joySometimes we’re called to stop and smell the roses. But, we need to be paying attention and be open to allowing the roses to come to us. Roses are such a beautiful flower and a beautiful gift.

The other day, I was called to refocus my one-pointed awareness, and in a somewhat different but beautifully synchronistic way, stop and smell the roses – through music.

Many of us are so very busy at this time of year with holiday preparations and celebrations. Many years ago, I made a pact with myself that I would not angst over holiday preparations and spend a lot of time planning or ‘thinking’ about the holidays. I determined to make a list, perhaps check it twice, and walk on down the road of preparation and celebration. I wanted to enjoy the prep leading up to the holiday as well as the holiday itself.

Sometimes we forget our original intention about something. In my case, I found myself with too many things to do and little time to accomplish my ‘list’.

So, the other day, I was down to my ‘short list’, with just a hand full of items needed from the grocery store. I planned to ‘run in’ and get what I needed and then zip on home.

Instead, there was a bed of roses awaiting me …..

The parking lot was overflowing, and it took me awhile to find a parking space. “Geeze”, I thought. “This is going to take more time then I thought.”

The weather had turned really cold, and it was windy. So, with my head down, I braved the wind and the cold and walked quickly through the parking lot up to the store. I hurried thru the double doors, head still down, and then turned to the right to find a grocery cart…

All of a sudden I realized that there was Christmas music playing. Beautiful music! I paused and thought, ‘they’re playing Christmas music over the loud speaker system’. Gee, it has a beautiful sound quality.

As I turned around and lifted my head, I realized that I was in the middle of a garden of poinsettias. The entrance to the store had been transformed into a beautiful red garden. Not roses, but poinsettias of every size and color. It was lovely. And, in the middle of this garden the string orchestra from the local high school was playing Christmas music.

It was one of those ‘Double Duh’ moments. I was so pre-occupied with my ‘list’ that I didn’t see what was right in front of me.

I was hearing Christmas music being performed by a String Orchestra of nine violins and four cellos. And, it was being performed by lovely young women in long black dresses and young men in tuxedos. Oh my, it was wondrous!

I noticed that people coming into the store were not charging over to get a grocery cart like I did. They were stopping to listen and enjoy the beauty of the music and the delight of the moment.

As I looked around the space, I got the chills. Everyone was entranced by the moment, by the music and by the surprise.

When I looked over at the young musicians, I could see the beautiful expression of joy on their faces, their intense focus and their expressions of the fun in sharing what they loved to do.

As the community of people came into the story, they surrounded the orchestra and supported them by stopping to listen and receive this beautiful gift of music..

People waited until the musical selection was finished and then proceeded into the store — which was filled with the live orchestra music.

So I gathered my ‘short list’ of items. And on my way out of the store, I paused to listen to several selections and celebrate the season of Joy with this group of beautiful young people, and smell the gift of the roses…

May your Christmas be a Tsunami of Joy!

Wishes of joy to you.

Video credit  Song Credit: Ronan Keating

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