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Psychic Readings And Evaluating Channeled Information

Many people have gone to psychics to have readings. Many more than we might imagine.

If you are reading this, very likely you have too. Even some people who profess not to believe in psychic readings will sometimes go. (Don’t ask me why. I just know it’s true because I’ve had them tell me.) It’s just that they don’t feel comfortable in coming out and admitting it to just anyone.

Aside from curiosity, most people go for a reading because they need information that’s important to them or they need conformation of something they already sense, and often there may not be anywhere else they can go to get the information they want.

In my own experience, I have received important information that was literally life affecting, concerning the activities of a person in my life, which I had no prior knowledge about. Armed with the knowledge that this person was working behind my back to cause me problems, I was able to head off a potential disaster.

Of course, psychics come in all sizes and shapes, as the saying goes. Some are very, very good, some are somewhat good and of course, there have always been people who are fakes.

That is why it’s important to get some references, if possible. I firmly believe that a good psychic reading is worth every dollar we pay for it. However, it is important to keep in mind that often the information we receive must be understood or processed in a certain context.

Some people mistakenly believe that just because a person is a psychic that they have lives that are all together. Many psychics have traveled long, hard roads to grow spiritually and integrate their spiritually and knowledge into daily living. It is a never ending journey.

Just because someone is a gifted psychic does not necessarily mean that they have all the answers to life. They will often struggle with answers to their own questions, just as you and I do. They are simply human people like the rest of us who have dedicated their lives to helping others as best they can. They all have their own personalities, likes and dislikes, just as you and I do. The one thing which is common to all good psychics is their dedication to spiritual growth – for all who wish for it.

How does the psychic do a reading? How are they able to do this seemingly magical thing?

It is said that everyone is psychic. It’s just that some people seem to have more of the natural ability (for doing readings) than others do. They are able to tune in to the information, so to speak. Some seemingly lucky individuals are born with the gift or have it thrust upon them in spite of their protestations, since they may look upon it as making them look foolish or strange.

Many others are people who either had an interest in developing this ability or who felt they had an ability and wanted to develop it. Often these people will take classes which allow them to develop their latent psychic abilities. They learn how to meditate and clear their minds and to trust the impressions they receive. They do this by actually doing readings in a controlled setting. Any good psychic is going to be receiving their information from their guides, angels or spiritual beings who are being channeled.

We all have the ability to write. But, this ability has to be learned and developed as well. Just as some people write with their left hand and others with their right hand, and everyone has a unique way of writing, so does each psychic reader work in ways that are essentially the same, but still unique to them. If a person never uses their writing skills, after many years of non use it would be difficult to write because the muscles wouldn’t be conditioned to write. So it is with using the psychic ability to read for others.

Many people say, “I can’t read anyone. I really wish I could.” That simply is not true. We all read other people every day. It’s just that we often do it in different ways or that we haven’t acknowledged our abilities.

Why do you think it is that on certain occasions we all have met someone that we instantly either dislike or feel very uncomfortable with on our first meeting? Even before we know the person! It is because there was something about their energy at that time that we were uncomfortable with and felt.

We can learn to feel energy with practice. One example I use of feeling energy is to ask someone if they have ever gone to a playoff game or to a World Series game. Virtually anyone who has, has been able to feel the energy in the stadium. What is happening is that everyone is sharing in the energy of excitement, and it feels good. (Unless your team is loosing badly, of course.)

The psychic has merely learned to feel and interpret energy at a more subtle level. Some readers get impressions. Others can see pictures. Still others can see energies represented as colors, which is how they see our auras or chakras.

How one can learn to become a better reader is a topic too involved to cover here, but it is certainly possible to begin listening to your own impressions and then observing when they may be validated later on. By doing this, we all can begin to stretch our psychic muscles, so to speak.

Not everyone has to become a psychic reader, or will want to do so. But most of us would like to develop our psychic tools so we can be better equipped to understand what is happening around us, and why.

The best way to do this is to take some classes in developing your abilities and through reading as many books on the subject as you can. Then it’s all a matter of practicing.

Remember, no one teacher or book will necessarily have the right answers for you. Keep researching until you have the answers you need. You may find that, as your abilities develop, you may not go in the direction you necessarily wanted. For example, you may find that you are not that great at reading people, but you may have an uncanny ability to know what is going to happen. Everyone is different and will have a different mix of abilities, some stronger and some weaker. The one thing I can promise you is that you will enjoy the journey and you will really appreciate the skills that you develop.

For those of you who have gone to a psychic, you may ask why would someone need to evaluate information which came from a reputable channel? The simple answer is because it might be false. Then you might ask how can that be? I will explain.

As we know, psychics who channel information for clients generally receive their information from their spirit guides who may be assisted by others. The problem is that in some instances some of the information given will have been corrupted.

Specifically this corruption can come from entities of the dark who reside within the higher dimensions, including the fourth, fifth and sixth dimensions. These entities are part of the group of dark beings who have been working against those of us who are light beings for many eons.They don’t have to follow the universal rules by which we live.

Ask yourself this; if you were one of the dark ones, would you not do this if you had the ability to do so? Of course you would, and they do! Some of these entities seek out channels they can affect while others work at implanting ideas and thoughts into the minds of other people, especially world leaders.

Many of today’s new agers will insist that these things can’t happen to them as they are already fully protected, and some of them are. Others are not.

If you have ever had a reading from a psychic you may have noticed that before beginning the reading a prayer is said. In this prayer they will often ask that their guidance be clear and for the highest good of the client. That is very good, but there also needs to be a request for the clearing of any negative entities by their angels. Angels can not automatically do this. They must first be asked to be of assistance. Then any dark entities which are present can be escorted away to an appropriate place for them. Merely asking your guides for clearing may not be sufficient as they may not have the authority to do so. All guides are not created equal, as the saying goes.

So, how does one know when the information they are receiving in a reading is valid? Through personal discernment. This means that you must listen carefully to what is being said and note how it feels to you. Your guidance might just be screaming into your ears to avoid doing what you are being told. If so, there is likely to be a very good reason for that.

We must learn how to hear and listen to our own guidance. We must ask, “How does that feel?” Then we should validate that information by acknowledging it. Each time we repeat this process it will be strengthened.

Additionally, some secondary things may be considered. For instance, is the reader one you trust because over time they have proven to be accurate? Is the information you are receiving logical and congruent with what you already know? Is the information negative in any way? Equally important, are you being told that you must do something? That is almost never done.

There is one more thing to consider. I have said this before, but it bears repeating. Not all channels are equal. At any given time, the channel may be dealing with their own life challenges which can interfere with doing an effective reading. Another channel may have the gift of communicating with departed souls, but may be a poor reader. Their strengths and abilities definitely do vary. It pays to remember that the reading may be colored by the channels own attitudes and prejudices. I have seen this occur.

Lastly, there are certainly going to be times when each of us needs a little help. But, we should definitely not put all of our stock on the information we receive from a channel, particularly if it is one we don’t even know. In this case, I am primarily referring to the many channeled messages we see every day on the internet. It is far better to learn to listen to our own inner guidance.

A good way to do this is to begin with using a pendulum. First, carefully write down your questions, remembering that you will be mainly getting yes and no answers. Over time, you will begin to know the answer even before you have finished asking the question. Then your answers will begin to become more comprehensive, not merely being a yes or a no. Eventually a pendulum will not be needed to receive communication.

Some other people may discover that they are adept at spirit writing. This is when you write or type a question and then begin writing the answer. It can be a very interesting process. Some of you can become very good at this.

Again, please remember to invoke your angelic helpers to ensure that no dark entities are present when you begin any of these activities. Offer a prayer for safety and accuracy.

In conclusion, carefully weigh the information you receive from a channel. Develop your own tools of discernment. Learn to rely on your inner knowing when faced with major decisions. Ask if it is the right thing to do, then listen for the answer. Your best protection is yourself.

End of Chapter 10

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