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The Dark Ones

As we move ahead into the era of higher energy, many of us will begin to question why things are as they are, and may ask why do so many people act as they do?

There are several reasons for this. One reason is that many people have become conditioned to have negative attitudes or responses because of the environment in which they lived. These are not necessarily evil people. They have learned to live a certain way to survive.

There is a large group of negative energy people who have different objectives in life. Many of them are sociopathic and often narcissistic. These people can not be changed! If you stop and think about it you will likely remember a vast array of people you have come into contact with who seem to continually create chaos and pain in other people’s lives.

After identifying such people, the real question is how to deal with them. In order to answer that, we should first understand why they are the way they are and how they function so effectively in their negative mode.

What happens with these negative people?

While some may not seem to be negative to another person, these damaged people spend a lot of time locked into negative energy. That in turn makes it much easier for a dark entity to match their energy and then begin to manipulate some of their actions. This happens more than you may think.

In the beginning the connection is subtle. The damaged person reflects on some negative situation in their life and the entity will ‘add’ to the thought pattern. The objective is to get a person to become more entrenched into a negative way of thinking. Thoughts about revenge for past wrongs are likely to be very effective. Eventually, some people will actually act on their thoughts. Then a lot more negative energy is generated by those people who have been attacked.

Over time, a little has been written about those entities who live amongst us who are of the dark. Not a lot of information is available about these entities, possibly because people, and particularly New Agers, do not want to dwell on a subject that might be considered so negative. To think about these people can certainly cause discomfort. I am not suggesting that we dwell on these entities, only that we understand that they do exist and must be dwelt with. As the old saying goes, burying our heads in the sand will solve nothing.

Therefore, in our current time, it is critically important to at least understand how these people can, and do, affect us. I do not suggest that you dwell on this subject or become fearful, merely that you be aware. If you do things to avoid becoming sick, like washing your hands before meals, it does not mean that you are living in fear of catching a virus. It merely means that you are informed and you take appropriate steps to protect yourself.

People who live in certain areas of California understand that they live with the possibility of Earthquakes, but they do not live in daily fear of an Earthquake. It is no different with understanding how those of the dark want to control us. We need to know about them and take appropriate precautions.

Do those dark energy entities really exist? Yes. Do they live among us? Yes. Do they want to control us? Yes. Are they successful in affecting some people’s actions? Yes.

How is that done? That is what this chapter is about, so please read on.

For purpose of our discussion, there are two types of dark beings. First, there are those entities who often do not inhabit a physical body here in the third dimension. They often come from other dimensions and star systems. Also, these entities are not as dense as we here in the third dimension are. They may or may not be what we would consider to be evil. They came from a dark source and will likely always remain dark. These beings live off of dark energy. They need it to survive.

The second group are those who were created of the light, but who have made a conscious decision to embrace the dark for any number of reasons. These beings are often referred to as being grey. Some are much darker than some others. It is common for many people to be somewhat gray. These people are not necessarily bad people, it’s just that they may do negative or hurtful things.

Now we are going to discuss those dark ones who inhabit physical bodies. We will define those who are very dark because they often have an influence on the rest of us. These entities have committed themselves to enjoying the earthbound experience as much as they can, but on their terms. Between lives they do not go where the rest of us go. (Who would want to be around them?) They normally will be reborn very quickly, since this is where they want to be.

They may be born into families of great power, so they can also live well and exercise great power. However, there are not enough available bodies in those powerful families to serve them all, so many must be born into otherwise normal families. This explains why some otherwise good families have to deal with a family member who doesn’t fit in. Someone who is only interested in their own needs and seems to spend their life causing problems for everyone else – typically nonstop.

That person’s mission is to create strife, whether they consciously know it or not. Strife results in the negative energy which they want. It’s what they live off of. You can liken it to people who are known to be ‘adrenalin junkies’. Those people need their adrenalin ‘fix’ to feel normal or good. They like the way that adrenalin makes them feel.

With the dark beings, the things they do gives them a source of power over others. Make no mistake about it, having power over other people feels good. They can often easily manipulate how you feel. Take a moment and consider how you have felt at various times in your life when you felt that you had no real control over the events which were affecting you. Wouldn’t it have felt better if you were able to feel like you could control the situation at hand?

The difference between a light being and those of the dark is, we understand that we can not exercise control over other people. We can only control our own actions. The dark beings regularly attempt to manipulate and control what other people do. Because they are very adept at doing this, they often manipulate people and situations with ease. These are standard sociopathic qualities. Sociopaths actually enjoy manipulating other people! It’s like a game to them. And every time they control another person or outcome, they feel like they have won a contest.

Some dark beings are able to reincarnate into one of the existing families of power which exist in the world. Some information has been revealed about these families. Typically, they shun the spotlight, preferring to exercise their great power behind the scenes as much as possible. Some members of these families even practice what has been called ‘the black arts’. We need to keep in mind that the universe works for everyone on an energetic basis, both dark and light. Both types can create. Both can affect events. Both groups have the same universal tools at their disposal.

One question that is asked is; are those dark entities who are reborn into the families of power able to remember who they are? The short answer would be no. However, that answer would not be wholly accurate. There may be some who are born with part of their awareness intact, and who retain some of it as they mature into children, but that is not the normal case. More likely, these entities possess more of what we might call a ‘knowingness’ of things, just as many light beings do.

Furthermore, for those who continue to reincarnate into the same family, they inherit the vast knowledge that resides in that family’s DNA. Make no mistake, that can be very powerful. Add all this knowledge to what these individuals are taught by the other family members, and you will have a very powerful, formidable opponent; a person who is capable of exercising great power, which is what these families are all about.

People in these families are able to exert their power on a global scale to the extent that they affect the outcome of wars through their ability to control people. They are usually behind the events that have led up to an environment conducive to causing a war, be it global or regional. In many cases, we see that certain regional wars are so vicious and cruel that we couldn’t even imagine such cruelty if it wasn’t clearly shown to have happened. History clearly shows this to be the case.

How can you spot one of these beings? Initially, it’s not always easy. They are often very good at seeming to be very nice people. Once you have uncovered the true identity of one of these people, you will begin to see very clearly how they operate.

I’ll use a metaphor to illustrate this point. When a lion is hunting and following a heard of animals it looks for one which is old and sickly, weak from an injury, or young and defenseless. Then the lion zeros in on that animal with a laser focus. The dark beings are good at spotting people who have volatile personalities, or who have experienced a very difficult life. They learn what emotional buttons to push to get the desired response, generally without even appearing to be obvious in what they are doing. For the volatile personality, it might be as simple as mentioning some event or thing which they know will set that person off. (Pushing their buttons.)

I have seen one of these dark beings at their best. You would never even know that they are doing what they are doing unless you had prior knowledge and were watching that person in action.

When these people are interacting with someone who has had a really difficult time, it’s simply a matter of saying something which will bring forth a painful memory. Then the desired response follows. In both instances, a lot of negative energy is created. Sometimes these dark people will attack someone directly, but that is a bit unusual. Incidentally, they seem to go for hitting light beings who are living in the light. That way they can do something that the light being gets upset about, which lowers that person’s frequency, if only for a time.

These dark beings will often be friendly to you, but may talk against you behind your back. Their effort is to turn others against you, or at least cause dissention in the ranks. These people can be extremely effective at causing disagreements in the work place. There, they are really in their element. Within the larger circle of fellow employees, they can easily spot those who are easily upset or who have volatile personalities. If you happen to work in a company with a fairly large group of employees, and have noticed that there is some in-fighting going on, watch carefully and you will find that there is usually one very nice appearing person who is behind the dissention. Someone who knows how to drop a question in the right place, or pushes another person’s button by making an otherwise innocent sounding comment, to which the other person over-responds. And of course, spreading false rumors always works well to get things started.

These entities also know how to work the system to their maximum advantage. They are usually the people who have filed weak or bogus claims for damages. The claim might be one where they say they were unfairly treated or harassed. They might claim a disability claim which seems doubtful in order to collect benefits. I am in no way suggesting that everyone who files such claims is dishonest. I am suggesting that you can often spot the dark entities by looking at the broader picture and observing the patterns of activity. Observe what they do and say to others, and what the results of their actions are, not how they seem to be so nice and ‘concerned’ about what is going on around them.

I have said before that these beings have been doing what they do throughout recorded history. They have been here since the beginning of time. Stop for a moment and consider the brutality we have seen in our society. Whether it be in a war or in some other setting, it exists. The dark ones have amassed and used their power by obtaining positions of authority in governments, the military and the religions.

In all of the past actions, control of people was one of their objectives. Those people who didn’t conform or who were suspected of defying the current order to things were executed, usually in very cruel ways. Interestingly, these executions are almost always done in public view for maximum impact.

So, how can you identify one of these dark beings? As I noted above, you have to watch somewhat carefully to monitor the events around you to see if someone is at the center of the action. At first, this may not be so easy, but I have found that eventually that person will slip up and what they have done, or are doing, will be revealed. Then you can begin to watch that person more closely and you will clearly see the patterns in their behavior. Keep in mind that many of these dark entities are not stupid or fools. They can be very clever and will usually be so if they have been able to rise to a position of power and authority.

At this point you might be saying “So, what can be done about these people? It sounds as if they have been very successful at doing their thing for ever.” Yes, they have indeed been very successful as a group in creating vast amounts of power and negative energy throughout time, whether it be on a global scale or one-on-one. If anything, these beings have only gotten better at doing what they do over time.

You should know that during the cold war we came perilously close to having our planet cleansed completely, which would have killed off all human life. There were those in the galactic council who had written us off and said ‘enough of this’.

Fortunately, we were given one more chance to make things right and things have improved considerably. The problem was that everything that had been tried in the past hadn’t worked. A different approach was needed. It was agreed to support bringing in this new energy we are now beginning to experience. A whole army of enlightened beings was recruited to incarnate at this time. Because this new incoming energy is of a higher vibration, it meant that some people’s ‘old’ bodies would not function well in the different energy. A lot of spirits would have to be reborn into new, higher frequency bodies. This is now beginning.

Those entities who are of the dark, however, don’t have the option to simply adjust to a higher frequency. (Unless the grey beings decided to embrace the light, which is somewhat unlikely.) The plan is those very dark entities will eventually be forced to return to their home worlds since they won’t be able to function in bodies here any longer.

Make no mistake about it, those of the dark will not give up their places on this planet without a fight. They like it here. They will continue to foment wars and destruction to create more negative energy. They know how to do this and they are very good at doing it. History shows that we have responded to their manipulations by fully participating in the wars and other negative activities.

Next I will speak about those dark beings who do not inhabit a body here in the third dimension. They nonetheless can exert immense influence on certain people, and they will do so if given the opportunity. These entities exist primarily as energy beings and may exist primarily in the levels below or above our third dimension. Some can also enter our dimension and observe us. They look for individuals who are mentally unstable, those who may be insane, and people who are in a very negative frame of mind due to their life circumstances or because of depression related to a physical imbalance in their body. These kind of people are creating negative energy, if only temporarily. 

Once the dark entities locate a suitable victim, they then study them and determine how to begin affecting the person’s thoughts.

For example, let’s say that a dark entity has identified a person whose name is Joe, and who already feels that he is a victim of everyone who has mistreated him throughout life. Perhaps his parents mistreated him (he feels). Maybe the reality was much different and they were merely trying to control a youth who was using drugs and was out of control. He hates the society that eventually sentenced him to jail time in the Youth Authority where he was further mistreated by the other prisoners who didn’t like his hothead attitude.

Then when he was released, because of his background, he couldn’t get the jobs he felt he deserved to have. Joe has been going through life with a chip on his shoulder, challenging everyone and everything. He always blames someone or something external for his problems and can not accept the reality that he brings all his misfortune upon himself. Eventually, he harbors such hatred towards certain people that he has thoughts of harming them.

The dark entity recognizes all of this in Joe. It can easily match Joe’s energy when he’s in one of his black moods. That is when the entity is able to transmit ideas to Joe; maybe it would be good to shoot Bill for what he’s doing to me, or I’ll just steal it since I deserve it anyway. At this point, Joe is highly receptive to these ideas, along with many others. Eventually, he will act on some of these ideas, then he will at least feel vindicated and in control, if only temporarily. As you might expect, Joe will then be easily encouraged to move forward with further chaotic activities. Many people will be affected by his actions. A lot of negative energy will result. Mission accomplished.

The time has arrived when we must now act. We no longer have the option of sitting back and saying, “I’ll let someone else deal with the problem”. The time has come for light beings to acknowledge that there is a problem and begin to help in dealing with it.

What does that mean that we must do? We must, as the saying goes, walk in the light. What does that mean? It means that we must be clear about the necessity that we express love and kindness, not hatred. We need to accept others with their differences. We should learn to suspend our judgment.

How about going out of our way to help someone? By doing the right things, we not only serve as living examples, but we will also help to spread good will which creates more energy of the light. Remember, everything we do leaves a residue of energy, so let’s make that energy be the higher frequency energy of the light, rather than the dark energy of anger and hatred.

Another point needs to be understood. Much of the media today is under control of the dark ones, directly or indirectly. That is the reason that the media primarily reports only those stories which are negative. Stories about mass killings are always fully reported, over and over.

Those of the dark understand that we have been conditioned to respond to such stories and events by feeling sad or angry. And that is exactly what we do. At this time, as we approach ascension, it is necessary that we learn to be neutral to those horrific actions.

I do not suggest that we act as if we don’t care. But since there is often nothing we can do about an activity, such as a mass killing, we automatically assume that we need to express our anger at the event. Mission accomplished.

Instead, we need to acknowledge the evil of the act, but not become involved emotionally. It would be far better to send love and healing energy to those who are affected by the event.

One final point needs to be made. We read everywhere where the new age crowd regularly says that we must send love to those of he dark who do evil things. They say that is the only way to change those who are dark. This is a fraud which is used by the dark to keep those of the light from taking any action. To date it has been a very successful ploy.

Another result is that most people are unsuccessful in being able to send love to other people who have seriously harmed them. It is one thing to talk about sending love, but it is an entirely different thing to actually be able to do so when, for example, someone has kidnapped, raped and killed your young daughter in a grotesque way. When something like this happens, what often follows is that the person who was harmed winds up feeling guilty because they are unable to send the love they were told they should send. This, of course, creates more negative energy.

A more realistic approach is to avoid dwelling on the negative event as much as possible and, as I said earlier, to wish the best for the other person. It’s not that you must send them love, assuming that is not possible, it’s just that you want to avoid creating more negative energy. In situations such as the example given, the best thing is to work on yourself to become healed.

In conclusion

Each person who inhabits this planet must find expression through the things that they do. It is that expression which defines the person. The expression is acted out through the things we do. Evil people will do evil things or cause evil things to be done. Light beings express themselves much differently. They may occasionally make mistakes and do things which are not good, but they have a conscience and they can not but help care about how their actions affect other people. These are people who practice service to others.

End of Chapter 5

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