tornadoJust a short note here to encourage anyone out there who’s watching the current chaos unfolding to find a way to enjoy the show.

I know it’s unnerving to watch while systems and institutions that used to seem firm and good implode and break apart before our very eyes. This is what is happening, and it’s so easy to fall into shock and dismay.

If this is what it is for the moment, go with it. No use pretending that there isn’t some grieving that needs to happen, if there is. These feelings are real, no matter if we find they were originally based on smoke and mirrors, lies or utter bullshit. The layers of betrayal at every turn is enough to turn anyone’s stomach, so honor this too. It’s real and true at least, if it is, and for however long it is.

I’m way past all that now. I think I mourned so hard 20 and 30 years ago that I got over that part and on to the find a way to observe the madness and not be crushed by it.

I’m accustomed now to being in observer mode. I highly recommend this now, as the invitations are all over us all to get all torn up and hyper excited about every nano second of each tiny detail exposed for what it isn’t.

As I let this chaos play out, without being sucked into the middle of it, like a leaf in a tornado, I can actually see the broader motion of it. It’s got it’s own strange kind of beauty too. The beauty of it is how the previously hidden elements are laid bare now, or are being laid bare to see what is what. It’s not finished yet, so hang on for even more.

Allow it to unfold without clinging, and we may even have an enjoyable ride through this storm. I know I am. I wish the same for us all, as I see being pulled into a whole lot of personal suffering over it is not really being a remedy or helpful to anyone involved.

Be informed. Be concerned. Be watchful and ready to do what may be reasonably done on an individual level, if such opportunity appears. Otherwise, like I said, just watch and see. Enjoy the show and pass the popcorn.

Written for Gaia Scenics’ View

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