday morning, but I began to hear murmurings on Saturday night from folks booked for Sunday travel back to the east-coast, that there was a huge storm called Stella on the way.

Since Tuesday was my birthday, I really wanted to get home and celebrate my day with my family, and so I focused on my flight and did a little research on the timing of the storm, which revealed that my plane would land before the snow began. This gave me a bit of relief around the nagging feeling in my gut, that felt like I was taking on the energy of others, and I sat with that for a while intending for the highest good to unfold for all beings.

I also focused in on the energy around the storm and the hype being spread about it on the news, predicting snow fall in terms of feet and not inches. I visualized my space of love as a focal point and pushed the golden energy outward to engage the storm path, actively nudging the trajectory.

Gaia’s Kingdoms are in blessed service to all and respond to energetic directives when they are made in alignment with the highest good. While naturally occurring weather always unfolds as necessary for the earth collective, I have always found after many years of experience that the Kingdoms are always happy to err on the side of ease and grace when declarations are made.

My friends and I had a lovely dinner on Sunday night and got packed up and left for the airport on Monday, only to get a message from the airline that my flight was canceled. The friends I was traveling with do not live in the city, but four hours away by car, so they had planned to drop me at the airport before driving home.

I was rather frustrated with the situation, and not a little upset that my plans would interfere with their need to return home for work. The options were to drop me at a hotel and await the re-booked flight that was to leave the next morning, or for me to come home with them and wait a few days before traveling.

Since I hadn’t been to their home in a long time, or met their new kitties, I had thought about how nice it would be to visit their space of love when I initially booked my trip, but time, and the cost of flying from a small airport, had made my choice for me. Or so I thought.

When we got to the airport to get more information on my re-booked flight, people on the line were very upset and taking their frustration out on the staff. Those who were traveling home were pushing against what was in an effort to control reality, trying to book convoluted itineraries in order to get them close to their destinations, even involving overnight layovers in airports along the way.

Being Ready For Intuitive Messages and Acting On Them

I simply focused on the highest good and ease and grace, knowing that what I initially wanted was not on the table anymore. I chose to have faith in the Universe delivering the best option to me. Then I opened up to receive the intuitive promptings that I knew would come.

When we got to the counter we could tell the staff was stressed to the max. We were friendly and calm and asked the agent if she really thought the flights would go out in the morning, and we could see in her eyes that she did not think this would be the case, while voicing the corporate line at the same time.

The agent next to her was addressing a woman who was very upset for the cancellation because the plane was supposed to land before the storm, and truth be told, this had been a confusing thought to me as well. The agent pointed to a television screen behind her head, showing a huge storm extending from the north all the way to the south of the mid-west. As I had experienced the tremendous head winds on the way out west, I knew the planes would not be able to fly over this storm.

With all this information available, we asked if it was possible to transfer my flight to the small local airport near my friends’ home and to book it two days out instead of the next day. All the agents at the counter literally jumped at the chance to book the flight for me, and a re-booked itinerary that should have cost $805 was suddenly free.

As we were leaving, the very stressed agent thanked us for being so calm and kind, and my friend’s very wise husband said to the agent that there is nothing anyone can do but be calm and allow things to figure themselves out.

I mentioned to her that it was my birthday the next day and that is why I wanted to be home, but it would be fun to have more time with my friend. At that point, another agent came around the counter and gave me a big smile and a birthday hug. I could tell that our energy and comportment had helped the whole situation, and off we went with a smile to drive east.

Allowing the Highest Good to Unfold

We traveled up through the high mountain pass and out to their home, and I got to enjoy the spectacular scenery of the Pacific North West along the way. I got to soak up more love and time with one of my dearest friends and meet her amazing sister cats who took to me like ducks to water. I also got an upgrade on my flight and free gate checked luggage.

Meanwhile, on the other side of the country, my husband had taken off two days from work to surprise me for my birthday. While it made me sad that I wouldn’t be with them for my birthday, I was happy that he was off to help my daughter shovel the snow. It was also carry-over vacation days and did not cut into his vacation time for this year. The prediction of two feet of snow was wildly overblown and the snow changed over to rain, which, while uncomfortable to clear up, was dealt with rather quickly.

All in all, 6,000 flights were canceled due to the storm. Had I kept my re-booked flight and not followed the intuition to go to my friend’s house, I would have spent a night by myself in an airport hotel instead of two more wonderful days with my friend. I would have endured over 5 hours of flight delay traveling with anxious passengers. If I made it to New York, the elevated subways were suspended, so I would not have been able to take the Air Train and my husband would have driven on dangerously icy roads to pick me up late at night. This outcome certainly wouldn’t have aligned with the ease and grace I had intended for my journey.

My actual flight home was quick and enjoyable, and I immediately caught a train to my station. When I got there, I had to take a cab home, which appeared instantaneously. No one was home when I got there, and I was able to unwind and unpack, soaking up the beautifully comforting energy of my divine space of love.

When my family got home, after tons of hugs and kisses, they surprised me with gifts and a delicious home-made birthday cake, before I fell into bed and slept for twelve hours.

Putting the Universe in Charge of Delivery

Obviously my trip did not go as planned in my own mind, but it had indeed unfolded based on my intentions. I had intended for ease and grace and asked those who love me to hold the space for my highest good.

I shot an arrow of intention out into time and space in that moment, and by adding the caveat of the highest good, I consciously let go of the specific target that I wanted to hit.

I left it up to the universe to deliver that to me, knowing full well that from a human perspective, I might not know all the parameters that go into making up what that is.

As a beloved child of the Universe, I was supported in every moment and my highest good was delivered to me, just as I had intended.

Having faith in the Universe and its ability to bend over backwards to deliver the essence of our intentions, the overarching energy of them and not the specifics, is often the missing ingredient in creation.

Sometimes there is a rather small space between what we want and our highest good, and sometimes the space is vast. We are often told by those on the Law of Attraction spiritual path that we just need to focus more in order to deliver what we want, and that it is our focal point that holds what we want out of our existence, but this is generally not the case when we move into the space of embracing our highest good.

When what we desire, no matter how strongly we want it, does not align with our highest good, it will not enter our experience, no matter how much we focus on it or set intentions around it.

Having a strong faith in the Universe and its ability to see the higher perspective and adjust our experience to align with our highest good, certainly takes the frustration out of our creation space and allows us to flow forth with ease.

Additionally, the more we practice with this intentional creation construct and evaluate the results, the more we see that the Universe generally delivers much more to us than we would have received had we gotten what we wanted from a human perspective.

Cool how that works when we put the universe in charge of the delivery of our highest good!

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