chapter 24Chapter 24

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The Beginning Of Change

In my earlier book, Help! I’m Trapped In This Lifetime!, I wrote about how we came close to being eliminated because we were creating so much negative energy which was having an effect on the rest of the universe.

This was primarily due to the cold war and the antagonisms between the United States, its allies, and the Soviet Union. This period was the culmination of thousands of years of wars and negativity. It had been decided that if anyone was to have set off an atomic weapon, this planet would be cleansed, totally and completely. There were those who had already decided that we needed to be eliminated. Fortunately, not all felt that way and the others prevailed. We were given one last final chance. What happened here had serious affects on the rest of the universe.

The final decision was made to do what is now happening, resulting in the ascension of our planet. This ascension was one alternative that has been scheduled to occur for a very long time. However, although it was planned to occur, there were others on the other side who still felt that this was not the right solution. Some felt that the Earth would be best served by completely removing all human life and allowing the planet to heal and ascend without any human interference.

For the planned ascension to take place, new energy was to be sent to the Earth. Our angelic helpers would be working with the planet’s light beings to bring about needed changes. The Earth’s energy would be changed. And that is now being done. We had stepped to the brink and then we were able to step back. While we still have much work to do, we are now on the right track.

You might even say the impossible happened. What was that? The Soviet Union imploded! The Berlin wall came down. Who would have expected that? When you look at the synchronicity of the events leading up to the break up, it is still quite amazing how it all occurred. And it happened without any bloodshed. We should acknowledge the help that the cosmic forces gave us to help us resolve the cold war issues.

There were many angelic forces and others who worked behind the scenes to resolve this very complex issue. It wasn’t done overnight. The right leaders had to be put into place. Secondary players had to come forward who could contribute to the required outcome.

You might say it was like a huge cosmic chess game, in terms of the complexity involved. The human race can’t take much credit for the outcome. It was us who got us to the point of almost being eliminated. Now, with the help of our cosmic forces we must continue to make the needed changes. And it needs to be done without all the rancor and infighting we normally resort to. That creates too much negative energy.

Each of us needs to ensure that we live in integrity. All of us can be examples to others, whether we are tugboat captains or senators or small town mayors. It is that behavior, and respecting each other’s differences, which will cause the needed changes to occur permanently. We have plenty of help, so let’s do it.

End of Chapter 24

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