It’s the Fall Season in Australia!

Heaps and heaps of Gold at my Feet, stretching away into a heart-stopping gold and green distance.

Everywhere was clad in a golden blanket, roofs, paths, cars and me, if I stood still long enough.

Tree was generously disbursing largess to everyone, didn’t seem to bother him that he would be naked in a cold winter. He just kept on happily dispensing abundance.

Birds landed on the exposed branches, waiting for their bread and honey breakfast and as they landed on the branch dropped more gold on the roof.

I suppose I could complain about the guttering being filled with the gifts from Tree, but it stopped the bread from sliding off and landing honey side down.

It is easy to see why it is Fall to some and Autumn to others, I have to ask though, what’s in a name when beauty is the surrounding result? The Elementals join with the Faerie Kingdoms to create a happy place, the gold keeps coming.

The secret is it happens every year, so let the children know. They can take delight in the golden shower, Let them know that Tree is resting up for a spectacular Spring shopping spree, and new clothes for all the people with their feet planted in the soil.

Stop, stand still, smile and absorb the season, the wonder is you do not have to be in a thousand acre wood, every town and village has a Tree that gifts the people with gold. Find it because that Tree does it for you! Even a potplant in the kitchen window gifts you by its’ presence.

If you live snowbound, the oceans hide your tree beneath the waves, so send out thank you thoughts well wrapped in a love parcel.

By the way, the Faeries aren’t only at the bottom of the garden, they are all over the place enjoying the Tree gifts of gold and helping to make the Winter beds for their friends to rest easy in.

Enjoy the golden abundance at your feet, and set your mind and heart on what is to come once again as the seasons turn and the gold falls once more.

Now I’m off to play in the gold.

Written for Gaia Scenics’ View

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