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Our Purpose In Life

I strongly suggest that it is now more important than ever to know your purpose in life.

Why do I say this? Because as the new energy comes in activating our DNA we will come to ‘know’ some of the options that are open to us; we will be able to create what we want. That said, it means that we must then know what it is that we want to create.

Many of us will initially be overwhelmed with the many options that are revealed. Understanding our purpose in life can be a very useful tool in building on that purpose or purposes, then being better equipped to begin the process of creation.

One of the most often asked questions of psychic readers is, “What is my purpose?” Many of us have felt strongly that we have an important purpose in this lifetime, but we just can’t quite get what it really is.

Maybe I can help to answer this question. Most of us will agree that we came here with a primary purpose to fulfill in this lifetime, and often, many secondary purposes. But, the question is – do we really know what that purpose is? If not, how might we find out what it is?

Before I answer the question above, I would like to suggest that in these important times, it has become more important than ever to understand what our purpose is. Clearly, if a person doesn’t know what their life’s purpose is, it is going to be much more difficult to accomplish it. We all understand that one primary purpose of incarnating is to learn and that is also very important. But, how often do we really stop and give any thought to what we may have learned from our experiences? I respectfully submit that this is seldom done.

In my many years on this planet, I have seen many people who have repeated the same lessons over and over, yet seem to have learned nothing from those lessons. Why is that? Very simply, it’s because they say all the right things, such as, ‘We are all here to learn”, but no time is ever given to actually considering what it was that they were to learn. Then, they go on repeating the same life lessons with no thought to what they mean.

I am suggesting that taking time occasionally to give some thought to these matters is time well spent for all of us. It may also mean thinking outside of the box on occasion.

Now, I would like to offer the best way I have found to discover our life’s purpose. First, let go of any preconceptions about whether it is something grand. It may be, but more likely, it is something very personal.

The answer often lies in the patterns of experiences we have in our lives. Those things which continue to be repeated. For example, one person might say, “All my life I have been let down and betrayed by those who are close to me.” If so, betrayal and how to deal with it might be a life lesson. The patterns in your life will speak volumes – if you see them.

At this time, there are also those who are here for a much larger purpose, even though they might not yet understand that. I am speaking of those souls who have come to help with the coming events. If you feel strongly that you are one of them, you very likely are.

Your challenge will be to discover what it is that you will be called on to do. This may be more difficult to do and it won’t be the same for everyone. Very likely the answer will have to come from your higher self or your celestial guidance, so the task will then be to improve your communications with them.

Once we begin looking at these things and actively ask for information it will be forthcoming. It may take some time, but you can come to get the answers you need to have. But, they will not be forthcoming if we do not spend the time and effort to actively learn.

So, take the time needed to look at your life so far. What patterns have existed? What have you learned? What does it all tell you? The answers will be within. Sadly, it will generally not be possible to go to a psychic reader and get the in-depth answers you want as this information is often shielded, although some answers may be provided that you will find to be useful.

So, good luck in your journey. And remember, you are needed.

End of Chapter 18

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