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About Karma

Most everyone has heard something about the term karma. People will even make jokes about someone getting what they deserve through karmic retribution or some such thing.

Simply put – karma is real and it has been with us for a very long time. Karma became necessary as a component of duality, the existence of both dark energy and light energy.

The function of karma is far more complex than people realize. It also is important to our learning through lifetime experiences. Without karma, there might be little incentive to recognize those things that we did which affected other people. Through karma, we are able to learn what effect our actions had on people. And, as we know, karma may be carried forward from past lifetimes. This is often the reason why things seem to happen to some people for no known reason. The real reason is that the person needed to have that experience in order to grow.

Lately, it has become popular among the New Age movement for people to say that karma no longer exists. As is often the case with many New Agers, they tend to make a very general pronouncement about something which may be partially correct. Then that pronouncement becomes accepted as gospel by the others in that community, and many people then function based on incorrect assumptions.

The fact is that one important aspect of karma is that it can have the effect of making a person accountable or responsible for their actions. That accountability is not going away. It is true that karma, as we have known it, will be discontinued, but that has not yet occurred in full. Nor will it for some time to come.

I will share one experience which illustrates karma at work. Years ago, I had an acquaintance whom I knew for years who I will call George. George was a fun loving guy who had a magnetic personality. It was especially magnetic to women. George was married to two fine women in his life. Eventually he left both of them and ignored their financial needs along with the children he created. George was a true service to self person. One ex-wife went after him because he wouldn’t pay child support, yet was able to buy a new Corvette for himself. He subsequently had to sell the car, but still paid little support.

He was involved with a long list of lovely ladies who were initially attracted to his magnetic personality, but who were subsequently discarded without a second thought. I met one of the women he was living with and she was a really nice person. One time when I was visiting him, George took me into the bedroom and showed me a one-way plane ticket, with her name on it, to Dallas, the lady’s home town. George told me that this was to show her that if she chose to live with him, it had to be on his terms. Otherwise, she could take the plane ticket and go home anytime things didn’t suit her. How demeaning must this have been to her?

George’s whole life was lived this way. He loved taking advantage of people, or ‘winning’. Eventually, he was ‘disposed of’ by some so-called ‘Las Vegas business men’, whom he had tried to take advantage of in some way. He simply disappeared one day and was never seen or heard from again by anyone.

Where does karma come into this story? Well, after all of George’s continued mistreatment of women he has since been reincarnated as a woman! From that you can easily draw your own conclusions.

The existence of karma is a real gift when you think about it. It affords the opportunity for each of us to learn and grow. Let me be very clear, karma is not a form of punishment, nor was it meant to be. As I said, there are those who are now saying that karma no longer exists. That is an idea which has been spread by those of the dark because it helps to make people feel that they are no longer accountable for their actions. That simply is not the case. At this point, nothing has changed to explain why there would no longer be a need for karma, yet many people continue to believe that karmic debt no longer exists.

Most of us look at karma very simply, yet it is not simple. The ways that karma works are often somewhat complex. It may or may not involve past lives. (it often does.) There are often unknown pre-life agreements which will prevail over what is believed to be karma. As noted above, karma s not for punishment. It is given so that we all can have the opportunity to experience and learn. Without karma, many people would never have the life experiences they did choose to have.

We all have heard the words “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you” or some version of them. You might rephrase the words to read something like this: “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you or you will add to your karmic scorebook”.

It seems very clear to me that way too many people do not live by these words, which brings up an interesting question. That is how will these many people ever work off their karmic debts? Their current lives have been so ingrained with the abuses of power and control of others that it is hard to imagine that their past lives were any different.

With karmic debts like that, I can easily imagine that their karmic debts might be so huge that they might never be repaid. Therefore with no ultimate accountability, what is to become of them? These would be souls which have developed no ability to care about others. Some of these people may be among those who will be ‘uncreated’ or recreated into different souls, since they would be unable to change.

Consider this. Having a process like this means that there is no need for judgment. How a person lives makes them become what they are and it is reflected in their energetic signal. It is their lives which they have lived, their karma which they have created, and the responsibility for all of it is theirs alone. It seems to me that this is most appropriate in the final analysis.

And, as I said, karma does make us accountable in many ways. Being held accountable, if only to ourselves, makes most of us better beings in the end.

End of Chapter 29

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