If you have ever spent any time with me and listened to me ramble on about life, you know I always look for the gift in anything. It is always there, though sometimes it seems to be well hidden.

I have lived and observed life from this stance for a long time, and it uncovers some amazing treasures, but it isn’t an easy habit to anchor.

We have been systematically programmed not to look for the good and the gift, but the trouble and the kink in the works.

We are told to expect the worst and hope for the best.

It is ingrained in us, even when things are going well, to wait for the “other shoe to drop”.

Is it any wonder that we sift through life, collecting the plug nickels and counterfeit gems, and wear them as badges of honor?

After all, that is what we have been told countless times to expect, and since we are looking out for them, the pitfalls, the broken promises and dreams, we collect a whole lot of them in our treasure chests of life experience.

Guess what?

They are all gifts.

It just depends on how you look at them and how you utilize them to weave the web of your world.

It is easy to see the good things in life, for they shine out like beacons when you are trained only to see the things perceived as bad, things to be feared, things to be avoided at all cost.

It is easy to shy away from experiences because we fear the outcome or expect to be left out in the cold, let down or outright broken by living them.

The truth of the truth is, there are gifts in even the darkest of places and most dire of circumstances. When one approaches life from this perspective, being constantly on the lookout for the gift in every experience and awaiting at any moment to glean the gems from the chaff, life completely changes.

Most of us have lived long enough to recount and evaluate our experiences from a human perspective, and many are of the belief that we live countless lifetimes, based on soul paths chosen by our higher selves to observe, experience and integrate as many variations of life as are possible in this incarnated plane.

One does not need to follow any specific path or hold any formal beliefs one way or another in order to uncover the gift in every experience, one simply needs to live life in an observant and evaluative way.

In other words, live experiences fully, then go ahead and dig around, and the gift will reveal itself. It always does, but we have to look for it.

Some gifts are big, and some are very small, but they are all important. When they are integrated with deep gratitude, our path forward becomes one of curious exploration and treasure hunting.

Let’s see what this experience will gift me.

Let’s see how deeply grateful I can be for this gift, as a treasure presents to me as a beloved child of the Universe who is supported in every single moment on my sovereign path forward.

Ah, you say, you are full of it.

I am sitting here right now, doing nothing and because I am doing nothing, I am not getting a gift.

Nothing, you say?

Are you sure?

Yes, all signs point to no gift.

Excuse me, but I beg to differ.

In this now moment, you have been gifted with a moment of incarnation on this creational plane, which was designed by Source in conjunction with blessed mother Sophia-Gaia, solely for your experience and mastery.

If you took a breath, you were gifted with oxygen which was created for your benefit as a bi-product of the respiration of trees and plants, the evolutionary descendants of countless generations of chlorophyl containing cells that harness the energy of our blessed star to create energy, food, warmth and a hospitable environment for life on our planet.

You were gifted by the cooperation in your personal service of literally trillions of particles of energetic quanta that came together in service to create your body at the behest and instruction of your DNA.

Your DNA was a gift to you from ancient generations of souls that came together in unity to create the opportunity for your unique beingness. It contains the blueprint for your body operations and systems that effortlessly, and generally with no conscious input on your part, pump your blood, feed your cells and remove their waste products, respond to gravity, move your limbs, allow you to master complex thought and keep you upright while you sit on your rump doing that nothing you were speaking of and receiving no gifts, so to speak.

And yes, that is the short version of the literally endless litany of gifts bestowed on each and every one of us as we sit still for a moment and just breathe.

Most of us just don’t look at things that way (until we do) and that is perfectly OK.

This outlook is actually born with us as a package deal that comes along with our divine innocence when we incarnate. It is a major part of our original operating system.

It is born of our curiosity and awe as we observe life, and unchecked, it leads to a huge passion for experience and knowledge and an insatiable thirst for more life, more experience, more creation, more inspiration and joy.

And there in lies the gift to the reason why it has been systematically suppressed in us.

When life becomes uninteresting and there seems to be no treasure left to uncover, nothing new to discover, no new path to explore, we close off to these avenues. We become small.

When we become small, we fit much more easily into the boxes society has created for us, which are much more akin to cells in a prison, that look like safety – but reek of regret.

I can’t speak for anyone else but my own sovereign self.

I came here to experience life to the fullest and reap all the gifts along the way. In every moment, there is something worthy of observation, evaluation and integration along this varied path we call life.

Sometimes the gift does not become apparent right away, but in retrospect, they shine through like a beacon.

What about a crappy job experience that seemed like a mistake, only to deliver dear friends, true soul brothers and sisters, that stick with us through thick and thin? Not to mention the skills learned and the pitfalls taken that imbue the next work experience with more perspective?

How about the moments of contrast and discomfort that point us in the direction of what we actually want in our lives and to what we wish to exclude from our sovereign energy fields?

There is nothing like a period of isolation and loneliness to deepen our gratitude for unity and connection with those we love. What is it that they say about absence? Yes, the heart grows fonder and the appreciation deepens and these are gifts too.

Having spent time living in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy with no electricity, refrigeration, communication or heat, the gifts of our modern day conveniences, the assistance of friends and neighbors working together as a supportive community and a deep respect for my own survival skills were starkly apparent on those cold dark nights as we waited for the power to come back on.

Living through the Wall Street crash gave us the gift of knowing that money does not bring security in any measure. It also highlighted our ability to live frugally and truly appreciate what we did have, instead of wasting our energy longing for what we didn’t. It gave us the gift of stripping away the vestiges of the false and insidious American Dream, and revealed all the ways we were abundantly blessed with all the things that money can’t buy.

Declaring my sovereignty, setting strong physical boundaries and claiming the absolute right to my own body and its treatment are gifts I gleaned after loving myself and being brave enough to begin healing from various negative friendships and experiences of abuse. The gift is, in my estimation, never about enduring, enabling or allowing, but in removing self from harm.

Finally, experiencing something like Lyme disease gave me some tremendous gifts personally, as I learned to ask for help, treat myself gently, lavish myself with care, instead of constantly pouring myself out for others without setting appropriate boundaries for giving of myself. It also opened my eyes to a world of healing modalities and spiritual understandings that have led me to where I am today. Yes, truly, all those gifts from one little tick bite.

I could go on and on, breaking down experience after experience to point out the gifts that were uncovered in my life, but wouldn’t it be grand if you started looking for your own gifts? With a little introspection, I am sure you will be amazed at what you find.

Again, this way of seeing life didn’t come to me easily.

It never does, as there is far too much structure built up in the world to prevent it, but I was gifted with a moment on my path where I could see that structure clearly and decided to throw it in the trash, and see life through new eyes.

Oh, and the wondrous gifts I have discovered and blessed deeply since then! I thank this world and my path deeply for these gifts, as I open my arms and heart wide to receive those yet to be discovered moving forward along the trail.

I invite you to joyfully undertake your own path of exploration to discover the gifts hidden in your life. I am certain you will be amazed and grateful for what you find.

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