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The Battle To Come

For a long time, few people seemed willing to acknowledge that a battle between good and evil even exists (other than the standard church denominations, where it has been historically framed as a continuing battle between God and Satan, in terms that many people don’t relate to).

Even if someone agreed that such a battle existed, they likely believed in it in esoteric terms, but not in ways that directly impacted their day to day lives. It might be perceived more like ‘Satan is trying to control you by making you have bad thoughts’ or ‘you will go to Hell for how you have lived’.

New Ager’s would talk about the need to balance the negative energies against the positive energies, and concepts like that which many people don’t relate to. They spread the message of ‘duality’. The only problem with that approach is that even if it contains truth, it is not helpful to solving the problems we are facing. They say things such as, ‘duality is necessary for us to learn good from evil’. Some members of the New Age crowd even deny the existence of true evil!

What is being discussed here are the efforts on the part of those of the dark to continue to manage and exercise control over our lives, as they have for so long. Part of the way they do this is by affecting the thoughts of some people and getting those people to promote these ideas. Spreading the inaccurate idea of duality is one of those concepts which benefits only those of the dark. It doesn’t recognize evil as such and doesn’t acknowledge that true evil does exist. Duality is one of those concepts which are actively promoted by the dark evil ones, since it is in their best interest to do so.

The battle I am talking about is the ongoing one between the forces of light and the forces of the dark. I don’t mean to sound dramatic here, but there is no other way to put it. There have been ‘skirmishes’ in the past which have gone on virtually forever. I call them skirmishes only to differentiate from what we are now engaged in. The current battle is far more advanced and important to our future than anything which has taken place in the past. You might say that the blueprint for the battle action has been drawn. There is now an ongoing plan by the forces of the light to reclaim our planet.

If you don’t believe that evil energy has been part of our existence and has directly affected our past, look at the history of this planet. The control which has existed has been diabolical. This control has been exercised through the churches of the time, through governments and by others in positions of power. Yes, this also includes some modern day trade unions as well.

When it suited the purposes of the controllers they fought wars and even modified the Bible. At no time in recorded history were the people empowered. Instead, they have been systematically used, subjugated, killed and imprisoned if they resisted or spoke out. Control has been very effectively exercised by a relatively small number of people placed in positions of strategic importance.

George Orwell’s classic book, 1984, tells the story of a man who decides to seek his own freedom in a society which is dominated and controlled at all levels by a repressive government. He seeks and finds a revolutionary group, only to discover in the end that that group, too, is controlled by Big Brother – the government. In his society, those in power actively manipulate and control the population’s very thoughts!

This book is powerful reading for anyone who wants to understand how pervasive this kind of control of the masses could be. And today, with our modern technology, it has become easier than ever to manipulate and control people’s thoughts and opinions. It is clear that today our media outlets have evolved to the point that many of them feel free to distort news reports and to even make up false news stories in order to affect public opinion.

These media outlets now do this in an ongoing basis, yet few people seem to care. In fact, many people have been so indoctrinated that they now agree with whatever they are being told without ever bothering to question the source information!

Currently, many New Age people will tell us that the battle is over, that the dark ones have lost the war and are running away in defeat. I suggest that is what the dark would like for us to believe!

What kind of battle am I talking about?

This is literally a war between the good guys, or the forces of the light and the bad guys, or the forces of the dark. It is being waged both in the third dimension here on the Earth and in the higher dimensions. Yes, in the higher dimensions as well.

In the third dimension, we can already see the battle taking place around the world. Radical Muslems are attacking anyone and everyone whom they disagree with. They think nothing of the mass killing of innocent civilians through the use of automobiles and people who have been used to detonate bombs. The dark forces who are directing these activities use people whom they have convinced must die in the name of Allah for their cause.

Not all of the bombers are evil dark beings. Many are just people who have been programmed to do these things. Yes, they have dark hate energy within them, but they do have some potential for accepting the light. It’s those who direct such activities who are the really dark ones.

So, we are in for a period of destruction and chaos which is likely to last for some time before new regional leaders emerge who will change things.

This is where all lightworkers are needed. This is where lightworkers will not only hold the light, but must now carry it and ground it to the Earth. This is where we must place our intentions to raise the energy vibration of the planet.

Make no mistake about it. There is a battle going on and it is for full control of the planet. (As it always has been.) The dark forces want to keep things as they have been. They are the ones who have had enormous control over many things for eons through their family, political and social-economic connections.

In the past, the most powerful dark beings have remained largely unknown to us. That is how they have kept their power. Their souls have largely reincarnated into their own family lines. This is how power has been passed on from generation to generation. Many of these beings have been very adept at using their own psychic abilities to accomplish their ends. In many instances they have passed on instructions as to how to use these abilities and have formed various secret orders.

Throughout history, they have manipulated activities by being in positions of power within virtually every organization that has influence on the activities of mankind. That means governments, religions and other secret orders. This network of people have always recruited candidates for success from the upper echelons of society, then they support each other to maintain their power. It is a proven method of operating which has been very successful.

Now, things are changing. The existence of the dark beings is becoming known. The energy of the planet is being raised. That directly affects their ability to continue functioning here.

Lightworkers have had enough of discord, war and corruption. They value the planet and its resources. A growing wave of concern is manifesting everywhere. People are just plain tired of the old ways. More and more people are now waking up to what they really are.

Today more and more people are questioning the establishment in positive ways. They are no longer automatically falling in line to the pronouncements of political and religious leaders. More people are actively questioning political and religious leaders in a way that has never been done before.

For centuries, religious institutions held great power over the lives of the multitudes. They were intertwined with the political hierarchy. We now know how they acted to keep the masses ignorant and controlled, particularly in the dark ages. This evil history has been well documented.

Other changes are happening in the business world. Now, companies which have been managed by dishonest individuals or by those who are only interested in their own self-serving needs will start being outed and held accountable. Many of these people also will be sent to jail for their misdeeds.

This has already started happening. Managers at all levels will find that they can no longer function as before and expect their misdeeds to remain secret. They too will be outed and removed. Stockholders will begin speaking up and demanding honesty from company managers.

The die has been cast. The future is now unfolding, only it is going to be much different than many people expect it to be. As the politicians and business leaders are replaced, there will be a major shift of energy as a result. The eventual result will be a major reformation of our social/economic system.

People are no longer willing to sit back and be unconcerned when despotic dictators kill and abuse their populace. They may not be able to directly affect what happens in such places, but they now carry the light and pray for needed changes. That does have an effect on the outcome. Sometimes it takes time, but changes are beginning to manifest.

Just as many lightworkers use ceremony and energy to achieve their goals, so do many of those of the dark. The laws of nature work equally for everyone. That is why we have heard, for example, about voodoo practitioners who have been effective at what they do. Of course, some are more effective than others are, but they are still using the same laws of energy and creation as you and I are.

This is why we will need as many lightworkers as possible to recognize who they are so that they can begin using their powers to manage the affairs of the light. By doing so, the workers of the dark can ultimately be neutralized and the needed changes will manifest.

Side note: it’s interesting that as this chapter was being written in a commercial establishment and just as I was describing those of the dark, the power momentarily went out for about 15 seconds. I was told that this was done to tell me, “See what we can do. You had better beware.” Fortunately, I am not the least bit intimidated. I have too much protection to be concerned.

And so, as the saying goes, the battle rages on. It’s real and it’s facing all of us today. The one thing we must not do is to become despondent. That is buying into negativity and that is what the dark beings would like. We must remain focused on all the good that has happened, is happening and will come out of all that is going on.

For example, when a disaster occurs, look at the good that manifests when people step forward to help or send their money for relief aid. There is no better example of this than to look at the transformation that took place in the city of New York after 9-11. The people of that city were forever changed in a positive way as a result of that disaster. That was not expected to occur.

These are examples of where we must place our attention in the months and years to come. That is how we can hold the light. When some people do step forward to provide needed assistance, we should send them our blessings.

We, each and every one of us, are going to be players in this battle whether we like it or not. By our actions and thoughts, we are either enabling the forces of light or the forces of the dark. So, now is our time to do what we can.

The angels, archangels, ascended masters and others are now aligned to help us win this battle. That is the reason we have been given the new energies to work with. There is no way we can lose this time. It’s just a question of when the outcome will be decided. But, it doesn’t mean that the road we must travel will be easy.

So, our job is to spread the word, remain optimistic and educate others when the coming signs begin to manifest – and they will. Not everyone has to be involved. Only those lightworkers who have chosen to be here at this time. Like it or not, you are one of them or you wouldn’t even be reading this book.

I send my blessings to you for what you have volunteered to do. You are special and very necessary.

End of Chapter 6

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