divinesAs we go forth into the next now moment, it’s up to us to define its meaning and its value. Amid the storylines we’re being shown and the definitions we’ve been given, is a sort of vacuum of living grace. The beauty of truth and simplicity gets lost in the tangle of tragedy and useless complexity.

The story of the human heart is all too often offered up as one that puts broken-heartedness as some form of celestial nobility. As if this is the mission of the heart, it’s noblest cause.

The simple truth, as I see it, is something quite different. Even though I’ve had more than my share of heartbreak and heartache, I see the mission of the human heart is not at it’s noblest in sorrow and sadness.

The meter of the human heart is both a measure and a drive for being, containing the capacity to know beyond doubt and beyond confusion the true value of each moment. The beats measure the moment, and the moment contained in the beat informs consciousness of its wisdom.

It’s also not correct to say that only those ranges of the heart that are comfortable are of value, because all emotional ranges have wisdom to bestow. The wider the range, the broader the wisdom. It has always been so, and will only continue to expand as we do.

A truth that’s taken me most of my life to come to understand is that the heart is the only place where any true understanding happens. While my mind is such a great companion in its power to contemplate, communicate and abstractly manipulate the values I know in my heart, it’s quite incapable of any knowing all by itself.

And what of my mind? Is it the out of control fiend of this story, like some may view it? It can be, if I refuse my heart’s wisdom by entombing it in bricks. I’ve done this too, as many of us have in our efforts to escape discomfort.

While the heart is designed to know, the mind, in its proper place and standing, is designed to divine.

And what do I mean by divine in this context? This word divine is not only a noun and an adjective, but is also a verb. It’s use as a verb has fallen out of favor, and yet here are some synonyms that hint at its active meanings:

  1. discover, surmise, conjecture, deduce, infer, discern, intuit, perceive, recognize, realize, appreciate, grasp, comprehend
  2. foretell, predict, prophesy, forecast, foresee, prognosticate

Heart and mind work together in the holy vessel of the divine human. Our sacred mind is designed to work in concert with the sacred heart to play a personal symphony within the construct of the Symphony that Life Itself conducts everywhere, in every thing, and every place.

Only the heart may know, but only the mind may divine. Each has its place in the grand scheme of things. And, finding our way back to our inherent gifts as sacred vessels of divinity is about the journey back to wholeness.

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