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Be Careful About Trust

It took me a lot of years to learn that people’s actions are far more important than what they say. If you think about it, I am sure that you have known at least one person who was a master of sweet words and who acted the opposite, but people kept believing what he or she said.

These people are master manipulators and they manipulate us. This becomes all the more important when such people are religious, political or spiritual leaders. While all of this will change after the coming Ascension, for the time being we still must deal with the current reality.

Now it’s time for that to change. We have to learn how to identify those who mean to do bad things from those who live in the light. This is not as easy to do as you might think. For example, some sociopaths are very convincing when it comes to making us think that they really care about what happens to us, when in fact they are incapable of caring.

What we must do is to evaluate others based on their actual deeds. It is still useful to listen to what a person says, because most people will reveal a lot more about their intentions than they intend to. All we have to do is to listen very carefully and learn to trust our inner knowing.

Who are the worst people that have a very loose relationship with honesty? No surprise, it’s politicians. And yet, in the past many people have continued to believe everything they tell us. Let’s start by comparing their promises with past results. If someone has lied, then simply do not reelect that person, no matter how wonderful they may sound!

In our personal lives, we need to begin to clean house. That means putting some distance (sometimes a lot of distance) between us and those who live by their lies and deceptions.

One thing that the New Agers haven’t really accepted or spoken about are those who are of the dark. They are still with us. They have always been with us. Who do you think were responsible for the many dark times we have had to live through historically?

Events like the Spanish Inquisition were controlled by those of the dark. Most wars were started and coordinated by them. History is full of examples of people in positions of power controlling large segments of the population through repression and war. After all, what better way to create large amounts of negative energy and reduce the planet’s population?

Those of the dark have always been among us. They still are. It is finally time to acknowledge this fact and begin dealing with it. Only by doing so will we of the light be empowered. Remember, the best way to counteract negative energy is by not buying into it. Have a good sense of humor. Look at the good things in your life. Remember that you are of the light and wear that knowledge every day. Doing so will seriously empower you.

Remember, we all project energy. Those who are of the dark will project dark energy and it could affect us. We don’t need that. That is why I pointed out the necessity to evaluate those you come into contact with and associate with people who live in the light. Doing that requires discernment and care. The coming times leading up to the Ascension will likely test us all. We don’t need to make things more difficult by associating with those who would bring chaos into our lives.

End of Chapter 15

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