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We Need To Forgive In Order To Grow

One thing which can interfere with our preparation for Ascension is an inability to forgive someone we may have some issues with.

The people who are the hardest to forgive are those who have hurt us the most deeply, often being people we have been close to. Unfortunately, forgiveness is not as easy as simply saying the words ‘I forgive you’. When someone has hurt us deeply, particularly when they seemed to do it knowingly and with intent, forgiveness often does not come naturally or easily. (I know his from personal experience.)

This issue is coupled with confusion about being able to ‘love your enemy’. It seems that we have been told forever that the way to heaven was to love our enemies. Well, guess what – it hasn’t worked for most people.

Part of the problem lies in misunderstanding what is meant by love in this context. It doesn’t mean that you have to somehow come to enjoy being in the presence of your former enemy or anything like that.

I suggest that what it means is more like being able to get to a state of being able to say to yourself something like the following: “I still don’t enjoy being in your presence and being abused by you, but I no longer harbor any anger towards you and I wish you the best in your life.” It is a matter of developing an attitude of what I refer to as neutrality towards your former enemies. You don’t have to like them, but neither do you have to hate them. Just allow them to be, without any anger or negative energy directed from you.

I will share a personal story to illustrate how this principal has worked for me. Not only did I retain some anger towards some people whom I believed had ‘shafted’ me in the past, I would become incensed when I would hear a story about how someone else had done an injustice to someone I knew. I just felt that it was all so wrong. I would think that if I were in charge of things, it would be different.

If it were up to me the bad guys would be dealt with very firmly to correct the injustice. The problem with this thinking was that it only upset me. It neither corrected anything nor meted out any justice to the bad guy. I merely accumulated some more negative energy to lug around.

When I finally realized what I was doing and how it hindered my own spiritual development, I decided to work on letting go of all that negative energy. This also meant that I had to give up my unofficial title of ‘Monitor of the World’. I decided I no longer had to get mad every time I heard about an injustice done to someone else.

This actually turned out to be an enormous relief. I came to understand that those people who insist on doing bad things would eventually be held responsible for their actions. It was no longer my job to get angry about these things. (It never was, but I just hadn’t realize it.)

Yes, I realize that there truly are bad people who will never change, in this lifetime or in another one. They will eventually be dealt with, just not by me. Understanding that I can’t change these people lets me understand that it really isn’t my responsibility to begin with.

Letting go of all of my former angers and hostilities has been an ongoing process. It’s a bit like peeling back the layers of an onion. I keep seeing new issues to let go of. Now, I also work on not becoming angry in the first place and on trying to release my anger quickly when I do find myself upset at someone. I found that by doing this on a continuing basis it became easier with time. This allows us to become clearer and raises our energy level greatly.

Lately, I have noticed that otherwise spiritual people still become quite venomous and self righteous about opposition candidates at election time. Why is that?

Every time the subject of politics comes up, these people have a knee jerk reaction and begin venting their negative invectives about the ‘other’ guy. I see this happening even after the election is past.

This example illustrates one small example of how we need to look within to find our own negative energies which should be released. What we should be doing when ‘our’ candidate has lost an election is praying for the winner to be guided to do the highest good (whatever that might be) for everyone.

Remember, there may often be events happening behind the scenes that we know nothing about which may be driving how the elected representative conducts himself or herself. This can be especially true on a national level.

When I find that I am in the presence of this kind of unpleasant, vindictive person, I merely exit myself from their presence. I find that trying to reason with most of them doesn’t work. They have to be self motivated to do their own work to clear out their own energies of negativity and overly righteous judgment. 

Energies of anger and hatred are the most negative energies we can harbor within ourselves and in most cases they are the most difficult to release. Releasing them can be more helpful than almost any other single thing in terms of raising our own energy vibration.

As you begin that process of peeling back the layers of your own ‘onion’, in addition to the obvious angers you have, look at how you still feel about some recent election, an ex-spouse or significant other, some ethnic minorities or those people who are of a different social-economic group than you are.

If you still feel angry to one or more of these people or situations, work on becoming at least neutral towards them. Then enjoy the sense of release you will experience. You will be on your way to getting ready for Ascension.

End of Chapter 16

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