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Clearing One’s Self For Ascension

Most of us are not fully ready to ascend. In order to become ready we must first clear ourselves of the negative energies which are imbedded in our cellular bodies, auras and charkas. These energy pockets have often been ‘collected’ over many lifetimes. They are kind of like cellular memories. We may not remember the original cause of the event or trauma, but its energy is still with us and it affects our behavior.

You may say, “I don’t think I have any of these, I’m perfectly happy.” You are, however, likely to be wrong. I will give you some examples of what I mean.

Let’s say that you are acutely uncomfortable around deep, running water with no apparent reason for that. This doesn’t cause you any real problems, you merely avoid going near deep waters. Maybe when you were a child, you felt outright fear and wouldn’t go near the water. Somehow you overcame the fear, but still have that residual discomfort, so you prefer to avoid going to such places. Remember, young children, and especially babies, do not have a natural fear of water, unless there is a reason. If there was no trauma associated with water in this lifetime, you likely have an imbedded memory of a prior lifetime’s trauma associated with deep running water. Possibly it was a drowning. Just as childhood traumas stay with us throughout our lifetimes, so can those traumas from prior lifetimes.

We all know or have heard of people who had emotional problems which seriously interfered with their enjoyment of life and who got better after extensive therapy. That therapy typically involved going back and finding the event or series of events which seeded the emotional problem and then resolving (releasing) it. The process requires going back to the source and then neutralizing the original trauma.

Obviously if the trauma is from a past life, traditional therapy may not be effective. This is why many people have had incredible results with hypnosis using regression or by going to a qualified energy healer. Remember, everything is energy.

We can’t be fully ready for our ascension until we clear out these negative energy pockets we are carrying around with us. If someone has an automatic response to something, this would be due to those negative energies. For example, if your spouse is able to make you mad every time they bring up a certain past event, you say that this person is pushing your buttons. That is an excellent description of what is happening. Once the energy of that past event has been released, this person would find that pushing that button would no longer have the same result. You could respond with either no emotion or one of complete objectivity.

To do the clearing process, we must identify what negative emotions we continue to be bound to. There may be just a few or there could be a whole list. If the source of these negative emotions lies in a prior lifetime, most of us will need some help with the clearing. 

The first step is to identify the negative emotion. Then ask yourself how you are feeling. Look at where it seems to reside. Is it in the gut or somewhere else? Maybe it affects the muscles in the back of the neck and they tighten up often resulting in headaches. Next try to really feel the emotion. Really go into it and experience it fully. Give it a name if that helps. Then you may ask to have it released. You should find that a lot of the emotion will now be gone. The residual, if any, can be worked on by you and your healer.

This process may take some time to complete. It can be like peeling back an onion, layer by layer. As you go in deeper, you may find more feelings coming to the surface. These too should be cleared. 

This is not to suggest that after your clearing you will never again experience any of the normal human emotions such an anger or frustration or whatever. They are, and will always be, part of our third dimension human experience. An important difference will be that after clearing, these normal responses will no longer trigger the more deeply held negative emotions. You will be able to more easily let things go when something happens to upset you.

You will also find that you will have become far more tolerant of people. Even those whom you disagree with. It will be easier to understand that they have their own paths to travel and that they have to learn their own lessons in their own time. This will give you an amazing sense of freedom that you didn’t have before.

This is what clearing one’s self for ascension is about. Think about it. If everyone was able to successfully complete the clearing process how different would this planet be? Everyone would allow everyone else to be who they were without a lot of heavy judgment. People would be more tolerant and forgiving. People would stop trying to make other people live the way they decided was best for them. You would find that you could more easily love another person regardless of their faults.

You could be you, as you really are! Wouldn’t that be incredible? It would certainly make living on this planet a joy. Then, when we were ready to leave the planet we would be able to ascend and not be required to return once again unless that was our choice.

Clearing for ascension is not only a necessary process, it will be more empowering for you than you can ever imagine.

End of Chapter 23

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