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Spiritual Emergence

What does spiritual emergence mean? If you were to ask fifty people, those who answered you are all likely to have a different definition. But, on closer examination, many of the definitions would contain a lot of the same information, even if worded differently.

Stated the most basic way, one could say that spiritual emergence is a stronger connection to our higher spirit, with the resultant effect of being able to communicate more directly with our higher self. For some, it would even be described as a rebirth process.

For most of us, spiritual emergence doesn’t just happen all at once. It often is experienced over some period of time, which could take days, weeks, months or even years. When this happens the experience seems to build on itself. The information I have been given indicates that this is what will be happening for most of us in the coming times of change.

For those who experience a rebirth process, they come out of the process greatly changed. They may or may not seem to be changed outwardly, but the way they perceive the world and respond to events will be markedly changed forever.

A strong example of this is those people who have experienced near death experiences, or who have died, ‘gone to the light’ and returned to their mortal bodies. These people are profoundly changed forever. To read about their experiences can be quite moving. The interesting thing is that their descriptions of what they experienced sometimes vary greatly, but the experience often reflects that person’s personal views of the afterlife.

Spiritual emergence is very important in the current age, since so many people are beginning to open up to the process. And many more people have experienced near death experiences than we previously knew. Many people will be changed as a result. The collective effect will have profound effects on the rest of us.

As more people emerge spiritually, the effects will be exponential for our civilization. On a personal level, when someone emerges spiritually, it can be loosely compared to what happens in what used to be called a ‘mid life crisis’. It means that some of these changing people will attune to different values and patterns of behavior. This can be threatening in some cases to other family members and friends who may not be ready to accept the changes they see occurring. When family members are open and accepting, these changes can be an opportunity for all to learn and grow.

Now let’s look more closely at what spiritual emergence can be when it is experienced in a positive way. The ideal situation is when a person makes their personal decision to allow their own unique spiritual emergence to begin and works to facilitate it.

While this emergence is cast upon some of us, many of the rest of us will need to ask for it to manifest. There is a strong aspect of surrender involved. We must surrender ourselves to what ever comes through and to living with that infusion of love and energy which will occur. We will become more spiritually connected to our higher selves on an hourly basis. That will be a major change, but it will become the normal way of being after a time.

Since this process is like a rebirth in many ways, some of the changes will be profound and we have to be ready to accept them, whatever they may be. The process will be unique for each person and may be totally unlike another person’s experience, although we can still learn from each other.

The surrendering process means letting go of past angers, fears and even some outdated beliefs. This is essential for the opening up process to follow, in which we open up to new awareness, concepts and the ability to understand new (to us) energies.

There will be times when we might ask ourselves, “What is happening to me? Am I going crazy?”, because we will feel so totally strange. Others of us will feel like we have finally found our home and be at peace with ourselves.

This process allows us to find out who we really are, or can be. It’s really our choice what we will become. Some will find that they are teachers of others. Some will find that they are leaders. Others may find that they are destined to be healers. Some will be spiritual healers; others will be hands-on physical healers.

It may be that you will not have a choice. It may be that you discover your true essence and know what your calling is. Discernment is important in this process, and it is a process. We have to learn to discern what old concepts and ideas no longer serve our highest good and then be able to let go of them. We have to learn how to be sensitive to our inner voice.

It is like what someone once told me that is so true: “God doesn’t yell at us. He whispers and we must listen carefully in order to hear him.” Because, for most of us, this will be a process, we need to regularly stop and listen and continue to release the old concepts that stand in the way of our growth. We have to ask ourselves what it is that currently stands in the way of our achieving enlightenment?

As the process of growth and enlightenment continues it is good to periodically attend retreats or seminars which can help us to become more sensitive and receptive. This does not mean that we should blindly accept everything we are told by some leader. It means that we may uncover some new knowledge, which is truth for us. We need to learn to always use discernment or we risk falling into the control of someone else’s truth and losing that which is truth for ourselves.

Repetition is another useful tool. That means that every time we repeat our affirmations or communicate with our higher spirit it will reinforce and strengthen that bond. Every time we acknowledge some knowledge or awareness that we received it reinforces it as well as the process.

Most important is that we must learn to grow from a place of love, which is not always an easy thing to do. That means that we do not practice these things only for our own selfish purposes. Most of us have been taught to pray for noble things like world peace. These prayers do have an effect. The same is no less true for meditations for world peace. We have the responsibility to work spiritually for the growth and betterment of everyone.

Now, some of you will ask, “How exactly do I start this process of spiritual emergence?” There is no clear, simple answer to that since the process is unique to each one of us. Some general guidelines are to start by meditating and being open to surrender as I have described here. Learn how to quiet your mind with its constant churning.

You might even take some classes in spiritual development or work with a more experienced mentor or teacher. Maintain an attitude of openness and lightness. In other words, don’t be too serious. Read some books and educate yourself. Try different methods of meditating and see which one feels right for you.

Try keeping a journal of your new experiences, feelings, thoughts and emerging awareness. This should be your own private journal. Periodically review it to see how your abilities are developing. If you can, connect with a nearby community of like minded people so you can share experiences and lessons learned. Not only can this be fun, but it can be very validating for you.

Finally, be open to wherever this process of growth takes you. It is perfectly ok to have a destination in mind, but just keep in mind that that may well not be where you ultimately go. Make this a fun and happy journey. We are all spiritual beings. Now is when we need to rediscover that spirituality through our own spiritual emergence.

End of Chapter 12

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