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What If I Asked You…?

To begin, I am going to pose some very provocative questions. This book will endeavor to provide some answers to these questions and more.

• What would you say if I told you that there are multiple Gods?

• What would you say if I told you that the angels are not as you have been told they are?

• What would you say if I told you that dark, evil beings have manipulated and controlled our planet for thousands of years?

• What would you say if I told you that there are very powerful evil entities who are managing the bad things that happen on this planet? (And it is not Lucifer or Satan as we have been told.)

• What would you say if I told you that a lot of channeled information being shared with good people is corrupted information?

• What would you say if I told you that life here in the third dimension is an experiment?

• What would you say if I asked you to define the reasons this universe has so many souls wanting to incarnate here in spite of the pain and difficulties that living here brings o them?

• What would you say if I told you that God is very different than we have been told in the Bible?

• What would you say if I told you that you are more powerful than you can imagine?

• What would you say if I told you that the future you have been told is to happen – has been changed?

I have never had the luxury of being satisfied with the standard answers we have been fed for so long which are supposed to address our questions. Now, my mission is to share some of what I have learned with you.

I examine what I learn with logic and rely heavily on my inner discernment to validate what I’ve been told or have observed. I strongly suggest that you do the same. You may be surprised at how well this method serves you! I try not to make snap decisions when I receive new information. Oftentimes, I will put some information aside temporarily until I get more facts which will then make everything clear.

I believe and hope that some of what I will share in this book will be familiar to you, even if it is presented a bit differently than you may be used to. And, some of the information here will certainly be different and controversial.

So, I’ll begin by posing some accepted concepts, analyzing them, then posing some questions which derive from those concepts and, finally, offering answers for you to consider. I fully understand that some of the information I will be sharing here may be considered to be outrageous by some people, but they are not really any more so than the concepts which have been presented and believed by most people who have aligned themselves to various religions, each of which contends that it is the only way to truth.

So, I suggest that you take a moment and say, ‘What if we have been misled? If that is the case, what then might be closer to the real truth?’ This simple approach can open up whole new vistas for you.

Is there a God? If so, what is God like?

If you didn’t believe in God, you very likely wouldn’t be reading this book. The question, then, is who is God, or what might God be like? I will state up front that God is far more complex than we can ever imagine. We do not know how God, the Ultimate Creator, came into existence, so I will not dwell on that. We have only been told that God, the Ultimate Creator, has always been.

What I have been told is that there are, in fact, multiple Gods. The Grand Creator God, as I will call It, eventually made the decision to begin the process of experiencing.

Subsequently, ‘lesser’ Gods were created. They have sometimes been known by different names, such as The Universal Logos. These Gods were who ultimately came and caused to be created, our universes. Each of these Universal Gods created celestial beings who came to assist in the creation of their universe. Each universe was created from the energy of its Creator. Everything in the universe had its own awareness, even though that awareness may be completely foreign to us.

Along the way, beings were created in each universe. Generally, these beings were primarily energy-based beings. Some were of a lighter energy and others were created from darker energies. Many were given souls. (Yes, not all beings that were created had souls.) Many were created as beings who had various kinds of group souls.

Remember, since this was to be a learning experience, many different types and kinds of beings were created. Some of them evolved more than others and they evolved in a variety of ways. Diversity was the objective. Today, there are an infinite number of beings throughout all that is. Thus, the Creator’s experience has been varied and vast. That was the plan.

It has been said that we are all one. While there is truth in that statement, it is somewhat misleading. What it means is that every life form has a small element of the Ultimate Creator, or God, within it and since that element came originally from the Creator, we all are indirectly connected energetically. It is precisely that element of the Creator which gives us life. Yet, especially here in the third dimension, we were designed to function as individuals with free will. You, my friends, are the vanguard for what is to become the new template for soul-based beings.

The God of our Bible doesn’t exist as presented. It is true that God loves Its creations, but It does not normally interfere with the lives of Its creations. Remember, we are to live in order to experience and to evolve. God experiences through our life experiences, as do the Universal Gods. God normally allows us to go forth and live in order to learn, much as a loving parent might allow its children to learn from their experiences. That really is the best way to learn anything. We are allowed to learn from our mistakes.

So, yes, we are a part of God, yet we are also each separate and unique. I think that is a wonderful thing.

You say there is more than one God?

Yes, there is. And each sub-God (or Universal Logos as some call It) has been free to manage Its universe as It sees fit, although certain rules had to be adhered to. Creator God has given very few restrictions or rules which must be followed. The main rule that must be followed, which we have called ‘free will’, must be respected. Creator God loves all of Its creations, as do the lesser Gods who manage their universes. So, yes, all was created in love.

It is important to understand that all universes are not the same in how they function. The universe in which we live was created somewhat later then most of the others were. In fact, it was created at the outer edge of the whole of everything. Our universe was created to be unique, like many of the others were, except it is even more unique. Varying levels of duality had been experimented with, but here there was to be a major difference.

What is that difference?

Initially, this universe would be open to all life forms to experience, if they wished to do so. This universe, and specifically our planet, would have enhanced duality. That means a greater range of light to dark energies were enabled. And finally, this planet would ultimately be the home of what has evolved to be humans, as we know them. A special dispensation was made that the energy life forms created here were to be what we know as light beings; vastly different from other life forms. They were to ultimately occupy human bodies, which were also unique.

That is why so many other forms of life still do not fully understand how humans function. There is something about us that is vastly different and is a mystery to the others. This is one of the reasons we have had abductions in the past. The other life forms, often working together, wanted to examine humans and figure out what made us so different. So far they never have. That makes us interesting, doesn’t it?

What is it about us that makes us different? We possess egos, sometimes massive egos. We have very strong emotions. We have the ability to use logic and reason. We have the ability to think independently. (We do not function in a group energy basis as many others do.) We have our complex brains. We have a very complex DNA within us, which is still little understood. And, originally we were light beings who existed in an environment of duality. We were given a far greater range of choices to live with.

The key thing to know is that the precise experimental nature of this planet had never been done before. Therefore, there was no way to know with certainty what the precise outcome would be. Yes, there were many probabilities and likely outcomes, but nothing was set in stone, as the saying goes.

Speaking of the other Gods, some of them created universes and beings which were of varying degrees of dark energy. This did not necessarily make the beings who existed there evil. Some of them were what we would call evil, and many were not. They just lived in worlds of dark energy which can be very erotic.

About The Angels

I will address this in greater detail in a separate chapter. If you take the time to look around you will find that very little information exists about angels, which is surprising, since they play an active role in our daily lives.

About The Other Questions

As noted above, I will go into greater detail about these questions later in this book

So, how did I come to know these things? First, it was by being driven by a need to know as much as I could. I had no choice in the matter. I needed to know the bigger picture! Then, I asked the questions and searched for answers. Often, I would get information which, by itself, did not provide me with much useful information, so it would be filed away until I was able to receive more information, or I was able to obtain confirmation.

I searched, I read, I took many courses like some of you did. Along the way, I learned to communicate with my celestial support team. My communication improved. I learned to trust them. I believe that they came to trust me as well. A close relationship evolved. They were dedicated to helping me learn and grow. Through dialog, I would ask questions and often received answers. Often, they would instill me with a knowingness about something and I learned how to recognize when this was done. Later, I would ask them to confirm the information I had been given and it was always confirmed.

Yes, they have communicated a lot of information to me which some people would construe as being controversial, if only because it goes against what they have long believed. So, I ask you to read with an open mind and then see if there isn’t a pattern of logic in all of this. I believe that the concepts presented herein fit together very well, when one wants to understand the bigger picture.

End of Chapter 3

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