happinessDo we really need a Reason for Happiness?

As a child, I was happy most of the time and, most probably, so were you.

Life was so exciting, so adventurous, and every day offered ample opportunities for bliss attacks. They came out of nowhere, for no reason at all, and made me laugh and sing and dance.

Up to a few years ago, I’d completely forgotten about this state. It had been thoroughly programmed away, and this didn’t even happen with harmful intent, it was simply a result of the conditioning my parents had themselves received .

Oh yes, I remembered how my search started around age 12 with the questions, “What am I here for? What’s all this about? What’s the purpose of being alive?“

Two years later, I already came up with an answer: We’re alive to be happy.

But well, this was too simple, thus I kept searching and forgot again. Three decades long.

Then, I remembered a time around age 5. The man in the house started asking me what I was so happy about.

And I had no answer. Happy about what? Does it need a reason to be happy?

1001 Reasons to be Unhappy

But I was asked again and again, thus I started searching for reasons that caused my happiness. Made them up, when my mind didn’t come up with an acceptable explanation.

Would you be surprised to hear that my bliss attacks ceased within only one year? I was done with happiness for no reason at all.

Now, that my memory’s back and my frequency’s reached a level where only few things draw me out of my space of love, and I mostly stay happy in mySelf even in the midst of chaos, I realize:

Happiness has no reason, it’s our true Divine Nature.
The linear mind though, never content, has 1001 reasons for being unhappy.

If I buy into my monkey mind’s musings, it’ll quickly find a reason for complaint. Well, I let it play it’s games, finding problems is it’s job.  My heart is perfectly happy and at ease.

Perhaps my 14-year old back then was right?

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