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Hypnotherapy And The Spiritual Connection

Hypnotherapy and the spiritual connection? What does that mean?

Well, simply put, I am surprised that very few modern spiritual proponents have discussed how hypnotherapy can be useful to people who have run into a wall when trying to deal with their life issues. I assume that they simply don’t really understand the connection.

Let me give you one example of what I mean. Today, more than ever, a lot of people (likely, including you) have gone to a spiritual advisor or psychic to get some information concerning an issue in their life. I fully support that. In fact, I have also done this with great results. But, for some people, knowing that a problem is the result of a past life issue, for example, may not be enough to clear the residual energy around the ‘problem’.

Many teachers who tell us how to strengthen our spiritual connections with our guides, etc., are right in telling us that we need to try and get our conscious objective analyzing mind out of the way. That is why we use meditation and similar techniques.

Sometimes a spiritual healer is able to help us significantly, but sometimes not. Or, the help we get seems to make us feel better only for a short time. We don’t understand what happened when everything seemed to have been resolved, but turned out not to be.

Well, what to do then? Go into long-term therapy? That may not be feasible, either because the person doesn’t want to wait years for some relief, or more likely, the cost for long-term therapy could be prohibitive. (Health insurance typically covers only limited short-term treatment for psychological issues.)

The answer, then, could be hypnotherapy, if properly done by a spiritually oriented practitioner who has been trained in the proper use of various techniques to get to the root cause of the person’s problem.

I am not talking about one type of therapy called NLP. It is fine for changing unwanted behavior, but not for really uncovering and resolving complex or deep seated issues. Hypnotherapy uses a number of techniques to get to the core of the ‘problem’ and then to get rid of it completely and thoroughly. Regression is one method you may have heard of, but other methods may be more effective, depending on the circumstance.

A good psychic may look at your situation and see what’s called a ‘picture’ from a past life and then work at clearing out the picture. This may not be sufficient for a serious, recurrent problem, particularly when a traumatic injury was involved.

That’s where hypnotherapy can often work very well. The hypnotherapist uses suggestions to let you guide yourself back to the appropriate point in time where a highly charged event took place. The event or events could be from a past lifetime. It may even be from the current lifetime but has been forgotten.

The problem being experienced is usually based on a psychic/emotional scar that resulted from the original trauma. Various types of suggestions may be used to remove the charge from the event and bring everything into present time, if appropriate. Results are generally fairly immediate and permanent.

I have seen profound results for people suffering from a wide variety of problems, including everything from agoraphobia to chronic pain that can’t be given a medical reason for existing.

Hypnotherapy works and can be very effective for almost anyone old enough to be hypnotized. One reason it works is that the conscious, analyzing, thinking mind is moved out of the equation. The subconscious is where the knowledge is stored and may be accessed. And, it is there where the healing must occur.

Most people’s problem can be typically dealt with in from one to three or four sessions. I am not going to go into the details and the many questions surrounding the use of hypnosis here as that would be a book of its own. You can easily get any questions you have answered by getting a good book on hypnosis, or by talking with a well trained certified hypnotherapist.

I believe that for some situations hypnotherapy can be the easiest and most effective way to deal with issues that are getting in the way of living a productive life. I also believe that it is one of the spiritual tools available to us for connecting with our inner selves.

Non-guided meditations can be very effective, but their weakness lies in the difficulty in maintaining the delicate balance between the productive meditative state and the sleep state (falling asleep while meditating), or having the conscious mind get in the way. Using hypnosis or self hypnosis with self directed tapes allows us to go deeper when necessary, while still staying focused on the work to be done.

I am confident that with the passage of time the spiritual community will come to see the value of hypnotherapy as an excellent spiritual development tool, and that they will learn how it can be most effectively used to promote and support spiritual growth.

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