Here’s to the Heroes

Here’s to you.  You are the hero.

You helped a child, today, just by being present.  And later she yelled at you and cried and then wanted a hug.

You gave someone hope.

You heard about something, and wished with all your heart for peace.

You saw someone, and wished love for them, deep in your own heart.

You spent so much extra time teaching the math problems and then you bought them dinner, also.

You patiently waited and even though it drove you crazy you were kind anyway.

You helped your neighbor.

You helped a friend on the Internet.

You are the hero.

You secretly knew what they were going through but you couldn’t really say how much you understood, so you prayed.

You and another mom helped pay the tuition bill for a friend’s child.

You coached the team, again this year.

You lent your friend money for their phone bill.

You encouraged someone else, and saw that person start to shine.

You are the hero.

You woke up today, and faced the sun, and got up, and kept going.

You did your best.

You did what you could.

You hugged a tree.  You kissed the soil.

You set your planting for the season, and you’re going to sell organic flowers to the local restaurant.

You volunteered at 4H for robotics even though you’d never done that before.

You are the hero.

You fought for your country.

You protected your community.

You weren’t told how much you are appreciated, but there are people who secretly say prayers thanking God for you and wishing for your well being.

You put your life on the line.

You protected a child.

You kept shining your light, longer than you thought possible.

You are the hero.

You taught school.

You passed on your wisdom.

You nurtured a child.

You nurtured your self.

You got up again this morning, and you wrote your songs down, and played them until they were perfect.

You cared about you because your presence is so very special to the rest of us, even when we don’t tell you or it seems like no one listens.

You came back from your near death experience because you were told that others needed your assistance to walk their path in life.

You are the hero.

You saved a life.

You cherished your family.

You did a small act of kindness, that no one else will ever know about.

You connected with your Soul.

You talked to God about many things, and many people.

You stood your ground, and it was hard, but it was the right thing, even though not everyone understands.

Every night, you pray for the child that doesn’t know you.

You sing in the church choir, and you love this.

You are the hero.

Celebrities doing charity work,

winning awards.

That is nice.

I want you to remember,

that what you do is amazing.

You are the hero.

You are an unsung hero.

Please look.

Look at what you do,


Look at the good you do in the world without even trying.

Look at the beauty you add just because you care.

Look at how your presence benefits all those around you, and they don’t know but you know just how true this is.

Look at your difficult journey, and how alone you have felt, and you kept going, and got to here.

Look at how you keep trying.

Look at how blessed you have been.

You are the hero.

People care.

People notice you.

And, you don’t know it, and you think you are unimportant, and you think it was no big deal, and you think that it doesn’t matter and compared with something else it was no big deal.

But come on you know it was. It was a big deal for those involved.

And you deserve to know.

You are the hero.

You deserve to know how much you are valued.

You deserve to know how much you are loved.

You deserve to know how much you matter.

You deserve to know that this worlds needs you and how important a difference your life makes, in every little thing.

In every little thing,

in every little way,

you are the Hero.

And, I love you.

© 2017 Susan V. Lacerra.  All Rights Reserved.
 Permission is given to share this article on other blogs and websites as long as the text is posted in its entirety without alteration and with the accompanying photos, and with the author’s credit, copyright and live website links included in the article. Contact the author at Photos from, Creative Commons License Zero.

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