syndromeTomorrow Syndrome!

I am suffering from Tomorrow Syndrome. No, it is not Lazy. But it may be the second cousin.

Let me explain, although I really shouldn’t need to, everyone has suffered from this at some time.

The lawn needs mowing. I’ll do it tomorrow… Gotta write something for Gaia View. Too tired, I’ll do it tomorrow.

Wash, clothes, dishes, car; do it tomorrow. (Me gets washed daily.)

I know! We can blame it all on Ascension.

All sorts of quotes pop in to prop up the symptoms, Tomorrow & tomorrow and Tomorrow, creeps on this petty pace from day to day until the last syllable of recorded time. Thank you, Shakespeare.

Tomorrow is like yesterday with a separation day, a theory that don’t work for me because whatever it is if you haven’t done it yesterday or today, you can always do it tomorrow! (Don’t laugh!)

Impatience and I want it now is touted as the attitude of choice. It’s not just the job-seeking youngsters, we who are the Geriatrics have the gimme now problem.

Even worse ‘when I was young, we didn’t do it this way’! We checked in to the Angelic Q store and got an early issue of our Halo. Perfection personified, ya think! Try dodging the supermarket trolleys and keeping a smile attached.

Not me, my halo was a size too big and kept slipping over my eyes, tomorrow will see the grass still growing and the Fairies helping out. Now I have to go wash up, (the dishes). Oh! Tomorrow will be soon enough!

That’s me and the Syndrome. It is not helped by the many channels telling us in no uncertain manner that all sorts of knowledge and/or abundance will happen tomorrow. (Sewage goes down channels, have you noticed,  lol?) Some are genuine, some just want a Donation. I’ll send one tomorrow, trust me I’m a Scenic!

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