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A Tale Of Creation

We all have the ability to create what we need or want. Many people do it all the time without even realizing what they have done. If we accept that we can create the things we need, just imagine how much power that gives us!

This short story is an excellent one to illustrate how we can create the things we need in our lives. The interesting thing is that at the time we do it, we often don’t realize what we have done. That was the case with this true story.

Some years ago, when my wife, Linda, was much younger, she was a newly divorced mother of two young children struggling to get by. She had been working a series of part time and temporary jobs as a Pharmacist near to where she lived, so her income was irregular. This particular month she hadn’t been able to get as much work as she needed and also received an additional large bill for her automobile insurance premium. She was faced with a shortage of $248 for the month. This was back in 1982, so it represented a great deal more money than it would be today. You need to know that Linda was a person who never gambled or bought lottery tickets, etc.

Linda believed in the power of prayer and prayed for help in getting the money she needed to pay her bills. One day, a young boy who was a member of Future Farmers of America came into the pharmacy selling raffle tickets. Linda, who never bought raffle tickets, felt compelled to buy one from this boy. The tickets were one dollar each.

The grand prize was a trip for two to Hawaii and the second prize was $250. As she decided to buy the raffle ticket she prayed that she might win the second prize, since she could not possibly afford to take the time off to go to Hawaii, if she won first prize. In order to pay the boy she had to “scrounge through my purse” to even come up with the money. She paid for the ticket in loose change as that was all she had! After she bought the ticket, Linda wondered if she had lost her mind, spending virtually her last dollar on it.

About two weeks later, Linda received a phone call at home informing her that she had won the second place prize in the F.F.A. drawing. After the telephone call, she had a knowingness that she had created the second place prize winning for herself and that was why the boy had approached her to sell the ticket.

The interesting things about this event is that Linda knew that she had created this winning to solve her problem. She had won just enough to pay her bills, because that was all she had asked for. What she asked for is what she got.

There was a lot of emotion connected to this whole incident. After she won, she was absolutely sure that she had created the winnings and felt a validation at what she had accomplished. This particular event has stayed with Linda throughout her life as a life lesson in how to create.

It is interesting to note that the money Linda won was only a couple more dollars than she had asked for. The lesson is obvious: what you ask for is what you will receive, so be aware of that and create accordingly.

Stop and look back at your own life. Can you remember any similar experiences? I am sure that you have also created things you wanted or needed, possibly without even consciously realizing it.

I know that I have also created many things. The one which best illustrates this is when I created one of my jobs. I would like to share that story with you. See if it sounds similar to something you may have created, either knowingly or unknowingly.

At a similarly low point in my life, I had been laid off from my job in sales in the telecommunications field in which I was experienced and comfortable. Strangely, when that happened, I knew that I would not readily find another position as I had always been able to in the past when companies did reorganizations, etc.

I had a prophetic vision one day, in which I was seen not getting another job. That vision was very clear and I could not ignore it. So, I eventually decided to accept employment in another field for a lot less money, doing work I was completely unfamiliar with selling floor coverings. I applied myself and was able to keep the bills paid. This period became the low point in my life. My marriage broke up and I felt completely unappreciated by my family. It was during this time that I was able to undergo a major energy shift in my being and I released a lot of who I had been. This was, to put it mildly, a very profound and painful experience, as growth usually is.

After about a year and a half. I ‘felt’ that I could now create a new job for myself in the telecommunications field. The energy of the situation had changed. I decided to use the tools of creativity that I had learned. I made a detailed list of what things I wanted in my life: a new partner, new job, good income, etc. When the list was precise and exact as I wanted it to be, I released it to the universe. Next, I would refer to the list daily to keep it in my attention and draw it into existence.

Eventually, I saw information about a job that I was drawn to. I updated my resume and sent it off. I was called to go in for an interview. It was incredible. The job was perfect for me. It was selling a highly specialized product that I, and few others, had experience in selling. And that was exactly what was on my list! The company headquarters was located on the West Coast, as I had specified on the list. The territory was what I had asked for and so was the salary and income potential. This was the absolutely perfect job for me! So, I went back home and meditated on getting the job.

Several weeks went by. One day at work I got a call from the president of the company I had interviewed with. He told me that he had decided to hire me, but that I would not be able to start for two months, because that is when their new budget year started and the money would not be available to pay my salary and expenses until then. Naturally, I immediately agreed. During the next couple of months I was able to close out all of the sales I had pending and relax into the energy of the new job.

There is a second important lesson in this story that I learned. It was that while I was able to create the exact right job for myself with the precise characteristics I had on the list, I could not control when the job would manifest. Remember, there was nothing I could do to change the budget year of this company. That had to be.

I learned that we have a lot more control over what we wish to create than we do over when it will manifest. This is because the universe has many factors to deal with to make things happen.

I like to say that life is sort of like a chess game. In order to capture the opposing King, a number of players have to be moved around first. Life is no different. Events have a way of unfolding for us and we must go with the flow. If we try to force things we won’t get exactly what we wanted. It may be close, but won’t be right on the mark.

Incidentally, everything else on the list also manifested exactly as ordered. Later, when I went back and looked at the list I was almost surprised at how everything happened exactly as asked for. The proof is in the details. This was a powerful learning experience for me.

I hope these two stories are helpful to you. It is important to know that we can create. It is also important to know that we need to be very selective in how we ask for what we want. As I noted above. It’s all in the details.

End of Chapter 20

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