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What Polarization Is And Why It Defeats Our Growth

We are polarized when we think that we have a belief about some issue which is the only right belief.

When we are polarized we feel that we already have the answers. This makes us unable to look at the other side of an issue.

The truth is that every issue has more than one view. There will most always be, at least, some element of truth in virtually any view on an issue.

It is a gift to be able to look at an important issue and see the various elements which make up each side of the issue. For those who can do this, it can also be somewhat of a problem, because it becomes much more difficult to decide on a firm (call that polarized) position to take.

People who are able to see the various shades of difference in various positions can become labeled as being indecisive, when in fact, that may not be the case. These people merely are able to see and understand the position of those on both sides of an issue. These people are excellent at mediating disagreements between opposing parties, assuming that the parties are willing to abide by a mediated settlement.

When we are polarized, we may feel more comfortable because no further evaluation is required by us. We feel that we see the truth and we own that knowledge. However, being polarized, as most people are, is very limiting in our ability to grow, spiritually or otherwise.

By being willing to seriously look at another person’s point of view in order to at least understand where they are coming from, we open our horizons to learn new concepts. We also develop the ability to more easily accept people who may have different views from us, because we understand where they are coming from. In other words, we don’t have to fully agree with them, but we can accept them along with their differing points of view.

Acceptance and honoring another person’s views is the key to our growth, more than any other single thing we can do. That is what is meant in most of our religious teachings which tell us to love our neighbor.

Any intelligent review of history illustrates that, time after time, most of our wars have been primarily fought over two issues: the unwillingness to accept certain groups of people who were deemed to be unacceptable because of their different beliefs, and the desire to force control over those people in order to enforce a different level of compliance on them.

Many people, and especially politicians throughout time, espouse that we should exercise acceptance and honor diversity, but seldom have they put their words into action. And religions, which promote love and acceptance, have the very worst record of doing what they preach. Just look at the number of wars which have been fought in the name of religion.

Acceptance and honoring others must begin with each individual person. As more and more of us begin to understand this, it begins to have a direct effect on the cosmic consciousness. When that happens, we have moved much closer to universal love and humanity’s energy level is raised greatly.

I urge you to take some time to review your position on those areas which you consider to be of the most importance to you. Look at whether you are solidly polarized or open to learning, or at least, considering new points of consideration. This exercise will be very beneficial in helping you to open up to higher levels of vibration as well as helping our planet to evolve.

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