rose-pinkI’m thinking right now of how often I’m aware of holding the space for something to unfold. I do this pretty much everyday.

It’s a familiar activity that isn’t really active, but more like I’m standing with arms wide to welcome whatever will come forth and fill the space I’m holding with my attention and intention.

I’m not the only one doing this by any means. I know many other people who are too. It’s an daily activity in the Gaia Scene community forum, for sure, and has been now for years.

There’s an open-heartedness that’s required to do this activity. It isn’t holding the space when I fall into fearing what may come, as then this is more like I’m filling the space with negative fantasies. I call this sort of activity of fearfulness fantasizing because it’s a fact that it’s fantasy until something to fear actually occurs.

Holding the space with open-heartedness is another activity altogether. I highly recommend it.

Inviting whatever needs to be said to be said, whatever needs to be heard to be heard, whatever needs to unfold to unfold, whatever needs my loving attention to be attended to with open eyes and open heart, this is space-holding in a sacred way.

This is sometimes difficult to do, especially as an empathic person. This type of space-holding is fairly new territory and no one knows what will happen with some of what may be released in such a space. Triggers may get pulled and sometimes the craziest, most distorted beliefs and feelings get exposed.

There’s a need to be ok with occasional discomfort, and to be willing to work through some misunderstandings in order to reach the other side of them and find the space that love created again.

As more and more of us move into this open-hearted space-holding activity, I think there’s bound to be more understanding between us, no matter how rocky the path may be now and then.

To get some first hand experience of what this looks like and feels like, visit the Gaia Scene family forum and find out for yourself. Everyone is invited, but be sure to remember it’s sacred space and we come with our manners on, otherwise we hold the space for all to participate with us.

Written for Gaia Scenics’ View

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