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How God Whispers To Us

Do you communicate with God? Is that communication through your prayers?  When you pray to God do you clench your jaw and pray really hard? Of course not.

Our prayers are generally reverent and direct. (Yes, I know, we all have occasionally prayed with some desperation, but that is not normally how we pray.)

How, then, does God speak to us? One thing is for sure, we don’t hear him shouting at us. I like to say that God whispers to us.

More often, God will speak to us through the events in our lives. We are often shown the direction we can choose to take by the doors which are opened to us. The choices we make are up to us to decide. God offers the choices to us. What we do about those choices is up to us. Remember, we will always have free will to do whatever we choose to do.

It is good to remember that each one of us is from God. A part of God resides within us. There is no reason why we can’t talk directly to God. God never insists as many religious leaders would have you believe. God only offers. We choose. If we choose badly, in time the results of our choices become apparent. Then we are expected to learn from those choices and move on.

In a small way, our relationship with God is like that of a child with a parent, except that while a parent may punish the child, God never punishes. That’s right, I said that God never punishes. I understand that it is universally believed by many people that God is a God of punishment. We can easily punish ourselves through the bad choices we may make. That is the best kind of lesson.

As for the parent-child relationship, the loving parent allows the child to make as many decisions as the child is realistically capable of, in order to become self-sufficient and to learn from the outcomes of the decisions. The whole point of our existence here on Earth is to learn from our experiences, as we know.

How does God speak directly to us? Since I am not God, I can not give you a precise answer, but God whispers to us very softly during our prayers or meditations. God may give us a hunch about something. Other times we get God’s message simply through a knowingness.

I also believe that many times God will speak to us through his Angels or our own guides. After all, they are his messengers. We should also not discount that God may speak to us through other people. It is up to us to listen so we can hear God’s messages for us. Remember, God whispers, so we need to listen very carefully to understand his message for us.

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