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Chapter 2

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First, Our Past

A reasonable question would be to ask why is it necessary to end the current third dimension and ‘cleanse’ the Earth? And, does that mean that some of us are to be punished or burn in hell as some religions teach?

Addressing the second question first, no, this reset has nothing to do with punishment. It is the way that our planet is going to be upgraded, as has been suggested by a number of sources for a very long time. As to why it is necessary to ‘cleanse’ the Earth, because most of us have never known anything else, we often fail to see the darkness and evil which controls our world. Many of us grow up seeing the strife all around us and accept this as a natural environment. Well, it’s not. This is not how things were planned to be!

Duality, which is the name for both light energy and dark energy, is an important part of our third dimension experience. However, along the way, the dark forces found ways to increase and expand the effects of the darker energies to the extent not originally envisioned.

Evil (I know, that’s a strong word) or dark energy has existed on this planet for a very long time. Our known history easily shows us this fact. This planet has always been ruled by a select few who have manipulated and controlled the masses through the power of religions, politics and governments, wars, finances, and threats and intimidation throughout recorded history. Those who have been in control have been very successful in maintaining that control. History confirms this.

How did this come to be? Again, much of this information has been presented and discussed over the years by certain people who have been able to receive information from what we might call higher level (or spiritual) sources. The methods of receiving information such as this varies and I will not go into that here. It has been adequately covered elsewhere.

Of course, it goes without saying that not everyone’s ‘information’ is completely accurate. Much of this type of communication can be distorted by having been filtered through the mind or beliefs of the receiver. On a personal note, this is why, when I review external information from others, I withhold judgment while maintaining some degree of skepticism. Then, I have found it useful to evaluate and look at the bigger picture.

Lastly, I then confirm my analysis against my own inner knowing, which has never failed me. I should also say that I have also been blessed with being able to receive many revelations directly. And they have always been proven to be highly accurate.

Incidentally, the reason why some predictions either do not come to pass or occur with changes is because the projected outcomes of certain events have in fact been changed several times by those who are in charge. The exercise of free will further affects the outcome of predicted events.

At this point, I will interject with some thoughts I consider to be very important. There are those in the New Age community who continuously tell us that there really isn’t evil in the world. They say it’s just the manifestation of duality.

For those of you who may not be familiar with that term in this context, duality is defined to express that in the spectrum of energy we live in, we have the light at one end and we have the dark energy at the other end. These people say (and believe) that the dark energy is simply a necessary part of things, that without it, there could be no light.

Yes, this is correct, however the concept of duality has been intentionally distorted. There really is very dark evil in existence. It’s real! Those who practice it would love for you to believe in the fairy tale of duality as it’s been promoted!

Because this universe, and specifically this planet, were uniquely created with an enhanced version of free will, and because we live in a universe which was open to virtually anyone, all sorts of entities came here to learn, observe, and to live. Furthermore, it was known that this was a very unique planet in many ways. The word was out that the Earth was the place to go to in order to experience what has never been before. Consequently, many have watched with great interest to see how events would unfold here on Earth, given our unique existence.

Something else which is not generally known is that not all souls are created from the light. I know, some people will now stop reading. Many souls came here from far distant galaxies which were created from the dark energies.

Let me be very clear. This does not mean that they all are necessarily evil. But some are by our standards. These dark beings have long occupied bodies here. They are the ones who (mostly) occupy the bodies of people who are hopelessly narcissistic or sociopathic. These are people who can not be changed through therapy and the reason is who they are at a source level.

Another lie which has been perpetrated is the story that everyone has come to experience every kind of life. We have been told that in some lifetime all of us have been a mass killer or a child rapist. That simply is not true. While it has been true that all of us have had lives in which we have experienced many different kinds of personalities and circumstances, that is not the same thing at all. This is yet another of the lies that the dark would have you believe! It’s an attempt to normalize evil and it has worked.

Something else to keep in mind is that one thing which has made our planet so unique are the humans who reside here. We were created as complex beings and have, over time, had our DNA upgraded to make us even more complex.

At this time, it is only humans which have the level of emotions we experience. Only humans have complete free will which can not be interfered with. We have the complex DNA which directly affects our behavior. Humans function far more independently than any other race of beings does. Yet, in some ways, we are able to be easily manipulated by the media and other groups.

Back to the story of how the Earth was open to full free will, the ultimate outcome was not, and could not be known when this unique creation was completed. Ultimately negative, or dark energies, manifested and controlled our destiny.

So, we are left with a planet which was and is unique in many important ways. A planet which has been host to many entities who have come from very different energy environments. This has been a place where they could do virtually whatever they wished to experience. And yes, there has indeed been a battle between the dark and the light for eons here.

Now, the stage is set for phase two. The battle continues.

End of Chapter 2

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