great year

This blog has been online now for a year. We put it together and launched it for public view just after the March equinox in 2016.

It’s been a great year of sharing our insights and stories as a community. It’s been a novel experience in working together in harmony and in loving what we do together. It’s been novel for all of us in terms of standing firmly in our highest integrity for all we do together and in founding everything we create in the closest alignment with Divine Principles that we can perceive and muster.

The blessings to our efforts while holding to these lofty principles have been major. The personal and collective realizations and expansions of awareness have been stunning in their clarity. The validations as to how we’re creating on levels we’ve only dreamed of are constant and consistent.

Perhaps this isn’t so much of a surprise when I remember we consider our Founder to be ArchAngel Michael. We each have our personal connection to this Founder and his purview is communication and truth. It’s the essence of training in owning up to human mastery.

We’ve long known, through direct communication with ArchAngel Michael, that the Gaia Scene forum was not only the place for us to come together, but a special setting designed specifically to practice communications and bring them into 5D levels of awake and aware skill set development.

It’s been a highly gratifying year for us at Gaia Scenics’ View. Thanks go out to our audience for your attention and support along the way. There’s more to come, this coming year. Some new projects are in the making, and our joy in creating is still very strong.

Join us for another chapter and a very happy Solar New Year to all.

Written for Gaia Scenics’ View

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