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Visualizing vs. Praying vs. Planning

One thing is for sure. Everyone creates differently. Some do it with prayer and others do it through visualization. No matter how it’s done, that is how things are created and manifested. 

It strikes me as a bit odd how different groups of people who actually do the same things, but in different ways, like to criticize the other groups for what they do.

The Christians don’t like the New Agers. The New Agers don’t like the conservative Christians. Neither group understands or is comfortable with the Hindus. And so on. You get the idea.

I’ll explain what I mean by this. I am talking about the act of creating. The first step is visualizing to create. This is largely a New Age activity. This group of people has been taught how to determine what they want the universe to bring to them and then to visualize it as precisely as possible.

Most serious students of New Age practices profess to be spiritually oriented and regularly pray and/or meditate on the higher order of things. They believe in asking for spiritual guidance to keep their lives on track. Although a few New Agers may act or talk differently, most of them are very normal people who appear to be just like anyone else.

The next group that creates does so through prayers. It doesn’t matter what their particular religion is, or how the prayers may be structured, prayers are still prayers. We all have experienced times of trial or stress when we prayed for help. In my own experience, praying really helped me to cope with the trials I was having to deal with.

People will often pray for material things. Some people have been taught that they should first visualize what they are praying to receive. No doubt you have heard the old saying: “Be careful what you pray for, you might get it.” Well, there certainly is truth in that statement.

The ironic thing I see is that although all major religions teach their followers to pray, many of them still are very intolerant of anyone who prays differently than they do. The bottom line is that people who pray are people who are using the process of creating.

The last group of people who create are what I will call the planners. This group is found mostly in the business community.

Every year more and more companies, large and small, hire motivational speakers to get their people motivated and energized. A good motivational speaker or trainer can be very expensive, but will be worth every dollar they charge.

One thing which seems to be common to most modern day motivators is that they actively teach their audiences how to visualize and plan for success. Some will recommend using reminders to be successful. A reminder could be nothing more than a sign placed above the mirror at home which reminds the person to begin their day with a positive attitude, or more likely, has a reminder to do an action which leads to success.

Companies wouldn’t pay top dollar to a motivator if that person wasn’t able to prove that their prior clients saw concrete results. Again, the bottom line is that these people are creating success through visualization of a goal or objective.

I see everything above as being part of a universal process which works. Whether you meditate, pray or visualize success, you are engaging the universe’s natural laws to work for you. Any process you believe in will work for you, so long as you are specific enough in what you are asking for.

The question then is why don’t these various groups of people see that we are all alike? Some of us may use slightly different methods of creating what we desire, but we all create equally. And we are all equally entitled to receive what we ask for. So let’s all go forth and spread the message of creation and tolerance of the other guys.

End of Chapter 26

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