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A Time Of Testing

For many of us this is a time of testing. If it hasn’t been for you, then I suggest that your time is coming.

Just exactly what is a time of testing? For each of us the answer will likely be different. You may find that some long established relationships will evolve and change, challenging you. If you work, you may find that your work environment will become very different. Whatever the case, the challenges will be very personal. Many things in your life will simply be very different.

For those of us who have thought that we had everything covered and should be perfectly safe, we may find that is no longer true. I will provide one example to illustrate my point.

Some time ago, the news media reported that some religious sects that were breakaway groups from the Mormon church, and which practice polygamous marriages, were the victims of extortion from a source they would never have imagined. Some years ago, these groups had migrated to Mexico where they lived for many years in peace in remote parts of Mexico.

What they never could have imagined was that the growing Mexican drug cartels would branch out into kidnapping and extortion on a large scale. Apparently the cartels saw the polygamous sects as likely candidates for extortion since they were people who had money and were ill equipped to defend themselves. While I do not judge the sects, I can imagine how they must have felt when their otherwise peaceful lives were torn apart and many of them were threatened with death. Obviously, they have been severely tested.

Much of the testing will be the result of increased activities by the entities of the dark. On a larger scale, we will also be tested by our political leaders. Most of them still believe that it’s business as usual, but it is definitely not the case. Until the unscrupulous and dishonest ones are rooted out, they will indirectly test us with false promises and deceit.

It is suggested that you look around and see if you notice the changes which are occurring in your life or in the lives of those you know. Sometimes we miss things simply because we fail to look. Clearly things are evolving in a big way on the national and the international political fronts. The news confirms this.

The question, then, is what should we be doing to most effectively deal with all these changes which we may be facing? Whatever that is, it will most likely require a different approach than we may have used in the past.

My suggestion is to work at being neutral to the extent possible and by being as objective as possible in evaluating the changes we see occurring. If we become angry at seeing changes we think we disagree with, we will then be creating more negative energy and that serves no good purpose.

The changes are coming. They have already started. They will become even bigger and more inclusive. New revelations will continue, which will have a major impact on many lives. We must learn how to adapt to them in the best way possible since they can not be stopped.

End of Chapter 17

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