lightworkersThank you to Gold, a Gaia Scene forum member, for permission to share these thoughts on lightworkers dividing community publicly here on Gaia Scenics’ View blog. – Andrea

I was listening to a channeler the other evening that was talking about how misleading the picture of a lightworker can be. That channeler actually didn’t really like the word lightworker since it implied that there are no shadows in such a person.

My personal view is that just as diverse as humanity in general is, just as diverse is also the community of so called lightworkers. For me a lightworker is working for the highest good of all. That is my ”label” regarding lightworkers. It has nothing to do with how much or how little shadow contra light a person has inside. It has everything to do with the intentions this person carries.

I find the ongoing dividing of the lightworker community to be a sign of the energy we are experiencing this year of 2019. An energy of ”make up your mind of what you stand for”. I think it is utterly important to not be dragged into any drama regarding this division.

There is no wrong or right side in this. There are only different paths people choose to walk and some of them are in line with our own personal perspective, others are not. We as individuals do not need to take side or defend our favorite channeler. We as individuals do not need to embrace every word of a channeler as if it was the ultimate truth.

It is our privilege to choose what fits us and leave the rest. We don’t have to judge that we leave as something bad because for the next person. What we discard can be a gem. We don’t have to advertise that what we pick up is the ultimate truth or the ultimate path to walk, because for someone else what is a gem to us can be totally worthless to them.

I also think it would be wise to understand that what one person sees as a shadow another person sees as a light. The channeler I listened to grew up in a community where the gift of being able to communicate with spirits was seen as a sin.

It was seen as an act of the devil, so here we obviously talk about real deep shadow. Or do we? I mean most people today does not see communication with the spirits as evil. For most lightworkers this is very normal and totally natural. A sign of light more than of darkness.

So, perhaps this is something to consider when we talk about shadow work or light and darkness. That what one person perceives as a shadow can be of the light for someone else. Maybe it is more important than ever to keep an open mind and not judge everything from a too narrow perspective.

I think it will be great once this ongoing division is finished and each one has found a comfortable place in some community of like-mindedness. I think that is when we can look around us and deeply appreciate the diversity of lightworkers we see.

And perhaps we can learn to enjoy those who are almost of pure light as well as those who carry a lot of shadows inside. Maybe we can learn to not compare ourselves with others and just be exactly who we are in this moment of now, and by that also allowing others to be exactly who they are.

Shared from Gaia Scene community forum with permission.

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