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Everything Is Energy, Or Energy Is Everything

What I mean by the title of this chapter is that since there is energy in everything that exists, that energy can be manipulated to achieve a result we desire.

The fact is that when a psychic or a healer is doing their work, it is just a matter of their working with energy in their own unique way. And the different ways that energy can be manipulated are worth looking at. It’s worth noting that in the coming times, knowledge of energy and how to best use it is going to become more widely known.

 Have you looked at the vast array of metaphysical techniques which are in use today? Virtually all of them have the potential to aid people in either improving their lives, connecting with spirit or improving health.

As I have said elsewhere in this book, different techniques seem to be more effective for different people. For example, if you try one form of meditation and it doesn’t seem to fit you, try another kind of meditation. Find the technique that best fits your needs.

Most of us are typically exposed to only a few of the more common psychic modalities and we very likely have given little thought to any of the other modalities which are out there. Some people have been blessed to have been able to connect with a practitioner who uses a technique that happened to serve their needs. Others seem to struggle finding the right information. There is no quick fix solution here. We all need to actively seek our own answers and to expand our consciousness however we can.

I have created a partial list of some of the more common techniques and added some brief comments pertaining to each one. This might be useful to some of you who have been drawn to investigating where you might develop your own spiritual talents. Also, please remember that many of the techniques on the list have several or even many different sub categories of techniques being practiced.

Some techniques listed are not considered to be related to psychic phenomenon, but I have included them in the list because they involve the manipulation of the body’s energy field to effect healing or using the ability to create or change our realities.

Please keep in mind that all kinds of things can have an effect on the energy field of our bodies. They would include our environment, relationships, medications we are taking, and even the foods we eat. Some people are naturally more responsive to these things than others are. That is one reason why some people have allergies and others don’t.

The List

Like Acupuncture, it deals with the body’s energy meridians. Acupressure can be very effective in releasing energy blockages. It is generally painless and can be very effective. Schools are available which train students in the use of this technique.


Acupuncture is a centuries old method of healing which was originally developed in China. It deals with the body’s energy meridians and can be an excellent treatment modality for pain and many other conditions, many of which may not have satisfactorily responded to conventional allopathic medical care. It is considered a mainstream form of treatment in many parts of the world. Acupuncture is used to re-balance the body’s energies.


Most everyone has at least been exposed to the daily astrological column in the newspaper, where we are told how the day’s events may unfold. A good Astrologer can tell us a great many things about ourselves and what time periods are likely to be auspicious or negative for us. To have an accurate reading it is necessary for the Astrologer to know as precisely as possible the date and time we were born and the city we were born in. Some Astrologers are very intuitive in their readings and others are not psychic at all, but merely give us the facts according to their interpretation of the charts.


I have written about channeling in more detail elsewhere in this book, so I will cover it very briefly here. Typically a channel is able to allow a spirit (non physical) being to use their body to communicate with us. Very often the channeler is in a trance and is unable to remember what they said after the session. The level of spiritual development of the spirit being channeled may vary from person to person.

Feng Shui

Feng Shui is a centuries old method of managing the flow of energies within and through a home or other place. Practitioners advise on the correct placement and direction of furniture, plants, mirrors and other sacred articles to ensure that negative energies do not manifest and to attract only positive energies. You may even be advised on the optimum placement of the house itself and doorways to rooms prior to constructing a building.

Ghost Writing

Ghost writing is the ability to allow spirits to communicate through you by writing answers to questions and other information. This is a skill which can be developed by some people, but it should be done with extreme care to ensure that the wrong kind of spirits don’t come in, because they will, if allowed to.

Hands on Healing

This is a subject that could fill a whole book. Hands on healing and spiritual healing can be learned by almost anyone. There are also very gifted healers who have been called to do this work and who can produce extraordinary results. Most healers work with spirit guides or angels who facilitate the healing process.

Basically, what seems to happen is that the body’s energies are realigned to correct imbalances that have either caused, or can cause illness to manifest in the physical body. Improvements can often be immediate, but some results may take time to be seen fully.

Kinesiology Work

This therapy involves testing a person to determine what imbalances exist within their body. Although kinesiology is energy based, when properly used by an experienced practitioner, it is excellent for determining what toxins reside within the body and where they occur. It is further used to determine what compounds will be effective in treating a person’s condition, as well as how much is needed. 

Massage Therapies

Conventional massage therapies have been long taught in mainstream massage schools. They can be a useful treatment for people with injuries who may be undergoing physical therapy or other treatments. Whether the practitioner knows it or not, they are also moving energy blockages in the body of their client. Many massage therapists today are also psychically attuned to the work they do and work on an energetic level as well. Many clients report that when they were receiving certain types of massages they experienced deep emotional releases.


Virtually anyone can learn to meditate and can benefit from doing meditations. Today, even the allopathic medical community has demonstrated that many of their patients can benefit from meditating. As an example, meditating has been successfully used by many people for managing their blood pressure. Some people are able to move and align their own energy while in a meditative state. Others use the altered state to communicate with their spiritual selves or with others.

Meditating has long been used as a cornerstone of many Eastern religious practices and is now being done by countless people who are on a spiritual path. There is no right method of meditating. Many methods are taught, but the right method for any one person is really an individual decision.


Numerology is an art which has been practiced for centuries. Its practitioners are able to advise clients about where and when are the most beneficial times to do things. Numerology can be used for many things, including the best way to sign checks or the optimum dates for an activity. Almost anyone can learn at least something about how numerology works by reading some of the excellent books which are available on the subject.

Out of Body- Astral Travel

Astral travel has been practiced by people for a long time, although it has become more popularly known in the past twenty-five years, since the publication of books by Robert A. Monroe, who created the Monroe Institute of Applied Sciences where astral travel is studied and taught.

What Mr. Monroe, who was a successful businessman, did was to share the techniques for doing astral travel. With astral travel, a person’s spirit leaves their body and can travel to any location they desire. They can see and report everything which is happening just as though they were physically there. Normally, the astral traveler is not able to be seen by other people, but there are exceptions. The traveler’s astral body remains connected to their physical body via a silver energy cord which can not be broken. Should there be any real or perceived threat to the physical body, the spirit will automatically return to its body.

Almost everyone does astral travel while they are asleep. It’s just that they don’t remember it, or they may not be aware that what they dreamed was occurring during astral travel.

Mr. Monroe successfully taught people how to do astral travel and be conscious of it during the event. He is no longer living, but his institute continues its investigation into astral travel.

Astral travel is different than remote viewing, which also allows the person to see events at remote locations, but the person remains in their body. The information gained through remote viewing does not typically have a high degree of accuracy and may often require interpretation.


Virtually everyone has been known to pray at some time in their life. Prayers are more powerful than we realize. They call the natural God-created laws of the universe into action, along with those on the other side who would help us.

Prayers, like visualizations, should be carefully crafted, since if we ask for something in the wrong way, we might not like what we receive. Our prayers are one important way for us to communicate to God as well as with the universe It created.

Most psychic people I have known have also been very spiritually oriented and they would normally begin their sessions with a prayer that the session would be for the highest good of all parties.

Psychic Readings

Almost everyone has either been to a ‘fortune teller’ or heard about someone who has been to one. Like many other psychic techniques, some people have a natural ability to do this work. Others have less ability, but virtually anyone can learn how to develop their psychic abilities with some training and practice.

Psychics come in all sizes and colors, as the saying goes. Some can speak with those who have passed on. Others can see events in our lives and advise us. Still others can see how past events are affecting us. Some psychics see things in pictures. Others have a knowingness. Some hear their information or speak with their guides.  Some psychics are even able to look at our body’s energy and are able to see an illness and move energy to facilitate healing.

There is no one way to be a psychic. They can be as varied as people are. Some psychics can be incredibly accurate in the information they are able to give us. Others may seem less so, but we need to keep in mind that they are filtering the information they receive through their own minds with the nuisances that can affect the information being delivered.

Regression Therapy/Hypnotherapy

Regression therapy is one component of hypnotherapy. It is effective in ferreting out an event or events either in a past life or earlier in the current lifetime which may be causing problems or interfering with our growth.

There are specific techniques for doing this kind of therapy. Used properly by someone who is trained in the technique, it can be a very powerful tool for healing.

Hypnotherapists, like the Astrologists mentioned above, may be either conventional ‘by-the-numbers’ therapists or they may be intuitive visionaries as well. The latter type practitioners are usually more effective in treating their clients, because they are helped and guided by their own guides.

There are many people who had serious health problems which did not respond to conventional treatments, but who were able to resolve them through regression therapy, which identified the source event which caused the problem.


Shamans have been practicing their crafts for a very long time. It is only in more recent times that the general populace has been exposed to the important work that these people do.

As with psychics, shamans come in a wide variety of types. In some societies, the job of the shaman may be passed from father to son, but in all cases, the shaman must undergo a rigorous ritual of training and initiation. Shamans do work with and affect energy, whether they recognize that directly or not. Some of them have been very powerful healers and visionaries.

Tarot Cards

Tarot cards are special cards used by many psychics to reveal information. Their symbols were given to us in the Egyptian times. Each card has one or more possible meanings. The cards are shuffled and then cut by the client. Next, the reader places the cards on the table in a certain format. The cards which have been dealt and placed will reveal important information.

All readers I have known are also very intuitive and receive impressions as to the messages the cards are to convey. Tarot readings can be amazingly accurate. Some people use the cards to do their own readings.

Working with Crystals

I say working with crystals, because an unused crystal often will have little or no impact. Most crystals must be used by someone to be effective. There certainly are some uses for inert crystals, such as collecting negative energies.

The main thing to know is that different types of stones have different properties and abilities. There are people who are experts in this field and who can pick up a crystal and then tell you it’s properties by reading the stone’s energy even if blindfolded. Certain crystals might be used for healing. Others might be used to hold information or to amplify an energy.

The use of crystals is a very old skill dating back to the Lemurian times. Used properly by a person who has been trained in their use, a crystal user can do some pretty amazing things. There are a number of excellent books on crystals which describe their uses, should you be interested in learning more.

Working with Essential Oils/Aromatherapy

Aromatherapy can be an excellent therapy for many people when used by someone who is experienced in its techniques. It need not only be used for healing, but for creating abundance or desired changes in life.

The important thing to know is that there are essential oils which are pure (and often difficult to produce) and there are many which are either not pure, because they are mixed with chemically produced oils or are chemically produced.

You need to work with a practitioner who first understands how to use the right oils, and second, knows where to obtain them from highly reputable suppliers. Pure essential oils are sometimes quite expensive, but that is because their production is often very complicated and expensive. Essential oils may be used for physical healing or as spiritual aids. They can have a profound impact on the body’s energy field.

Working with Pendulums

Many people have learned that they are able to use a gemstone pendulum to receive answers to questions asked of guides. This technique is slightly limiting, as it is normally limited to receiving yes or no answers or ‘either-or’ questions. The answer given is usually based on the pendulum swing from side to side for one answer (a yes answer, for example), or up and down (for a no answer). Sometimes the pendulum will instead swing in clockwise or counter clockwise circles for answers.

Just be sure that you are communicating with beings who have your best interests in mind, such as your own guides.


I might also add that Naturopathic doctors often use muscle testing and homeopathic products to diagnose and successfully treat many conditions.

Homeopathic products are 100% safe to use, because they do not actually contain any active ingredients, just the energetic memory of that ingredient. Yet, the body can still recognize and respond to the homeopathic treatment.

Please understand that I am not an expert in any of the techniques listed above, so if I inadvertently omitted some information you felt should have been included or left out your favorite discipline, I hope you will understand. Also, I have provided only a very brief explanation of the techniques to illustrate how widely they vary. Many of the techniques noted here can be learned with practice or training by almost anyone. It’s mostly a matter of which ones you may be drawn to.

End of Chapter 19

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