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Near Death Experiences

Since you are reading this book, you are likely to have read about people who have had a near death experience (NDE) and how that experience deeply changed each person’s life. Many fine books cover the actual experiences in detail, so I will not go into that here, since a summary would not do the subject justice.

What has often not been discussed (at least in any detail) is how many of these people had difficulties integrating the information they received during the out of body period into their daily lives after the event. Another point worth noting is that NDEs have provided us with a great deal of very useful information about the so-called afterlife.

Many people don’t seem to understand that when we die, we aren’t magically transformed into something different, and that we retain much of what we had become during the current lifetime, as do those people who experience NDEs. While it is true that most of them have been given a magnificent glimpse into the afterlife, and in some instances, they have received profound information about any number of things.

In some cases, these people find that they have suddenly developed psychic abilities that they did not previously possess. Yes, these people report that they have experienced profound changes, but they are still the same essence they were before the event.  But, after the event virtually all of them find that they now have a new purpose in life. Some would say that they are profoundly changed by the experience.

So which is true? Both actually. What I am saying is that they are still all that they were, but that has been added to in a profound way. Then, it is a matter of what the person chooses to do with their new understanding.

What often has not been told is that many of these people later had difficulties in integrating their new persona into their daily lives. Remember, they still had the same brain with the same old information as well as the new information they had received. Many of them now had bodies that were seriously damaged or injured by the event that caused their NDE and they faced an often long or painful recovery as well. That’s a lot to deal with and still stay reasonably balanced.

Naturally, some of these people evolved and did just fine. They became successful psychics, teachers. healers or channelers. Others had to struggle with their new environments. The question is, what were the differences between those who adjusted easily and those who struggled? The short answer is I don’t know.

A better question might be how could those people work to have the best possible integration? If we look at the bigger picture, isn’t it far better for one of these people to be able to productively share their new gift or knowledge with many, many people so that they too can be helped?

Many times, this was not possible because the changed person was judged by others to be unbalanced or in some way difficult or hard to put up with. Many times, after repeated rejections, they simply shut up and refused to discuss their experience, even with their closest family members. Remember, some people either do not want to hear the new information because of religious or other prejudices they have or they simply aren’t yet ready for it. 

The changed person can’t really become a proselytizer. All they can do is to offer to share or help another person. This whole thing can be tricky.

Maybe the people who will be receptive to the new information are people who are outside of the changed person’s immediate circle of friends and family. Remember, the family ‘knew Roger when’ and may not be able to accept the fact that he has become a channel, for example, or worse yet, one of those weirdo psychics.

I give these examples to make a point. And that is that the changed person needs to have the tools to remain grounded and have some discernment. The very best way to do this is to learn how to do some form of meditation and introspection. Maybe these people can benefit from consulting with others who have successfully made the transition to living a successful life after their own NDE. Many times in life people need some temporary help. Carrying such a burden alone can be overwhelming for some people. That would also be a good time to call on your spirit guides for some help.

Most of the books I’ve read never tell the stories of people who had unpleasant NDEs, although a few have been reported. These experiences also need to be examined to see what can be learned. One publication which attempted to do this in a comprehensive way is titled Beyond the Light by P. M. H. Atwater, herself an NDE survivor. I can strongly recommend this book for anyone who is interested in learning the true facts about NDEs. The author did an exhaustive study of people who had all kinds of NDEs, including the bad ones that most people do not want to discuss.

In most cases, the people who have experienced NDEs found their lives changed. Some people found what they needed to achieve true happiness. Some others had the opposite experience. The key is to remain grounded, meditate on the changes which are happening within you and to seek some assistance in getting beyond the inevitable roadblocks which may be encountered. A strong support system can be very important. In short, we shouldn’t try to deal with the life changes without some support tools.

As I said above, it is much better if we can help others in their journey while we are traveling ours. That is better than merely having a profound NDE and keeping it to our self, even if we had a very positive experience. By being available to share, others can also benefit from the experience or the knowledge gained.

End of Chapter 14

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